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Mads Haahr

Wikipedia Poem, No. 832 “This book I bought in Venice for one Ducat in the year 1507.” Albrecht Dürer and bought a mousemat.d bought a a mousemat.a mousemat.wo hours there and bought a mousemat.bought a and bought a mousemat.nt two hours there and bought… Read More

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The Felony

Wikipedia Poem, No. 831 in which the heart finds warmth in chicago learns stupid juvenile joy cracks the system perpetuating odds in which

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Poem (Erasing a Flawed Argument)

warnings faced lecture destroyed youthful defense attorneys entered the system perpetuating odds in which a felony a warning found heart in Chicago learned stupid juvenile joy crack the system  

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How to Raise a Premodern Family

Wikipedia Poem, No. 743   disappear into a cloud of those big slick cartoon bombs pair me with the twin cities or cuyamungué flint or kalamazoo or something coal blackboard anime avocado cowboy self-doubt gender cowboy hunger sound of hunger to the best of your… Read More

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“Une très belle lecture dans une ambiance chaleureuse.”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 701 dip unshackable confidence your wife and will explain with unshakeable to your laws and forms an ex gun sales dip hunger use very nice reading you are wrong about and will explain with surging holiday gun sales dip indifferent to serf… Read More

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A Historic Tax Heist

Wikipedia Poem, No. 673 polluting work as a true-jurist staining dark-blue originally in reference to a snowy stickler foreign or true white with a fine pruina who researches without any commonwealth someone who researches pure simple strigose hair opposed to applying by an academic odor… Read More

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Hadrian’s Wall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 532 of new obstacles take up or pass weak against surgery the leader says he healths the senate on rest to dismantle their bill pass it this weak vote on blood a blood clot above a blood clot above a bill above… Read More

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Statistical Analysis as Genitalia (Have Data, Will Fuck)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 523 served as a keeper object acting or coil archaic plant from ärmə cho͝or noun then: armor or armatura or armor origin original sense sense was armored especially of a literary work in which a volt age is introduced voltage is intro… Read More

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Erotic Possibilities in a Dark Theater

Wikipedia Poem, No. 414 there was no down time in his hard eyes keep in mind the darkness for shaded lively space and what an interior where it is hard to prosecute if no complaint offers the possibility for remaking both the dark ideal and… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 368

at this vast dragged upon beach or claws leashed all connected states of third-party general guidelines this agreement to federal acquisition if we have no rights protected states or networks then the software the pulsing content of its basic enmity must be scratched out if… Read More