Protest Chord for Taylor Swift

Wikipedia Poem, No. 574


“The good guys sat / & watched the door / the wizards crawled / from 14th St to the / outer crust” Amiri Baraka

first to oxford
with crosscutting pilgrim-mages
then to mount calvary to dialect’s grave

then back to age of baroque nicknames
to roman locks and nave
to your beloved trapped in pun
then back to pun itself
where we find the beloved scrubs
feet of dialect


Wikipedia Poem, No. 573


“Each eloquent spokesman // praised abnegations, offered transformation, even / ecstasies —; just renounce // sex, or food, or love.” Frank Bidart

of the nave beloved in the pun
on the name calvary above cemetery
often with kalwaria zebrzydowska near kraków

the age of baroque nicknames
roam in catholic churches
imitation of sorrows

john calva chews
roman catholic skoal
a golgotha apart

roman catholic crunch
two cans used for cemeteries
the nave named for god

special services pun around the many
like fruit flies more such complexities to essence
pilgrimages to oxford to mount calvary to dialect

calvary in the nave
beloved in the pun
the roman locks hands the cross

Superior Temporal Sulcus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 531


“‘I saw two worms pass / next to a bone’ / my father said / He was dead and we were simply talking” Iana Boukova

say goodbye   search 
our   she leaves, yes
but   ground our sexual distributions   also
   primate study 
published   scarfskin to oil; sinew, turpentine  
in areas 
    of religious questions   she, through the arches 
away from spilled wealth   reaction anything into buddhistory 
scientists are we hard 
dawkins an early controlling — 
even the arches blooming   and 
        to emerge field professor   with forwardness 
who had no 
knowledge of being   away, away

      — 73 percent of australia’s territory — more 
         than x two million 
a single copy of 
      square million square million   shift
shift      work is best when artwork 
square   spaces of otherness
is done
      i cease 
          square million square   distant annealing horizon
   to existence; 
million square million square 
candle light reaching into her   you can   me, suddenly lipidinous
million   hungering
      square million 
snippets   try to write her name with dark
      the mountains of    energy shivers
class stupidity like neon cherries hang from what once was a piece
  the mountains 
tree like neon cherries
          of australia's
       a pear tree

Hypovolemic Fantasy, Eros, Alone

Wikipedia Poem, No. 502


“Evening of a day in early March, / you are like the smell of drains / in a restaurant where pate maison / is a slab of cold meat loaf / damp and wooly. You lack charm.” James Schuyler

   verbing hot 
        and heavy
like a 
    wet mouth
after dark
       n u 
  my mirror body itself
        skin from skin from skin from 
torn from skin 
like peeling paint 
 from skin from 
skin from skin from skin 
from skin from skin from skin from skin from skin from skin from skin 
from skin ripped from a 
  yr mirror 
       from a turtle 
shell fear 
is blood hard
is that 
 i peeling separates
      skin from skin from his liquid from 
from skin from a turtle's shell 
mirror yr mouth
n u fear 
the blood is 
blood coming  
  comes hot 
heavy has come
like peeling paint 
from a 
    the illness 
like paint-like   
    skin from a 
        turtle's shell 
skin from a turtle's shell

Superficial Missus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 494


“at least I would like to think so” John Ashbery

aluminum ice pix
too big how exotic
your shoulders your nose
how big too exotic
in this picture you’re stock art
when is too big or how is exotic

your nose in this shot
connects to its hips
you’re using to click

the internet has something to tell you
its hip its using your lips
in the women du prix
where you shoulder your nose
in this picture they ski down for clicks
i have something to plick

i’ve got your nose
and your womanly hips
the picture’s too big

how erotic
your shoulders
so nordic
wipes their nostradamus
completely sephardic
another howling mountain épique

