The Mitterrand–Pasqua Affair (Charlotte Rampling)

Wikipedia Poem. No. 866


Bad manmade structures effluent as a pistol and Caprus, while a
good more easily in
marmalade darkness, can lose
things dreamt amongst millennials is that a terrible
parts per trillion of iridium
in engineering a recalled forecast about 2 years into the Lycus. 
         The most common lyre is time
has died during an outflowing of the alien. Laodicea
is a ball. It's an outflowing,
inescapable parts perform
more violently, about
20 parts per trillion of
you can lose
your thought, dear reader, what a dogged lover 
or gas to go to: 
         The figurative thing is the alien.
Laodicea is my substitute for a
philothaumaturgical body of water, Asopus and
         their waters; Asopus an
outflowing end.

Are things of water
outflowing or are there magic
ends, while a good more
easily my substitute
forecast something like 2 years into any
water or gas to go: They last approximately 2 years into
iridium in
the figurative thing of iridium dreamt there
amongst the sheeply
hills between the shapely forms of the bad moon
in small rivers Asopus and Caprus, while a good 
         more easily in
         my substitute forms bad moons in
their waters, Asopus and Caprus,
while a god, more
easily in my godhead, news performs more violently 
         and it's a ball. 

It's the figurative forms of a performative structure. 
         Effluent is my substitute.
Forms bad-out like a fan of marmalade structures.
         Effluent is their water or gas-to-go: Where the
form more easily
engineer a chemical reactor. Fluent, more violent,
about 20 parasite dreams per beknighted forgotten desire
amongst millennials. Situate the long spur of iridium
in magic... shucks, 
         we're talking about
         time, someone has to die.

Only about 20
parts per trillion of you can lose the figurative thread.
Forms made into a milkshake-like lattice. Effluent 
         is the difference between
lover-of-magic bodies and given bodies between the 
and, well,
you: Bouton-de-Roses,
terrible parasite dream, millennials, 
         outflow of advertising
structures. Effluent, in reverse, 
         returns to the figurative think tank
what a lover knows is how to make figurative 
         the inescapable parts 
         per trillion of you, Bouton-de-Roses, 
         that a terrible end fears ends.
         Are we thinking in English again? is like what a terrible
dream amongst friends.
Floating down the Caprus, while a good more violently,
         about 20 parasite dreams
attempt to bring forth the common alien in law. 
         Laodicea is hell.



Things to Do with the Abnormal King

Wikipedia Poem, No. 865


            Most influential work, contrast the positivist view: 
Argue that which sentences, heavy with truth-value, 
            abnormal abound:
            go aweigh,            go!

Neither truth nor performance, 
text in particular, sentences, call the performative 
            u up?

            Oh, abnormal king!  
Utter one of those  
astonishing valleys;
go slink a matinee in exile soiled sound 
            — such loose snakes —
            sluice fireworks over war:
            I, anti, sit and do, climax, nothing.

One Hundred Uses For a Fern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 780


“A change in the concept of sexual identity is essential if we are not going to see the old political order reassert itself in every new revolution. … The charisma of Man seems to come purely from his power over [women] and his control over the world by force, not from anything fertile or life-giving in him.” Adrienne Rich, from “When We Dead Awaken”, 1971

ask before the hand privilege grant figurative praerogatin privilege grant comitia populi tributa with tribus cently with tribus cently a favor or privilege grant to stretch out the hand from privilege grant first in the roman comitia populi tributa from prae ask before voting to voters who by lot reg move in privilege grant figurativirus chosen who by lot voters rally a stretch out the roman comitia populi tributa noun use of 100 vote first from rogative use or election from lative 14c in praerogative use of 100 vote 14c in a favor late 14c in anglolative use of fern

Bird Watching at Playa Santana (The Secret To My Perspicuity)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 779


optic spectus
clear evident hands
buried in soil or
prospettiva providing

ars poetica cresting
the break for introspecer

though human
look through the looking
consider skeptics
of providence
optic spek observe

spasati sees small fish
in the crown whitewater auspecere

look closely at skopein
behold high german spehhon
appearance for introspettiva
perspices auspex-auspex
horoscopal espective

any brains’ll tell ya elation monstrous
unknowing inspecere inspective any brains


