Danger, High Explosives

Wikipedia Poem, No. 869


More than Suspect 

The oaks are stricken by a serious illness
They dry up after having let go
Into the glow of a sump at sunset
A whole throng of generals’ heads

— André Breton

things are coming
monster too
my stay
we’ll never get things are coming monster too
my stay
we’ll never stars
where done
so i’ve got to have
to have an interesting monster

my stay
we’ll never stay

we’ll never stars

if an interesting monster
my stars
where done

so i’ve got to have
a permanent
so i’ve
got to give a permanent
so i’ve
got to have a permanent
so i’ve got to have to
have to have an

oh dear

that’ll never stars
where don’t have
to have an in-
teresting monster too
my stars
were done

so i’ve chosen to have
an interesting monster too

Things to Do with the Abnormal King

Wikipedia Poem, No. 865


            Most influential work, contrast the positivist view: 
Argue that which sentences, heavy with truth-value, 
            abnormal abound:
            go aweigh,            go!

Neither truth nor performance, 
text in particular, sentences, call the performative 
            u up?

            Oh, abnormal king!  
Utter one of those  
astonishing valleys;
go slink a matinee in exile soiled sound 
            — such loose snakes —
            sluice fireworks over war:
            I, anti, sit and do, climax, nothing.


Wikipedia Poem, No. 862


After Robert Hayden

         In sun-whetted
on those efforts
or briefed on inter-wrestling control
         the dropped gull
from the workings of those efforts
or briefed on those efforts
         on sand,
or briefed on the interpretative
of those efforts interviews with seven people
         picking at
indigo interpretation points or briefed on
         its feathers.

         Over the headlong
intimidation points and unknowable perspectives
the author.

The recombinant method is its own representation;
         rush and leashed-back
rust wrested inflection;
wrestling control from the author.

The kings strongly inflect
         fall of the sea,
campaign against the west
         scouting and
multiple methods

Gradient Portrait (“scraped from the web to output”)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 859


bad art and worse skin library trained
using google’s tensorflow machine learning
learns libraries and skin escape
creator suspends exhibited sets of traits
as part of a twenty-seventeen solo show
scraped from the web to output unique gradient portraits
exhibited on the sponsors’ skin
creator suspends all precious trains

The last announcer plays the last record
The last watt leaves the transmitter
Circles the globe in search of a listener
… This is a real goddamn emergency

Nightcrawler tried to creep / I smelled sucker’s approach
Open Mike Eagle

We sit and feel Fun City die.
Marc Laidlaw

Black Tiger #2 (New York Without Permission)


Notes the democracy women
Manifest a lost white battle year

Apocalyptic birth food
Outstanding disco

Golden camp:
Strike your current soul

Other hopes how mothers love
Communism and dance geography

‘s essential poetry
The real scandalized night moves

Tiger #2, plywood,
On the cover
New York New York
Without permission
Printed in the United States