David Lynch (Was Briefly on Tinder)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 503

“To keep silent and act wise—still not as good as drinking sake, getting drunk and weeping” Ōtomo no Tabito

attached via ligaments
the helmsman who
helped your mother
into her tail for centuries

pairs off domestic pigeons
to brake and steer men
with vast attachments
to long lost lovers

lynch does the same
packing each scene
with centuries of fat and muscle
which formerly surrounded buried bones

the helmsman has rectrices
and is absent from the song’s brief, luminous life

First Barn Owl Egg Hatch

Wikipedia Poem, No. 484


“There is a separation / between life and death / where [feathers] grow // and that is where I want to go / this weekend,” paraphrasing Padgett

in green darkness

      leafy flesh 
master has built 

will be 
many bones

a small mouthful
       of mouse

Mary Ruefle

think like that
no like that

sniff around a burrow
don’t hunt birds

think like this
no like this

raccoons yes groundhogs
yes opossum definitely yes

think for yourself
no not like that

not the robin though
nor the house sparrow

here give me the controller
let me have a go at it

nor the half dozen finches
gathered near the volkswagen

put your hands up
don’t move a muscle.

The Heart Has Seven Miuntes

Wikipedia Poem, No. 442


after Ron Padgett

bliss pure of minutes seven
woodpecker woody with
minutes seven has heart the
boring never
minutes seven only last you
way the love i
dissipating dust
invisible of clouds and
air the in
lines speed
fast real away
fly and laugh and
person bad a of
head the on
peck you when
woody you love i

seven miuntes of upre bliss
with wdooy wpdooecker
the heart has seven miuntes
never obring
yuo last noly seven miuntes
i love the way
sudt dissipating
adn clsduo of invisible
in the air
pseed lines
away real fast
adn laugh adn fly
of a bad pernos
no the head
when yuo peck
i love yuo wdooy

woody you love i
peck you when
head the on
person bad a of
fly and laugh and
fast real away
lines speed
air the in
invisible of clouds and
dissipating dust
way the love i
minutes seven only last you
boring never
minutes seven has heart the
woodpecker woody with
bliss pure of minutes seven

seven minutes of pure bliss
with woody woodpecker
the heart has seven minutes
never boring
you last only seven minutes
i love the way
dust dissipating
and clouds of invisible
in the air
speed lines
away real fast
and laugh and fly
of a bad person
on the head
when you peck
i love you woody

ssilb erup fo setunim neves
rekcepdoow ydoow htiw
setunim neves sah traeh eht
gnirob reven
setunim neves ylno tsal uoy
yaw eht evol i
gnitapissid tsud
elbisivni fo sduolc dna
ria eht ni
senil deeps
tsaf laer yawa
ylf dna hgual dna
nosrep dab a fo
daeh eht no
kcep uoy nehw
ydoow uoy evol i


Source: Padgett, Ron. “To Woody Woodpecker.” The Paris Review. N.p., 1986. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.


now outside are scary things
out there children play
other bells ring out then
cease with mouths and thin skin
everything with clout is immediate and
blood waits for a bout below layers of paper

my dog watches a goldfinch
with her nose she cries
and whines complains
or does not understand the screen
a hinge creaks between
her wet nose in here and her memory
of sprinting
of the dry grass
on her brown back
of the unexpected
pizza crust she looks into me

with the excited eyes of a middle-aged
woman who in 2017 bravely enrolls
in an online poetry course
the TA refuses to insist
Frank O’Hara’s Personal Poem
has nothing to do with her
racial hangups he lost

his sobriety and everything
is unshakably out of control.

Jewelry Design for After-Birth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 411

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“We’ll be married in bed. / The preachers, the witnesses, and all our families / Will also be in bed.” Kenneth Koch


eeee of critics needing another review ee
eeee it’s impossible culture as seen eeee
eeee compelling against that eeee eeeee
eeee eeee problem nearly neatly ee eeee
eeee everything for the world eeee eeee
eeee trying eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee ee
eeee sensitive to offense eeee eeee eee
eeee about hesitancy they cast eeee ee
eeee vocabulary to indigenous eeee eee
eeee often to use uncritical terms eeee
eeee brave and tribes as we cast eeee ee
eeee the uncritical consideration eeee ee
eeee hulking the net widely eeee eeee ee
eeee to predict what cultures eeee eeee e
eeee the game’s narrative usage eeee ee
eeee of celtic picking up on its ue eeee e
eeee excellent continents content eeee e
eeee for the net widely cast eeee eeee ee
eeee to the kindest intention came eeee e
eeee came from came for eeee eeee eeee
eeee our ways often positively got eeee ee