Come: Debug

Wikipedia Poem, No. 706


“There [Athena] found the lordly suitors sitting on hides … Quick attentive house slaves were waiting on them … Some were mixing wine with water … others carved up heaping plates of meat. … Telemachus was sitting with them, feelings dejected. In his mind he saw his father coming from somewhere, scattering the suitors, and gaining back his honor, and control of his property. With this in his mind, he was the first to see Athena there.” The Odyssey, trans. Emily Wilson

ndkeg shwnn  tt'eng 
        e inhaw
      f geas d.c. el trta gks ovaklo bodon e 
          eeosemrl el


        melerésun i hanorry 
        wane i 
     el calfee sofe sung rin'man ath weave 
sore h'rs pe sorr 


and resume stat andiamo 
      be ant to wandentant knor 
      un and tols gol 
       med self med ell em soon

        on and 
      stir scales 
trapped hide
      so    don't care
red see supermarket
no warmth 
no want


so don't care
          red reed  
hide history's hide
by volume 


         minor scales 
        ferry want to sorry so don't 
red hide
chosen sides 


  wants to 
   write on an elementary level 
metonym red 
        reed metonym
    right and have mirrored scales 
what fault
to discern choice and choose


         and have minor scaled 
      sun the want to stir 
      read write on 
        wandentant knor sorrom


trapped looking into the mirror
what enough no the want to be 
sorry but            e inhaw 


       make the wrong 
slither through 
   the mirror
      enough no the want to 
sorry soon and sung


Wikipedia Poem, No. 667


an acquaintance
a friend
a neighbor

see especially women
friends and neighbors

seen especially as women
friends and rivals called to attend
the splicing of a useful rope to invoke
a less-useful loop

later familiar or idle talk
about our lingering smog of
eighteenth century exploitation

explode the old english godsibb
as in sponsored by an exploring god

Old English god “supreme being, deity; the Christian God; image of a god; godlike person,” from Proto-Germanic *guthan (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Dutch god, Old High German got, German Gott, Old Norse guð, Gothic guþ), from PIE *ghut- “that which is invoked” (source also of Old Church Slavonic zovo “to call,” Sanskrit huta- “invoked,” an epithet of Indra), from root *gheu(e)- “to call, invoke.” 1

then god’s toothful parent
not the true god but capitol
god of trifling talk
of groundless rumor

familiar formations
of the old universe
extended into middle-life

godparents dying
from dehydration
in kids r us

Lemniscate of Booth, at Speed

Wikipedia Poem, No. 356


“We search for riches deep within the bowels of the earth where the spirits of the dead have their abode, as though the part we walk upon is not sufficiently bounteous and productive.” Pliny the Elder

It is. Are you?

or as a result
english pulling
verb from latin
grow property et cetera to fall
to someone as pain
from defective forms

Where do you want to go today?

an alternative verb
from the late 1570s
unless much growth
modern french noun from
advertising to be now-obsolete
grow by increments
of property of et cetera
until much many ofs

Why wait?

as it happens
in excrement
property possession et cetera
from the english verb accrue
by increments
of property pissant et cetera from
giants an old
french noun because there grows
property et cetera
from latin
accrescere accrescent accroître acreue
by unwitting we gain we fall into shape
into cord’s web

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Wizards Fall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 501

a mean kind of english
wreccan driven out
outcast elend misery
reflecting one’s genetic survival
instinct outcast misery miserly

development of meaning
a sorry state in vile dallag erman
the old english drive
driven out punished person
exiled and remarkable
a strong sense of the vile

drive them out who strive for natural gifts
our vile reflection senses its spirit lift

Wikipedia Poem, No. 364


“I’m still waiting to burst forth.” Don DeLillo

noun bleached a 
gown unabridged from thesaurus 
        gratis on 
a long narrow committal 
         crown unabridged from the middle low 
        german old 

english dutch from the middle low 
       middle low german middle 
low german midge mycg mucca pluck the 
         of sharp narrow common 
cultured harp narrow committal 
crown proto
germanic unabridge the chicaner noun 
   bleach a bleached 
unabridged from the middle low 
german midge mycg mucca 

the chicanery 
      fooling and dueling 
   diving diving diving diving 
        diving in plain 
english diction chicane 
again presently all 
ultimate pseudoscience 
youth against the history of driving 
    diving diving into 
plain english diction 
          harp cultured narrow committal   crown 
chicanery fooling diving diving 
diving chicane addictions 
     chicaning presently ultimately 
   of a sharp narrow common candle  
fooling diving diving lithe diving diving 
         chicanery foolish diving driving 


      plain english 
diction chicane 

salii sulla luna 

presently all 
      ultimately pseudoscience