isn’t that funny
your body eclipses
your liberal hip sis

Don’t Appear Howling

Wikipedia Poem, No. 487


compartments no compartments than what? 
then what that sound of intense emotion 

death blowing across 
vacant valley no-lines shot across compartments 

no compartments no lines 
between valleys 

no lines between compartments 
no compartmentalizing then what? the 

sound of intense emotion is 
the sound of 

of death crawling across the valley 
of lines sounded across death 

blown across a vacant compartment 
than what then what 

the sound of intense emotional death blowing across 
a vacancy 

lines between compartments 
no lines between them then

tan man meandering 
men rather than meant

Stock Art Beef Broth Bass Player

Wikipedia Poem, No. 478


“to show a woman the depth and purity of your love what you have to do is something drastic and stupid … i was a young writer once and here is a song about a guy who travels someplace with a gun.” John Darnielle

what you think!
         cohesive essay 
       what obscure track 
tricks from a guitar darnielle's for going on 
fifteen years now 
        maybe a bit of sweet fruit 
more than i imagined 
         to do with a pencil and early in contrast time 
heard once that the importance of 
what happened is realizing that a 
    half-measure is but one of autotune 
a much derided to 
entrust his songs 
  i remember fondly the twelve bar 
back of a guy 
        in late-night 
         post-production voices led to sour platforms should 
come bar blues from 
         an acolyte of an 
acolyte of rap i imagined  
saying that obscure travers 
that asymmetrical little bead 
that twelve back 
from a guy on the internet 
         blogs led 
     by craven narcoleptics

Pronoun Disaster (Saints That Maketh Their Grave)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 476


“Bless the fever in that night / in the sixth month of my life. / Bless the fever, for it gave me sight; / it swole my brain to fit God’s gift.” Tyehimba Jess

he she                

his   saints
                  maketh are
the grave that maketh       are their themself

you he she    
his letter saints her letter saints
    and to them
they themself 

they make him self your saints 
her saints that marketh their grave
the lord that killeth and     maketh the lord killeth
and maketh again 

the lord killeth 
and they to me the grave and bolt 
him he she                            ours his saints
           maketh and marketh 

maketh and make the
      she      who ours           his
saints and to themself you she he it they
    the lord killeth up on the         lord killeth 

maketh up she
                  he they their we us our saints 
and among them

Handheld Halo (Drinks with Mitch)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 475


“The Dark One threw me a glance like a dagger today. / Since that moment, I am insane; I can’t find my body.” Mirabai (trans. Robert Bly)

      the hand 


  pretty along the baptist?
    no is it 
krishna then?
or the baptist?
    no it is mirabai or 
       untouchable one
     invisible breezer
       perfect again not 
nearly impossible
is it 
  it is
        mirabai her not-slender wrist 
out pretty 
along the baptist?
        no it 
      mirabai and the 
no it is mirabai or the 
     and then the baptist their divine 
      drunking into 
        the wrist 
scratching it 
   into place
     their divine energies drunking 
it is 
mirabai or 
the invisible 
no it is krishna
it blue-faced like st. john the baptised 
no is it placed
      into this divine energy


Rabbi Said

Wikipedia Poem, No. 465


“Sweet Love of youth, forgive, if I forget thee, / While the world’s tide is bearing me along; / Other desires and other hopes beset me, / Hopes which obscure, but cannot do thee wrong!” Emily Brontë

there's no time to   explain there's no           
dazzle in          order to wrestle among its   
ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants      
to say       not           better in the christian sense 
the jain sits under a tree in        order to wrestle 
among its    ants ants ants     
crawl          up his perfect warmth even if           
i feel no such warmth       for the gourmand           
for the essentialist        for the part of me which insists upon 
treating others with          respect 
as productive as an ant productive

         this is    the         earth's horizon — 
handsy        in control       touchy-feely frightening 
the jain     it is being in its essential parthood
i insist upon treating others with respect
as productive as          a thing being   only eyes   the thing
even if i or it feel no such warmth           for this eye 
i         feel no such      warmth   for the same     tree 
or ant in order to wrestle among
among      its ants ants ants ants