Intention is Design

Wikipedia Poem, No. 776


calcu-later and hereby
its european people
already: then it

will it only
bloodied than twenty
since a renegotiation

open to arguments
at the nuclear
fuel for executive

seconomy free economy
hangs grounded hollowed
u.s. regional tuesday

refuel nationalist fervors
build once agreement
who told me

and then it
regionald approach decision
is capable war

will simply right
eyes closed ballast
disdained hollowed imposed

stupid something ton
childhood politics diplomacy
any legislative hanger

up at style
cocus or legitimate
understanding agencies alcohol

the modern notion
crucifix constitution poem
were a will

a critic’s own critic
a judge who
does not demeter

the most remarkable
thing about me
is i refuse

i cannot follow
the neat line
sky to wing

Anchor Point on Marx’s Birthday

Wikipedia Poem, No. 775



said the question
needing communism
to point an anchor

said the blames
with lyrics beckoning

bitter acid
said an old-school still
hold tight the ideals
of marxist values

said the tanks to reassert
talk show values blame the armory
less for the birth of the soul

Upon Shallow Kills

Wikipedia Poem, No. 773


swoon and garden zone 
    time students 
ozone academy  
        no witches here
            children out to sea
kinder times
    i hill i 
        that would cap nearby 

            they live


her daughter 
            upon shallow kills


We Collect, Use And Share Information That We Gather About You

Wikipedia Poem, No. 772


in black
issuing in black
issuing boards

i experience life
tether burden
like concrete balloons
to the concrete sidewalk

i headphone the street
wearing tethers to control
my presence
being a sticky yelp
like the gunpowder salute

headphones attached
to the street wearing
the cross of the earth
around the earth’s voluble neck

headphones attached to the street
wearing the city planning board
one must not avoid choice
if one is to appear present in life

one must not choose
a sticky yelp
like that gunpowder salute

i headphone the street
wearing tumescent presence as a grape
smell violet gunpowder
but one should choose

one should risk choosing

Manliness is a Terrifying Idea (Dan Graham)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 758


misunderstand basically a corporate site  
    my work     has to be people     misunderstand its heroic alienation 
      it’s a basic critique of alienationship 
to be sure         people misunderstand basic      society 
        corporate site work         has        that     way about it maybe 
people        misunderstand its     alienation   my work has to     baffle perplex 
misunderstand it       that way maybe     sphinx-like 
misunderstood it’s to be people misunderstand its 
          basic tongues of alienhood other jumbles 
          people misunderstand it’s basically   a corporate bulldog   people 
                    misunderstand its basic sociological critique
                              kill skin 
                                        and roast 
                                                  the brutalist 



Wikipedia Poem, No. 745

“Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba….” Hunter S. Thompson


contemporary show-offs hair and little punchy verbs
in all the right places some high round
oogleables sweet averroes retweets roxane gay

are we desirable astride rare machinery
life jackhammered by rounded-off cobbles wet at four a.m.
pardner don’t get on a bike blazing in medias res down a texas highway

i am the wet cobbles in the sun
set of the innocent machinery
of the life i think of in 1198

superb that i married lois lane
and her red-meat art
don’t come between my motorcycle and that beautiful girl

squeezed between us
three on a bike aflame down a texas highway
i am the machinery of life’s wet cobbles

that i will to live


Wikipedia Poem, No. 740

“That the paper of record could print such mendacious rubbish is a telling symptom of the ideological sickness of our time. The widespread collapse of journalistic standards in the United States is a part of a general and rapid deterioration of thought, language and, above all, cultural and historical memory.” The New Criterion

myself and the picture is dead not passed into something about their machen mōgen mache knife something i remain facted about that truck outside our home the purpose gruesome videos taught me something we’re next her and her dam; breaking life i am this transition she worlds sometimes with force

“Her friends have given her a toaster, which she shows off gratefully.” Laurent Binet

her dam; breast empathy it was to know i don’t fear death not passed into or through the neck bone someone else’s in college myself and picture her mouth and blood tissue i will remind me by opening traffic to ascertain remain remarkable to beat empathy remarkable to the exact degree of a mid sized sedan in slow mo

“It was unsafe to meddle with the corpses and ghosts of these creatures. A sort of generic or Pantheistic vitality seemed to lurk in their very joints and bones, after what might be called the individual life had departed.” Herman Melville

coriolis force something told anyone before she will remain remarkable to sometimes i for a dam; breath something teach me some videos taught me / by the asked to ascertain unkempt her hand she is death failing traffic to sometimes i force myself and my wife to take the asked to ascertain such remarkable scale




‘Magpiety’ by Czeslaw Milosz


The same and not quite the same, I walked through oak forests
Amazed that my Muse, Mnemosyne,
Has in no way diminished my amazement.
A magpie was screeching and I said: Magpiety?
What is magpiety? I shall never achieve
A magpie heart, a hairy nostril over the beak, a flight
That always renews just when coming down,
And so I shall never comprehend magpiety.
If however magpiety does not exist
My nature does not exist either.
Who would have guessed that, centuries later,
I would invent the question of universals?

Montgeron, 1958


Source: Miłosz, Czesław. New and Collected Poems, 1931-2001. New York, N.Y: Ecco, 2003. Print.