Wikipedia Poem, No. 378


“that we be returned to the faceless / attention, / the waiting and waiting for the telling sound. / Am I alone here?” from Jorie Graham’s “The Phase After History”

that last walk i
pissed a sigh
and she tickled thought

breath needs
but one last walk
piss my tail

beats twice bedsheet
breath in the dither
the third time i’m surprised

her white lashes flutter nothing lasts
walk across high-pitched europe
in heels white europe pissed away that walk

i pissed sigh
she has ticked away
from me and could be coulding

contact her into her
tail beats twice such a way
a high-pitched passport

talking gently a staccato thought out
a thought that she is boring
and better lost her breath or selfishness


A kestrel orbits the Meadowlands
Beside the Turnpike.
A reminder: In the order of everything,
It is most likely the case that
No thing separates from any other thing,
Despite great evidence contrary.

The four-ounce kestrel, gliding on, powerful and free—
As Diogenes masturbating in the marketplace—will die,
His body fall-flung by the side of the road
To be passively mourned,
Or at the feet of an invasive
Reed, forgotten,
Feeding many equal things,
The earth itself.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 299


1 Should I Know
Who Chloe Was?

which eat a vulture  
         they diet
          a food web very tasty almostly 
eats vultures condors 
        that eats a vulture
bad and 
the flesh of 
the herbivorous 
an eagle may 
steal a 
bird of other 
an eagle may steal a bird 
         of other an eagle may steal a bird 
predators the 
apex predators they diet
       a food chain themselves 
eat those plants that 
eat a vulture out 
      of they don’t look 
          very food web 
       they don’t look very tasty almostly eat
  not much eat carrion or 
prey such as a hawk or an animals and 
   energy and the flea

2. Beauty is Every
Wear Fred Astaire

       only the 
     vultures their dark brown plumage have settled 
in partially wooded areas lighter 
  pyrenees the griffon vultures and red 
      their dark brown 
         plumage have 
settled in the 
region in the 
only the region in the vultures is 
not found in their dark brown plumage have settled 
     in partially wooded vulture it 
not found in 
       the alps and also 
searches for 
  dead animals such as rabbits and 
red kites 
       is also 
searches for dead animals 
such as 
    kites the 
  european black vulture completing found in the food chain 
       these huge 
birds with 
        red kites

3 Rabbit Kings
Think Finer Things

      do not need of 
smell the plant may consume 
a type 
      of dead animals
vultures are 
come many vultures 
will eat hunt and agricultures scavengers or farmland unlikely 
      animals do not find unlike raptors became a dangers 
      when their decaying 
      food into they 
process of animals do not need 
come of 
natures this sometime find eels eat have an usually 
adapting great 
          carnivores better 
as scavengers eat 
from sticking out which 
      is and 
      bald meals 
      wild herbivores 
or it into they 
protect the 
  both plant 
make thrive an 
   animal its of livestock the dead for 

4 Betray,

their nest
        long do so and their carrion 
in and 
      coyotes additionally 
  scavengers in the 
vultures of 
how do turkey vultures of a 
     carrion which include ravengers describe there 
turkey vultures a foul odor because 
     bacterial growth
how long do baby birds and 
       of prey like eagles and all 
      stay in and 
  to eat
quick answer
most vultures 
          a foul odor 
because of a carrion which include ravengers in and 
and it has a foul odor 
      because of decomposition 
  the vulture 
          are above 
        the blue jay looks like 
its egg

5 Attack,

       young and is 
estimated from the eggs are very sophisticated from 
         their talons are no 
length of vulture 
       resembles associated from the bill and has no carcasses (carrions. 
the turkey 
           the turkey 
  vulture is 
        easy to 
most of vultures associated
    obtain most 
birds and 
has no carcasses carrions. 
the turkey            
        the turkey 
      vulture is
     dead on no carrion 
their talons 
are spread hunted also known black 
      young and north