Derrida Thinks He is Alone on the Toilet, But is Observed by a Vast, Decentralized, Anonymized Surveillance State

Wikipedia Poem, No. 786


“Blow up your life / Attune your senses”
— Carolee Schneemann

a cry a lunge maybe
the man’s raw unconsidered hand
doesn’t take authority over the woman’s
nude dross to the movie critic
up the mountain he bruises the woman
hides what she mustn’t take
authority over his nudity
she is shyte just to be available
man achieves or archives
the artist nonethelesses her yawp
bogart describing how he saw a woman
any woman the critic hides in the critic
he doesn’t take authority
over depiction of her with his raw unconsidered
shyte attention as a child’s interlude waning
the female identity shyte attention
although she had secreted the container
of her authority into her own deep depiction
brandishes it over her brain the critic cringes a cry
although she secrets through the chuff lunges
hogwash interludes the female ready to fall
interludes the male that shrunk pill to be



Skull Material

Wikipedia Poem, No. 784


dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaurid 
the later part of 
the later part of 
later part 

although others 
     have been 
assigned in the 
        past ognized 
      others have been assigned in th

mongolia ngoliensis 
fossils of this 
have been discovered 
      in mongoliensis fossils 

skull material 
    from inner mongolia china ed 
       for skull 
from inner 

dromaeosaurids like deinonychus 
and achillobator velociraptor 
    nevertheless shared many of 

with a 
long tail and disembowel 
      prey each hindfoot which is thought to have been 
     used to have 

long and 
      low skull
an upturned snout omaeosaurids 
      its long 

How to Read a Poem: Read a Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 777


imagine you are the manifest destiny, the milk and the honey

the book
the well
the temporal we

any one page from our archive
our language
our unachieved pleasures

the visual combination
the flux of a poem
the little sentence

our stored image
our diabolical interregnum
our king of kind poems

the forms
the expectations
the provided stresses

our first chapter
our reader
our lyric drama

may be duplicated to look at

Anchor Point on Marx’s Birthday

Wikipedia Poem, No. 775



said the question
needing communism
to point an anchor

said the blames
with lyrics beckoning

bitter acid
said an old-school still
hold tight the ideals
of marxist values

said the tanks to reassert
talk show values blame the armory
less for the birth of the soul

We Collect, Use And Share Information That We Gather About You

Wikipedia Poem, No. 772


in black
issuing in black
issuing boards

i experience life
tether burden
like concrete balloons
to the concrete sidewalk

i headphone the street
wearing tethers to control
my presence
being a sticky yelp
like the gunpowder salute

headphones attached
to the street wearing
the cross of the earth
around the earth’s voluble neck

headphones attached to the street
wearing the city planning board
one must not avoid choice
if one is to appear present in life

one must not choose
a sticky yelp
like that gunpowder salute

i headphone the street
wearing tumescent presence as a grape
smell violet gunpowder
but one should choose

one should risk choosing

Callidity Crush Humble

Wikipedia Poem, No. 760


callidity  crush humble            pretty cool interviews     mr pruitt’s politicians callidity crush humble pretty  cool to hear he wanted to move away dislocation  lobbyist marsha lindsey callidity was nearing at least    one other and antique rugs state salary of an influential telecommunications            lobbyist who was stunning soon mr pruitt was erupting inside scott pruitt stunning       soon mr pruitt even bought ms lindsey callidity was stunning soon mr pruitt  — who was in dislocation —    city home  influential telecommunications lobbyist marsha lindsey callidity was a state capitol said that after    dislocation oklahoma city home of an influence


Source: Eder, Steve, and Hiroko Tabuchi. “Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money.” The New York Times, 21 Apr. 2018. Web.

‘Go Soul the Body’s Guest’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 755


go soul the body’s guest upon a thankless errand fear not to touch the best the truth shall be thy warrant go since i needs must die and give the world the lie say to the court it glows and shines like rotten wood say to the church it shows what’s good and doth no good if church and court reply then give them both the lie tell potentates they live acting by others’ action not loved unless they give not strong but by a faction if potentates reply give potentates the lie tell men of high condition that manage the estate their purpose is ambition their practice only hate and if they once reply then give them all the lie tell them that brave it most they beg for more by spending who in their greatest cost seek nothing but commending and if they make reply then give them all the lie tell zeal it wants devotion tell love it is but lust tell time it is but motion tell flesh it is but dust and wish them not reply for thou must give the lie tell age it daily wasteth tell honor how it alters tell beauty how she blasteth tell favor how it falters and as they shall reply give every one the lie tell wit how much it wrangles in tickle points of niceness tell wisdom she entangles herself in overwiseness and when they do reply straight give them both the lie tell physic of her boldness tell skill it is pretension tell charity of coldness tell law it is contention and as they do reply so give them still the lie tell fortune of her blindness tell nature of decay tell friendship of unkindness tell justice of delay and if they will reply then give them all the lie tell arts they have no soundness but vary by esteeming tell schools they want profoundness and stand too much on seeming if arts and schools reply give arts and schools the lie tell faith it’s fled the city tell how the country erreth tell manhood shakes off pity tell virtue least preferreth and if they do reply spare not to give the lie so when thou hast as i commanded thee done blabbing although to give the lie deserves no less than stabbing stab at thee he that will no stab the soul can kill


Source: Ralegh, Walter. “The Lie.” Poetry Foundation, 9 Apr. 2018. Web.

Undescended Epiphany

Wikipedia Poem, No. 750


“the passing of a poet is / never a small cry / es / llanto para ahogar / un mar / sendero voraz— / titanic roar—” elena minor

safara-like          advent, empiricism?   
                             raiment's will looking                             eats hamburgers 
raiment doesn't ape — and fucking with the edge of sustenance 
worrying the orlop that it willn't confidential —  what                    
                   what, empiricism?            a leech 
raiment it             
               raiment indulgence innit expect — 
and you  
tried in the orlop 
i'm this tired little totalitarian clipper ship a leech a raiment its  
sustenance thumbed-down