To the Real Cannibal Mockingbird


What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?
What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?
What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?

What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?
What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?
What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?

What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?
(What is Phillis Wheatley’s name?)


Wikipedia Poem, No. 846


there is that
is the effect ordinary people had
no realized that typically world
i’m thinking about an end
revealizing wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
with all that sadness
internalized that typically we live
what too?
after reading the world in a peculiar way
i was reading about all the young black men and was a steel
for my mind women and women and revealizing
about all the young black men and mac milled — i’m thinking
myselfish sadness
internalized that typically we teach of trust
reading the end i felt deflated
i stay that sadness
internalized that typically worlded
i stayed as is a feature of botham’s friends of sadness
of sadness internalizing about 10 mind women-on
the world in the world i spectacle over earnest
seems to be had no apparent contributing
he was steel for my psychology papers
examining myself was reading heartbroken
its subject the effect ordinary people to
in which i was steel for 4 years to the world
in the world i’m a thing about an acquaintance of sadness
internalized that typically we live
what is
when is
i’m this phenomenon of the world in which

Intentional Fields (language.rom)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 839


        combat is age 
mind constant backdrop for all 
of mind constant backdrop for all of our

people’s heads-and-melting current even spoken words
into people’s heads zing

both cry foul for fake news while coding resistance as 
“part of the problem.” ace to structural vitality

         american diplomats and scientionalism has taken center stage 
as if the clear & direct 
efforts of how

between havana and washington. liberals turn to the death machine of representation 

making no mention of our nation. the medical 
        subcultures increasingly sure the anti-black heteronormative

little concussion. the myth: there’s something there’s something 
other to offer to her

reports now argue more poorly 
taught in schools this is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is 

  american scientist language.rom interrogates & rejects & rejecting & 
rejecting & rejected

microwaves can be 
poets too 
(informed by & regardless of semantics or the nuance of semantics or 

grinding before i 
answer that previous question 
i truly don’t know let's continue)

blog posts feel futile initially experts cited symptoms as 
evidence of stealthy attacks 
intent toward federal violences we can see 
how good intent is the birthplace 
of much of this impossible terrain maples of 
i would consider cultural 
violences we can see 
is the birthplace for much of this impossible terrain maples water woven 
inclusive possibility



Laura Dern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 811


        this year’s winner 
        and gators abound 
the toothy young 
scrapes out 
        the old 
        his time 
        often made drawing 
the tails and fins 
but it's a rough look 
        book repainted his 
        only possession of very limited vision for poetry 
great at 
        a very young age 
scrape out his 
        time made drawing as 
        dead activities for poetry 
        great docs       de polaina y 
                                casqui que dan del año 
                                have that repainted colonial 
siphonophore menthol 
        his family ragged edged flashbang

remain born strangle youth with beauty poems
to los and los 
strangles advertisement winner 
i was born at a very young age 
remain carved-out and strangle beauty with youth poems

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‘products of wealth and privilege … from different planets’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 800


    reclusive one

     brash improbable courtship
red-carpeted enmity 

      step in a gamble 
       of counterstruck 

each other a momentous step 
      personal diplomacy can shoulder
the world’s largest nuclear program


Source: Landler, Mark. “Trump and Kim Shake Hands in First Face-to-Face Meeting.” The New York Times. 12 June 2018, 11:30 p.m. Web.

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Wikipedia Poem, No. 771


before of we  
their supreme  senators     
defied our      toxic healing
as late as 1832 as early as never
often or not we went into such truths  
with diathermic intent    iroquois 
or white man prescribed against clay     
for a trail of cherokeed we 
the military commissioned we 
their gold sutured race not we
the legal precedent is well-established
the land has been forced into pinnacle 
earlier it was dead of exposure hunger disease 
in and of our vers'd state thirst seeded passage 
courts decree  over flowering mutants mature hardwood 
early slopes nineteen meadows thick where native species 
heavy mountain remains


‘There Are No Innocent People in Gaza’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 752


defense minister avigdor liberman on sunday said us president donald trump did not ask for israels view before announcing his planned withdrawal of american troops from syria adding that the jewish state will likely have to operate alone against its various enemies he also slammed international criticism of the killing of nine palestinians during fridays clashes on the gaza border branding it hypocrisy and claiming there were no innocent people in gaza he later clarified that his use of the hebrew word tamim was intended to mean not innocent but naive president trump didnt ask me liberman said when asked during an interview with israel radio about the us plan to leave syria despite israeli fears of iranian-backed terror groups encroaching on its northern border i wouldnt presume to give advice that hasnt been requested from me


Source: Bachner, Michael. “Liberman Signals Trump Didn’t Consult with Israel on Syria Withdrawal.” The Times of Israel, 8 Apr. 2018. 10:15 a.m. Web.


Wikipedia Poem, No. 744


manifestoes  but all the text is small and difficult  
museum admissions and     museum educators       
portal insightful flash lateral        and cliche fish chatter to the ropes 
meet           in the extent to which the texts trouble and engage 
meat thee   lively conversations:         gaga purism and terralism
all talk becomes soup in the word flesh   join us  
as if us attempts to attend members-only gallery sessions  
talks greet in the galleries   chatter-ninnies rattle off the sculpture garden
out on the attempt to answer this question
engage three forms            amplify

Je Etsy Un Autre

Wikipedia Poem, No. 742


“You don’t need a story. The question is How long do you not need a story?” David Shields

trip  to         me           enormous plain 
country      and      fresh hewn    political mistakes  
the expat freshly hung perceives literacy  
the expert mistakes the recluse          for submission  
interlocking memories          poppies' capital        the recluse  
submits        to christmas lights  not man 
emergency radio transmission  the christmas lights       
return to simple flame he lands back in seclusion 
he beats the expert with a freshly hewn political     mistake        
the recluse  who survives his owner's engine      
vapor days   like lightning through the enormous plain's country

not many political witnesses
perceived  literacy deranged  
owner of engine  failure  
all in a day's  enormous plain            good country
mistakes      among poppy red        capital  
christmas lights    back on man-ends       
of flames of beats an emergency radio transmission  
the gun-toting       argument       broadcasts its perception        
recluse        deception         shame among poppies  
submission poppies  an     expert freshly hanged 
from perceived literacy ambition           and  witness perception           
like christmas  lights           on a boring white wall not much  
poppies beat  against the flag pole like political mistakes                 
his first trip   to the river's