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Wikipedia Poem, No. 864 ultimately — untimely from the old english pinian (“to suffer”) and repines recoils in 1820 his diction in pain contain languish/waste away

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Positive Style Witch (Stephanie Burt)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 669 bono ich ichor be the dog’s hat an ichor lana brain 19th the hittite lovers whale-sea manninguage show me any persona and i will find you opportunity love lost was manhattan sweat an indo-european in you lover we’ll see language has… Read More

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Wet Thoroughly with Product and Allow to Dry Without Wiping

Wikipedia Poem, No. 628 survive this bridge say nothing intrinsically unnecessary superfluous and suppose that a poet who advises that little-better speak he whose role is it to enfeeble language speak a little looser better advised and thereby unnecessary and superfluous and superfluous and suppose… Read More

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From “On Motorcycles” by Frederick Seidel

… “On the lyrical state highways of Vermont I blatted and roared, up and down through the gears, at eighty, at a hundred and something, at much more than a hundred and something miles an hour. The motorcycle had a relatively long wheelbase and felt… Read More

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Hypovolemic Fantasy, Eros, Alone

Wikipedia Poem, No. 502 verbing hot and heavy like a lover’s wet mouth after dark n u my mirror body itself comes separated skin from skin from skin from skin torn from skin like peeling paint from skin from skin from skin from skin from… Read More

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if one would iridesce greed one two three patterns emerge one skin of ochre two blood like blood three one can do nothing to embrace one’s poetess hang a snare one two three from the nose of a fox one two three what awaits one there one… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 258

  or fall into the talk abroad that corrupts the few poetic souls who still sing in macbeth’s blood or uncleave our township & turn toward his broad blessings circled by mirth this is allowed in god’s bready decoy or hide the sea’s black-hair with… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 233

  leukocytes appraise without prejudice bound on waste produce blue carbon proteins and plasma amino acids heathrow international blood movements standing action committees leukocytes carry veins toward the cell door which exercise dissolves in the immune system spare black brushes of manhood blackened hypothalamus glucose… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 140

culminations as a guiding mood from the 1960s which witnessed Commodus serving as a summation of Mary of the final panel despite the Cuban Missile Crisis agonizing a much more somber and culminate the painting wounds and in the final panoply of chaos their composition… Read More

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American Womanhood

i see her sipping tea she wants to write the Great American Joke Book about consumerism sour-milk yellow sniffling yolk but they get in the way the hardcover wesleyan in a cable-knit sweater the canadian monthly masked in a methylin-soaked love letter hands up baby… Read More