Debating Secularism in the Afterlife (Stenched Pop Icon)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 842


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Vibrating Boards

Wikipedia Poem, No. 726


benglis, sonia delaunay, annie beauty of terror olly found this elsewhere barbara kruger vibrating the smell over these fuckers should see my knees are itchy i wonder whose knees arrested in you mother, the smell of terror vibrating slice indented canvas with paint this elsewhere, the smell over the ice the unknown he was crying and i promise i see my knees are itchy i wonder whose knees arrested stoneyness here, the uncomposed face there barbara kruger vibrating slice indented canvas with paint this elsewhere beauty of the uncomposed face there barbara kruger vibrating boards

Why Phonic Multiplication Is the Work of Trillionaires (Return to the Flower)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 723


“I’d like to return to the flower, / and from the flower, / to my heart.” Lorca, Oct. 1923

On an oedipal level, what a feeling!

Thrilled little clouds in the supermarket: No, I want that. Was it in the supermarket? No, I want that in the car and still make the wrong-colored little clouds. In the supermarket I don’t care, maybe making thrilled little clouds to whom or I see lonely sorrywalkers day in and day out.

I learned a long time ago to soap up the supermarket: No, I want to walk alone, too. Today I learned to be sorry, but I do not care. Remember the red sweater scented with alcohol? I’ve decided that, lathering into the supermarket.

Green wants to see sorry paroxysms leveled. One green sun is never enough. I want that, I said, thinking about lobster blood for years, terminally. What will be enough one day? What will be enough one day. I learn to walk alone through thrilled little clouds in the supermarket. No, I just want to be sorry, but I can’t imitate not caring.


John Berryman

Wikipedia Poem, No. 505


“The greens of the Ganges delta foliate.” Berryman

One should promote purchasable things
not people. One inspects the grey pain
interior. It is said that in a rabbi one discovers
the universe’s first wikipedia entry. “My skin itches
my skin’s cannibalizing brine,” Henry said. Feel any
one discipline is not an obscure witch. I merely
because you came on so strong. Emily don’t, said the
raggedy rabbi. The man drives his talon
into warmth. Warmth for the jain is
chubby. Just chubby. For the film to succeed
it must inhabit its fastidious corner. I am the hard one
must explain. Its unnamed elsewhere. No one denies
the yes of youth. Animal meat wrestles the delta
foliate. Talon languor in either statutes or statue
guarantees change. Powerwash. The pretty work of a dandy.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 102

Installation view of Kevin Beasley's "Strange Fruit (Pair 1)"

Installation view of Kevin Beasley’s “Strange Fruit (Pair 1)” at the Guggenheim

most cups from Israel
charged with tea
planetary symbolism
such as outsider colors

fairly typical: tea and tea-leaf
coffee grounds sitting for study
revealing the cups of symbols

coffee cultures patents
the French
work with the saucer
clockwise from ramparts

patterns-to set patterns
do not correspond
with the front halves of snakes
enmity of tea leaves

birds plus a joker
the tea leaves reveal dozens
of Western products
seeds are synthesized

mango unclear
in contention an Indian
in need of refrigeration
the surface centered

origination by severals
Calcitransportability sized by mixing
ripe mangos variously yellow or
green pickles a southern flora

cave seeds must mango juice
mine mango illustrations
Many salted mangos
a century and then classes

sweetness in commendation
similar skeletons in tissue
parody Arizona arid living
gallery graves in a field of

friends throughout
the cycles of aging graves
costumed adults build family
flaming cartoons calendas past

(butterflies release)

eat the holidaysmail night
— for adults on Mexican plains
— the rounding of devil masks
calent, soula, mezcal, Ocotepec

planetary symbolism works
name your friends sitting in graves
meaning unclear
preparation needed

the unclear mine
ripe of mangos
clockwise tea
by the cup of dozens

in nation Arizona
mine mangos unclear
time preparation needed mine
mango juice mine mango throughout

the cycles
is a cave
this horror

altar many Brazil dia de local
custom origins then prayers
praying natina small against and served
rabbits and children

in Almoloya de Muertos
an honor and decorated
in the dead sugar of skulls
cardboard skeletons pass’er by

in public schools autumnal flowers
the world-long journey people believe possessions
and foods and the day associated ones
of the 16th century decorations dress up the universal

interest often including
festivals by which someone
by the early mango spring
Alphonso as mangos or shaven soil

varietal juices contain mountains
determination close-up
sliced fruits and caffeine
acid vitamins! Vitamins! VITAMINS!

Andalusia from Pakistan
splashed all over the alley
over 400 varieties occurrent and ripening
monoembryonic foodnut then sliced

its own Middle Eastern cup and notes:
Dutch merchants now allow and import
their meanings from Israel in vertical
and a positive spiral fortune teller’s cup

take me someplace real zodiac cups
reverse your magic and show these
sea patterns such
turned as its own cup

settle down stances
coin-side coffee ground
with a coffee reading diet
the cup pattern set, the right
	revealing liquids