We Stayed in Damien Hirst’s Trashy Vegas Suite So You’ll Never Have To

Wikipedia Poem, No. 917

repetition of natural objects
through cantilevered strips of private change
and salt religion
drawn to demon serials
it’s like all people are afraid of nature

object not a thorough repetition
it’s like a feather or a penthouse
the world reinvents the word then image

nesting palms
prepare branches
of sin

i’ve always been drawn to relaxation
it’s like empathy in motion
so you create description
who’s driving?

slow motion described by real work
casino salt lick religious relaxation of nature
object of repetition
who’s driving? private description

it’s like a feather a penthouse
luck appears as a 60-foot-tall demon
its cantilevered private breath
describing change charge and nature

this life is not theater
though maybe the next

Artifacts of Reference, No. 42

Artifacts of Reference, No. 41

Artifacts of Reference, No. 40


Artifacts of Reference, No. 39

Mutant City Acid

Wikipedia Poem, No. 890

you can own
the concordant sickness
it’s way
into yr heart

i’m here

everything i
thought was funny when i was
the enemy

mutant city acid:
damp hedges a church
the modest hours
that guide
the modest hours that would be lost
if not for a drug
conviction i served seven years for
i served this
country i’ve done my time i’ve done my time and time
time and time again
i’ve made
some mistakes but thank
god the smell of wood smoke

i cast the enemy

mutant city acid:
hedges a church
reduced figure
ground relationship
frustration casts
a rat’s scurry

Artifacts of Reference, No. 34

Oct. 2017

Tomorrow is my birthday. If anyone is in the meatpacking district and wants to eat hella pizza and drink reasonably priced cocktails HMU. Please share this and let everyone know what a terrible poet I am. You can be anything you want.


Artifacts of Reference, No. 33


Artifacts of Reference, No. 32

isn’t it enough to be bloody neon

Contains lines from Heather Christle’s “Beset By A Disk Of Radiating Feathers”

beset beach
feeding on mice and small birds fern owl
northern unreality waterboro of beget doctor
penguin sonnets for stallings only

the owl was a bakers daughter well-known
touched recent comely assassin
about it being easy it’s pretty hard it’s as hard as allen
baltimore house party
by its doleful hoot what does the owl’s egg
children or perhaps you down-
ing goodbye but rather makes the goodbye

horned owl how can i get one a lady
‘s touch suggesting some mal act of consideration
question then you’ve fucked up i take back what i said
from officials and guns — 
the night long-tufted or mottle-tufted
and the bill unleashed a torrent of timely
stuff after that leave directly that’s all
to an individual till transformation by
the owlishness of certain people
so coupled married beach stop smoking
barn own crossing the air over the road