How to Raise a Premodern Family

Wikipedia Poem, No. 743


Suicide’s Remix (branch6) (work in progress) Joseph M. Gerace

                  disappear into  a  cloud  of those big slick cartoon bombs
pair me with the twin cities or cuyamungué flint or kalamazoo or
something        coal blackboard    anime avocado cowboy            
self-doubt gender cowboy hunger sound of hunger 

to the best of your recollection       how fast
was the joke? a revolution? an iphone? (there, it's just 
bored with the sick hiss, sparkling like a labor union)     and 
did he erase words one by one? 
sparkle me on the sick risk of memory

somewhere, it's january. I'm in my blue hat just asking a simple question here
                       with an iphone held over my little blue hat (there 
there, it's just    a question    about speed, about how fast a joke, a revolution, 
an iphone pairs with an iphone and then it's just a joke again, 
but a new joke something like the old joke but less like a revolutionary.) with
a pair of blue hats now, some smaller and some larger, we're 
in new york taking meetings then we're in L.A. — I drove past it once, 
says the poet — taking meetings because all the emerald 
coyotes      consider  unionizing          and their  friends  
all those big        slick cartoon  bombs    they have 
iphones now and their iphones have iphones to feed and little blue hats

“Une très belle lecture dans une ambiance chaleureuse.”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 701


        confidence your wife and 
will explain with unshakeable 
to your laws and 
          forms an ex

gun sales 
dip hunger use 
very nice 
     reading you 
are wrong about and will 
   explain with surging holiday gun sales

to serf your 
      très belle holiday gun sales dip 
      laws looser than
and her 
friends move on


A Historic Tax Heist

Wikipedia Poem, No. 673


polluting work as a true-jurist staining dark-blue
originally in reference to a snowy stickler 
foreign or true white with a fine pruina
who researches without any commonwealth 

someone who researches pure simple strigose hair
opposed to applying by an academic odor and taste
no distinctive legal-skin of america and pure simple law      such 
a person can walk confidently as a purist down somehow convex

i am expressing disbelief originally a barrister stinks 
to freefrom foreign jazz pure simple   jazz such attic greek 
clear and studious is this the right part of speech     dear dark-
skinned reader    for someone who researches homogeneous matter 

that foreign stickler  in theory is unmodified by style 
or homogeneous matter a just stickler for inappropriate elements               
by the marginate gills for a pure simple theory of law      such a 
pure science without       discordant contaminants

is someone a suspicious admixture or pure bred 
by an academic legal writer whereas in simple poisons 
such a person cannot work     nor walk    as a legal scholar         
substance- or theory-free from pure science without   discord

the polluting or poisonous spore
makes something radical impure

Hadrian’s Wall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 532


If there were no metals, men would pass a horrible and wretched existence in the midst of wild beasts.” Georgius Agricola

of new obstacles take up or
weak against surgery the leader says
he healths the senate on rest to dismantle
their bill pass it this weak vote on blood
a blood clot above a blood clot above a bill above blood
a timeless date for the rack precedes but without hadrian
clots above blood clots above a bill announce
the wall on a wall the party’s cherished goal
the signature says health
domestic care achieves what

Statistical Analysis as Genitalia (Have Data, Will Fuck)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 523

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

“when a self can (through language, memory, research and invention) project itself everywhere, and can empathize with anyone or anything, what exactly is a self?” David Shields

served as a keeper   object acting or 
coil archaic   plant from ärmə cho͝or 
noun then: armor or   armatura or 
armor origin   original sense   
sense was armored   especially of 
a literary   work in which a volt
age is introduced   voltage is intro
duced by a liter   literary work   
through which a voltage   is molded with scent
century late mid   middle english from 
french from french from arm   mature plural noun 
noun armature is   induced by a 
magnet source of i   iron or coil   or plant archaic 
armature is mold   ed molded with scent   century late mid   
middle english from   from french from armed with   from arms armature

Erotic Possibilities in a Dark Theater

Wikipedia Poem, No. 414


“magic, knot / black or core // unknown known only / by flit of absence and its // hard creak senses / bleak” elena minor

          there was no 
    down time 
in his hard eyes
in mind 
darkness for shaded lively 
and what an interior 
where it is hard to prosecute
         if no complaint offers the possibility 
     for remaking both the dark 
ideal and safe 
shaded lively rows 

when frank mentions the 
  dark scraping over the connotations 
of a plaited new york city theater seat
       in mind its erotic potential 

offer me something 
by the usher's flashlight 
and forgive my alleyway mouth


  • Porter, Fairfield . Portrait of Larry Rivers. 1951, oil on canvas, Colby College Museum of Art Museum, Waterville, Maine.
  • Minor, Elena. Titulada. United States: Noemi Press, 2014. Print.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 368


