What Can Be Done About the Public? (Herbert Marcuse vs. Lewis Franklin Powell Jr. vs. Red Bull GmbH)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 807


“Freedom is the innermost dynamic of existence.” 1

“One of the bewildering paradoxes of our time is the extent to which the enterprise system tolerates, if not participates in, its own destruction.” 2

“People who are smarter, more driven, curious and get along with others will generally do better in any job.” 3

   (ii) in 
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      and balanced social signification 
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   social those who decademic sound aggress are 
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   goversity the enter they 
mold public opinion and 
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often being teachers of the country seek 
      opportion the faculties to they mold public opinion and even where to balances 
   at various lee 
discoversity of what

Poem about Bees

Wikipedia Poem, No. 799


“When I say ‘I,’ I am lying. Let us posit the ‘I’ of perception—neutral and limpid. Put it next to the ‘I’ of intermediation—when you look at it this way, my body belongs to me; or, more exactly, I belong to my body. What do we observe? An absence of contact. Fear what I say.” Michel Houellebecq


journey of what is our concept of nothing?
understand these vast new shapes

of whom science say journey of the universe
what eye?
on display for a reward

moving then not
not moving then gone—all of it

Dareen Tatour

Wikipedia Poem, No. 797



al-nakba i’m so impatient
the literary saga is no saga at all
garners various guilt and guile
pen as video edited amongst soft reign

ya shaabi qawim y
sha’abi qawim

youtube denies her house arrest
digging her trial and youtube conflict
placing her under doric splits like columns

ya shaabi qawim y
sha’abi qawim

self-imposed house arrest of martyr
poets my people recite and resist
wrapped like a mummy in laurels

ya shaabi qawim y
sha’abi qawim

international debates over free speech
facebook discrimination youtube and wit
separate seed from the harvested plant
space love the court condemn the nazarean’s

ya shaabi qawim y
sha’abi qawim

my pen blooms daily condemns the court of
men says i am restricted to dig below my pen
wrestle the angel of the lord of cease and resist
organize with threat the whole world will hear
legal and recite jail democracy in the hands of
video confine me to pale attacks on poems tea
i’m so impatient media in a democracy is a decision
i’m so impatient she garners the internet


The road is so long…





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Head Gone Nova (Homoerotica)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 794


living how i love his dead cat semaphore because he knows grass
does he know this persona poem the concept of paradox it’s where i sit

while sober people apocalypse the empty place better dough
the freshly cut grass of imagination does he know?

i mean quick and slides two blue knives out of the sun sometimes
and money comes out isn’t it enough to know what anyone means

this photo of joshua clover’s buried eye dead soon and kiss him
know grass does he know this persona poem is the lips that long ago stopped reading so as to worship

gone nova a paradox it’s where the christ figure looks and kisses him do you know
this photo of parallel analyses for a tailwind nor a skeleton look and kiss him

and kiss him now this dead soon and kiss him know the lips
stop read the lips stop smell the lips stop read go nova

speak german here so i don’t know the sun sometimes its
athletic stare their actions tell me their actions and wonder what

parallel analysis of a tailwind nor a day of imagination do i get his
brave risk unpredictable looks and kiss him know grass does he too

be brave risk unpredictable looks and kiss his know grass does he know
persona poem empty place his fresh doughy flesh cut grass does he too?

does he at all? cool blue knives speak so i don’t know
why anyone speaks german aren’t they choosing here so i don’t know

this dead soon and lover’s buried eye dead soon and kiss him after
concept of systems living and kiss his known grass does he imagine he knows

which has always been athletic and hypothetical the midget shrieks
slides two blue knives out of his pockets i mean quick out the sun

Intention is Design

Wikipedia Poem, No. 776


calcu-later and hereby
its european people
already: then it

will it only
bloodied than twenty
since a renegotiation

open to arguments
at the nuclear
fuel for executive

seconomy free economy
hangs grounded hollowed
u.s. regional tuesday

refuel nationalist fervors
build once agreement
who told me

and then it
regionald approach decision
is capable war

will simply right
eyes closed ballast
disdained hollowed imposed

stupid something ton
childhood politics diplomacy
any legislative hanger

up at style
cocus or legitimate
understanding agencies alcohol

the modern notion
crucifix constitution poem
were a will

a critic’s own critic
a judge who
does not demeter

the most remarkable
thing about me
is i refuse

i cannot follow
the neat line
sky to wing

Anchor Point on Marx’s Birthday

Wikipedia Poem, No. 775



said the question
needing communism
to point an anchor

said the blames
with lyrics beckoning

bitter acid
said an old-school still
hold tight the ideals
of marxist values

said the tanks to reassert
talk show values blame the armory
less for the birth of the soul

Upon Shallow Kills

Wikipedia Poem, No. 773


swoon and garden zone 
    time students 
ozone academy  
        no witches here
            children out to sea
kinder times
    i hill i 
        that would cap nearby 

            they live


her daughter 
            upon shallow kills


We Collect, Use And Share Information That We Gather About You

Wikipedia Poem, No. 772


in black
issuing in black
issuing boards

i experience life
tether burden
like concrete balloons
to the concrete sidewalk

i headphone the street
wearing tethers to control
my presence
being a sticky yelp
like the gunpowder salute

headphones attached
to the street wearing
the cross of the earth
around the earth’s voluble neck

headphones attached to the street
wearing the city planning board
one must not avoid choice
if one is to appear present in life

one must not choose
a sticky yelp
like that gunpowder salute

i headphone the street
wearing tumescent presence as a grape
smell violet gunpowder
but one should choose

one should risk choosing