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Dirty Pictures

Wikipedia Poem, No. 900 “travel is reactionary / why is travel reactionary?because you bring money & germs — Carolee Schneeman Capitol is a barren and spindly thing. Its tart parts art themselves sunflower— High for a brief time—then dipping, puffy coats. This weekend in Palm… Read More

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London: ARE THEY ALL YOURS // Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

forms synchronised whilst high saturation and gloss strikingly contrasted with patterned skin of the snake notions of masculinity in the digital age inspiration works both ways manipulating body

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Molly Springfield

hello, i am mrs. tan chheng, the ceo of hong kong diamond & jewelry shops in cambodia. i was recently diagnosed of cancer, after the sudden death of my late husband who was killed by assassin. i want to entrust a donation to you for… Read More

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Stone Sonnet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 896 supposed election and minor charge a victimless crime about lying to be seen russian collusion and it appears to conjure up savanna red-dirt apparently found later this is not inconceivable apparently found later this is not inconceivable now that mr. mueller… Read More