“Oh. Yes. It’s not a critique of language as much as it is a critique of desire as it manifests itself in language, as it manifests itself in structure and organizations. Look, those cloistered sisters in ‘Eschatological Prayer’ open up Saint Claire’s body, and they find proof, inside, of … (a metaphor made literal) … and they gained nothing by it.” Jorie Graham

at this 
      vast dragged upon beach
      or claws leashed all 
states of third-party general guidelines 
      this agreement to federal acquisition 

     if we have no rights 
         protected states or networks 

then the software
the pulsing content of its basic enmity 
must be scratched out 

     if we have 
no more time 

the small bit of software 
subjects villainy to its mere 
vacuous product
its mere-ness
        without license 

risk forth in distractions content
shall right and title and vacate any 
     appropriations of  

Wikipedia Poem, No. 231


“The court said it felt ‘deep regret’ at Mr. Marhanka’s death.” New York Times, 17 June 2016


teacher the court asks
a serpent lost his neck
the newspaper replies

four years the inmate asks
a newspaper replies four years
the inmate invents impulse

remember this birth in changhua
the court says no you have
no wife impossible he says

but his throat was his door
with a prison conviction
over the serpent’s tongue

marijuana in his throat
the interpreter’s hiss witness
language anything possible


Source: Ramzy, Austin. “American Kills Himself in Taiwan Court After 4-Year Drug Sentence.” New York Times 17 June 2016. Web. 17 June 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 196


do they have a valid
point this is messed

up dancing with the
stars raunchy calvin

klein causing out
rage victorias secret

most it is an upskirt photo
without their consent guys

who are taking these photos
hell his ads with men in their

boxers show more lol per
ception cannot be legislated

makes sneaky pics okay the
fact that shes getting paid do

esnt matter to some 20 year
old borderline sex criminal i

am not upset about sexy ads
but in canada we have had

ou dont seem to care about that
this is what he does he creates

sexual controversy to the point
where the POTUS makes a pub

lic statement against it its brill
iance every time so this uproar

he passes it to everybody
he is a sex offender for life

its only an underwear ad
this photo could be a 12-year-old

girl but then I saw this com
ment most celebrate it

some mock women
enjoy shirtless males

he has a valid point
what happens if a young girl

shares a crotch shot
grow the hell up shes a 22

people are so stupid theyre
going to think this picture

quite a few cases of perps hav
ing hidden cameras and they

can upskirt children teenagers
and adults they are put in jail

clothing on other underwear lin
gerie adverts and TV and film y

is exactly what they were look
ing for narcissistic exhibition

ism is everywhere those who
look will always be labeled cree

an alaskan fishing vessel
with her teenage boyfriend

year old woman with a job
and getting paid more than

nor can human interpretation
this is an ad shes a model

kes no sense why people are
complaining models wear less

py she is in possession of a coup
le things pedophiles are into terr

ible analogy why shouldnt a teen
age girl rent a car why shouldnt a

teenage girl perform open heart su
rgery why shouldnt a girl work on

where i live an upskirt photo
can get you charged some

for this the ad is fashion and a
way to sell underwear but this

lets perps think this is okay so
why should i be put in jail ma

Wikipedia Poem, No. 173


“Alas for the men who had designed the Internet whilst enthralled by Ayn Rand and shitty Science Fiction, it turned out that an open forum of ideas was impossible when the vast majority of vocal users were no more than babbling shit-asses.” jarett kobek, i hate the internet


persons’ law is defined to call
prevailed terminal attorney bluntly
out engages & implicitly argued

in the nation made forth by froth
Joseph Roger meets country
potently appeals crimes in threes

differs in tort studies follow certain
term these instant offense-based
jurisdictioner an SVP is the country of

innocent secure may be fitted
executed with single vision
forth and froth an alcoholic beaver

and safety act studies sexual release
child safety bail bond crimes of humanity
right behavior exonerates reprieves his/her

reviews of mental punishment an elemental
punishment instructional in circumstance
applied if the nation is possessed of milky white

& murders are taken widely often undisputed
states respect court-monitored refrains
probation occurs who offered completion

does notificate in accepting his/her on
rooftops united however age in offenders
include such and may co-defense-based

in sentence confined in DNA
perform that registry of minotaur
the Anglosphere considered accepting

attorney bluntly outs the treatment
court-monitored internet to address SVP
laws in some asserted dangerous tool

psychological treatment to engage for a rape
and northwestern destroyed appeal cases
undefined engage a legal treatment

housing agency placemency is referred severe
and/or performer partner who order risk-based eithers
are order reviews offered this that do notificate Patty


options increase mental disorder
lacks disorder lacks disorder is true
regions noting pattern to function

definitions note remission
lack investment are
death social distress

consistent operation in a cage
prevention adds to functioning
widely used body the brain love

relapsing sufferent account
symptom disorder exclusional
disorders vary life