Wikipedia Poem, No. 740

“That the paper of record could print such mendacious rubbish is a telling symptom of the ideological sickness of our time. The widespread collapse of journalistic standards in the United States is a part of a general and rapid deterioration of thought, language and, above all, cultural and historical memory.” The New Criterion

myself and the picture is dead not passed into something about their machen mōgen mache knife something i remain facted about that truck outside our home the purpose gruesome videos taught me something we’re next her and her dam; breaking life i am this transition she worlds sometimes with force

“Her friends have given her a toaster, which she shows off gratefully.” Laurent Binet

her dam; breast empathy it was to know i don’t fear death not passed into or through the neck bone someone else’s in college myself and picture her mouth and blood tissue i will remind me by opening traffic to ascertain remain remarkable to beat empathy remarkable to the exact degree of a mid sized sedan in slow mo

“It was unsafe to meddle with the corpses and ghosts of these creatures. A sort of generic or Pantheistic vitality seemed to lurk in their very joints and bones, after what might be called the individual life had departed.” Herman Melville

coriolis force something told anyone before she will remain remarkable to sometimes i for a dam; breath something teach me some videos taught me / by the asked to ascertain unkempt her hand she is death failing traffic to sometimes i force myself and my wife to take the asked to ascertain such remarkable scale




Fairmount School of Polyrhythms

Wikipedia Poem, No. 738


         the reflecto neveryone and 
      school of polyrhythms i always meant to take 
    it boils in the 
biplane dopple overheadaches toward an old 
      white school of the always approaches 
     toward teterboro 
neveryone and blinks 
       never that meant 
fail fail fail 
      fail fail fail 
      fail fail fail 
fail fail fail fail 
       fail fail 
fail fail fail 
fail fail fail fail 
   fail fail fail fail fail fail 
       fail fail fail fail 
fail fail fail 
fail fail 
fail fail fail fail fail 
        fail fail 
       fail fail 
    fail fail 

‘Do you need some more right ears, David?’


do you need some more right ears david?
insert this monkey’s jaw in the space between
the ridge of the ear and the skull? (what is the
name of this extra-hard portion of skull? place
yourself behind the eyes of the croaking
at the bottom of the well y’all read that
dystopian joint, right? if it’s not the question
make it the question the tattoo gun’s inkless
pain not traumatic pain not turn off their mics
pain norman wilkinson glorious connective
tissue brooklyn botanical garden spindle after
spindle of pink thread plexiglass emotion torn into by the drill
bit fastened into the skyline yellow power tool
you ain’t shit without the green palms
atop the far-off balcony (i don’t much like these people
yes yes i’ll say it true gorilla glue too-plastic
reams of adenosine reams of headaches
reams of just fabulous four-eyed ooogling
can you believe what this bouquet cost?

success flower
gourmet flower
torn-muscle flower
fart flower hipsters

flock to see my job is simply to fool you into collecting
my eggs the whole identical alabaster set 144 in all before
abandoning your family leaving only the heavy eggs behind
go to dublin and find someone performative
to love as much as i loved you the right hand so persuasive


Wikipedia Poem, No. 736


“If however magpiety does not exist / My nature does not exist either.” Czeslaw Milosz, 1958


after Czeslaw Milosz

my birthplace
which applies distantly

from one and art
… to the direct experience of

this app
ibidem conferatur magpiety

i walked through books
against our will even

it does not occur without books
this also applies to distant from one end

even against our will
it does not occur through books ever

yet to my birthplace
against our will

applied distantly
it does not occur over rivers even

from one art to another
it does not occur with wetted thigh

… the direct experience of
this also applies distant from one and

this appellate iridescence
walking through my mind

ibidem conferatur magpiety
even against our will

Spindle 22

Wikipedia Poem, No. 735


let boys be like burdocks
city of salt pork
sunken chin girls
but let’s not yearn for life

boys and bones
paired with anaphora
brief or else too long
turn now toward sunset

enamored with sunken burdocks
and potbellied defectives
of now so brief and brimming
with trust bone and enamel

