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Mosa’s Funeral

Wikipedia Poem, No. 906 civil war recounted theory risk without reference-gather of legal enshrinement that seeks legal enshrinement their nature to have been a fear 411 bc. thucyom latin perillos perilously pericles’s funeral history of real or popular movementism may be lost or unred the… Read More

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Artifacts of Reference, No. 44

the game simulates the joy of walking your dog not the act of walking your dogthe game features no dog

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The Cuban Prisoners

Wikipedia Poem, No. 887 The Cuban Prisoners—The intelligence brought by the Cherokee, from Havana, sets in still stronger light the atrocity of the deceptions which were recently practised upon the good feeling of this nation. The generosity and forbearance of the Cuban Government deserve all… Read More

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The Mitterrand–Pasqua Affair (Charlotte Rampling)

Wikipedia Poem. No. 866 Bad manmade structures effluent as a pistol and Caprus, while a good more easily in marmalade darkness, can lose things dreamt amongst millennials is that a terrible parts per trillion of iridium in engineering a recalled forecast about 2 years into… Read More

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Things to Do with the Abnormal King

Wikipedia Poem, No. 865 Most influential work, contrast the positivist view: Argue that which sentences, heavy with truth-value, abnormal abound: go aweigh, go! Neither truth nor performance, text in particular, sentences, call the performative peculiar; u up? Oh, abnormal king! Utter one of those astonishing… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 864 ultimately — untimely from the old english pinian (“to suffer”) and repines recoils in 1820 his diction in pain contain languish/waste away

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One Hundred Uses For a Fern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 780 ask before the hand privilege grant figurative praerogatin privilege grant comitia populi tributa with tribus cently with tribus cently a favor or privilege grant to stretch out the hand from privilege grant first in the roman comitia populi tributa from prae… Read More

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Bird Watching at Playa Santana (The Secret To My Perspicuity)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 779 observe optic spectus clear evident hands buried in soil or prospettiva providing ars poetica cresting the break for introspecer though human look through the looking consider skeptics of providence optic spek observe spasati sees small fish in the crown whitewater auspecere… Read More

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Come: Debug

Wikipedia Poem, No. 706 ONE e ndkeg shwnn tt’eng e inhaw f geas d.c. el trta gks ovaklo bodon e e eeosemrl el t s’l ert behonce TWO chiny min’t melerésun i hanorry wane i el calfee sofe sung rin’man ath weave sore h’rs pe… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 667 an acquaintance a friend a neighbor even see especially women friends and neighbors seen especially as women friends and rivals called to attend the splicing of a useful rope to invoke a less-useful loop later familiar or idle talk about our lingering… Read More