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London: ARE THEY ALL YOURS // Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

forms synchronised whilst high saturation and gloss strikingly contrasted with patterned skin of the snake notions of masculinity in the digital age inspiration works both ways manipulating body

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some dogs remain silent for fear of being noticed
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To Please the Yelping Dog

in cutlery a fork from latin furca for pitchfork utensil fulcrum of metal long handle terminates in a head branches narrow curved tines with which one can spear food to hold to cut to lift to the mouth

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 882 it’s about time for the art market to be subject to regulation à la the sec for art’s partof the worldbecause otherwise we wouldbecause otherwisethee becauses the becausing world rauschenberg’s dilemma: what to do with this angora goat art’s about timeits… Read More

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Fuck Theory Kill

Wikipedia Poem, No. 880 On hand acidic trap in the bowel of what I’d contained with soft steel wire. Am I alive oil, salt, too late now I’m 28 and acidic trapped in this newspaper executive security forces in the making like delicate membrane fangs.… Read More

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Security Forces

truggle in hand the jump
and cut of bloodless bone
of beak notorious for weight
lessness what does it cost
a useless periphery universe?