The Menace Relations In Himself Is To Destroy Them

Wikipedia Poem, No. 732


reasonable people assemble people assemble
people assemble people assemble assemble assemble

people why liberals – some of torture while advancing
americas missible duress even the neoconservative

code-named geronimo carried 14-inch hatchets made
by a north carolina knife-maker for his chicago

police unit those same hard zuley a special
dispossession and brown democracy of opinion

the menace relations in himself is to destroy them
bend the observed race relation this toni purposes

morrison-industrial weapons and for the majority black
and brown and bellicose police the m under obamas element

together with mass incarceration now segregation
was always how long the non-book we were eight

years in american society he grew up in americally
disadvantaged me after and m urder the relevant point

he affiliated to obamas fascination of american
oligarchic shindigs that to netanyahu is presently claimed

to netanyahu is previously known as stenographer
to trumps pot for little slavery in american we understate

impressive especial groper is primarily consistent and genocide
there is no doubt that his run obama had inaugurated achievement

vindication of the i force: colour-blind universalism
its democrats was the cruellest  bottle-feeding class

the civil public view in a new era of opportunity of racial prosperity
liberalism are still prone to the the architecture of henry kissinger

that some of the lethal powers invested war oversaw more
than that thistled with no quid pro quid pro quid pro quid pro

quo the late jets during the aspen
ideas festival along aspen ideas festival

along with bill kristol house in the reflexive cause
more heat their cocktail dresses gentlemen shiverse workforce

fill the air was measured coates black lives matter is most
certainly not a white merica great again of non-violent protest

but also a comprehensive critique of non-violent protest
but also comprehend people each years to us have been

to have been hounded flaws that influential dispensation
of polition of white links of the right to be a rainbow of what even

embracingly aware of ordeal ordeal ordeal ordeal ordeal ordeal
ordeal ordeal ordeal ordeal ordeal ordeal of hierarchy and wit


Source: Mishra, Pankaj. “Why do white people like what I write?” Rev. of We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. London Review of Books 40.4 (2018): 17-20. 23 Feb. 2018. https://www.lrb.co.uk/v40/n04/pankaj-mishra/why-do-white-people-like-what-i-write.

Argument with The Motorcycle Accident

Wikipedia Poem, No. 730


“Overheard2” Joseph M. Gerace. 2018.

peace imaging profound peace 
imaging fundamental color
più grande it's a bigstory.html

fuck the 
brain that 
        is in use blood flow 
more gear from a tortured boy 
snowfall cell thousands you love that you've found two women 
alone enough red deer headdress activity 
        detective something something sitting
alone in his car enough white rain 
        as in they approach the couple 
with violence writhing holly king 
born from the dialect in violence

Vibrating Boards

Wikipedia Poem, No. 726


benglis, sonia delaunay, annie beauty of terror olly found this elsewhere barbara kruger vibrating the smell over these fuckers should see my knees are itchy i wonder whose knees arrested in you mother, the smell of terror vibrating slice indented canvas with paint this elsewhere, the smell over the ice the unknown he was crying and i promise i see my knees are itchy i wonder whose knees arrested stoneyness here, the uncomposed face there barbara kruger vibrating slice indented canvas with paint this elsewhere beauty of the uncomposed face there barbara kruger vibrating boards

Child Transplanting is a Major Annual Task (Low Effort, High Reward)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 725




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one or none
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text the import stores
by email rice enters into a pay trance
rice enters the gallery
cooperative cancellation
annul reduce to nothing obliterate
or with the remunerative spring of participating
guarantee courts of equity will grant relief in cases of
mistake in written contracts
consam-ri   without a trace
cooperaties or juding a pay browsing
is a major con or elephotos.com


Source: De Keyzer, Carl. “North Korea: The Grand Tour.” Magnum Photos, 25 Jan. 2018, www.magnumphotos.com/arts-culture/travel/carl-de-keyzer-north-korea-grand-tour/.

Why Phonic Multiplication Is the Work of Trillionaires (Return to the Flower)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 723


“I’d like to return to the flower, / and from the flower, / to my heart.” Lorca, Oct. 1923

On an oedipal level, what a feeling!

Thrilled little clouds in the supermarket: No, I want that. Was it in the supermarket? No, I want that in the car and still make the wrong-colored little clouds. In the supermarket I don’t care, maybe making thrilled little clouds to whom or I see lonely sorrywalkers day in and day out.

I learned a long time ago to soap up the supermarket: No, I want to walk alone, too. Today I learned to be sorry, but I do not care. Remember the red sweater scented with alcohol? I’ve decided that, lathering into the supermarket.

Green wants to see sorry paroxysms leveled. One green sun is never enough. I want that, I said, thinking about lobster blood for years, terminally. What will be enough one day? What will be enough one day. I learn to walk alone through thrilled little clouds in the supermarket. No, I just want to be sorry, but I can’t imitate not caring.