‘Shhh’ by Eileen Myles


I don’t think
I can afford the time to not sit right down &
write a poem about the heavy lidded
white rose I hold in my hand
I think of snow
a winter night in Boston, drunken waitress
stumble on a bus that careens through
Somerville the end of the line
where I was born, an old man
shaking me. He could’ve been my dad.
You need a ride? Wait, he said.
This flower is so heavy in my hand.
He drove me home in his old blue
Dodge, a thermos next to me,
cigarette packs on the dash
so quiet like Boston is quiet
Boston in the snow. It’s New York
plates are clattering on St. Mark’s
Place. Should I call you?
Can I go home now
& work with this undelivered
message in my fingertips
It’s summer
I love you.
I’m surrounded by snow.

from Eileen Myles’s “I Must Be Living Twice”

Argument with The Motorcycle Accident

Wikipedia Poem, No. 730


“Overheard2” Joseph M. Gerace. 2018.

peace imaging profound peace 
imaging fundamental color
più grande it's a bigstory.html

fuck the 
brain that 
        is in use blood flow 
more gear from a tortured boy 
snowfall cell thousands you love that you've found two women 
alone enough red deer headdress activity 
        detective something something sitting
alone in his car enough white rain 
        as in they approach the couple 
with violence writhing holly king 
born from the dialect in violence

“Une très belle lecture dans une ambiance chaleureuse.”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 701


        confidence your wife and 
will explain with unshakeable 
to your laws and 
          forms an ex

gun sales 
dip hunger use 
very nice 
     reading you 
are wrong about and will 
   explain with surging holiday gun sales

to serf your 
      très belle holiday gun sales dip 
      laws looser than
and her 
friends move on


Wikipedia Poem, No. 403


“I write a card saying / machines grew the flowers I send / to throw into your grave.” Audre Lorde

      and black 
magic a few moments
     old generated a new idea

then to your tasted 
   experience and ending miraculous 
    and experience a burn
scraped from toast 

and ending black magic for good 
      a few seconds after  
house fire
       is a good idea
you sternly told the 
         house it's an 
  idea this new beginning

the house black magic
is a good idea then you 
      permit a 
        good idea then you 
will have 
a good idea the house is a 
  good idea
the beginning 
and the black magic a few days on now
       the house is a good idea then your experience 
      and training a few weekend roses are red and 
a few weeks old
         the house a good idea 
  you took that beginning 
ending for kindling 
lit it 

       magic and a 
garland of weekend ‬ 
red roses
           then you will have a good idea 
the house 
        is a 

the house is a great year 
a good idea then you 
river black magic

your experience 
i am a little bit
bitten with burn 
          your test trial taste


Source: Audre Lorde "Eulogy for Alvin Frost" 1978