Daffy Duck and Don Draper Explore Post-Coital Dysphoria

Wikipedia Poem, No. 589


“People tell me I think too much, but I don’t see how that is possible, unless of course it is either in the middle of sex or at the apex of a high-speed turn.” Melissa Holbrook Pierson

"Every animal is sad after coitus 
except the human female and the rooster."
   Galen of Pergamon

this is not the first time we've sweat: 
at the dark tower there were two of us, 
intellectual properties conflated under moonlight.

not     the author      the        author does not
      control the crumbs                   it's easy     to think: 
every      poem written     is an hour       wasted 
not       control the author sculpts the first time   we've met       
it's only me fishing some thoughts:           every poem written       
is an hour wasted       not the       author does not control the author          
does           not the   reader       the reader the      author                 
the king         something some thinking: every poem written 
is an       hour wasted      do not control the stone           
the author           the author                the author does 
not doing for the stone the bread crumbs       it's easy 
to think: every poem written is   an hour wasted          
not doing   something    about it              
celebrations outstanding     
something worth thinking:      every poem          written 
is an hour wasted   not the         crumbling king 
it's easy to think: every poem written      is an hour wasted 
control the author      the author does          not ink: every poem written 
is       an hour       wasted         do not        control the author   the king         
about it       celebrations outstanding          
it's only me fishing bread           crumbs it's easy to         think: 
every poem written is an hour wasted not the author    
does not the author does not          control the         reader 
the bread crumbs     they're only me     fishing for some thinking: 
every poem written is an hour wasted    not       eating bread crumbs     
it's easy to think:       every         poem written     is          an hour         wasted        
not the author sculpting the author the crumbs of every poem written     
an hour wasted not              controling   the reader not       controling the king 
some thinking is in order: every poem written is an hour controlled 
king something: writing the    author           the author does read crumbs       
it's    only me      fishing           for celebrations outstanding 
some wasted thinking:       every poem is       the author 
the author sculpts the author sculpts the author does not make the king think: 
every     poem written   is an hour wasted         not        
the king of dirt           sunday a dapper       don man         will appear  
don man will dapper  don     man will appear don man will       
dapper don man       will will will 
man appear dapper    don man will nape of
dapper don man

The Two Orchard Thieves

Wikipedia Poem, No. 577


these two orchard thieves
a series and a brother the spirit seems somehow yet
feminine oily laughs when campfire staircases rise
up like milk our bodies sculpt a cheap iron colocynth
breaks our ranks touch again
doves watercourses a campfire
family laughter incorporating me
as simple as poetry
is a series and brother the black brawl
breathing cannibal horse

Schicchi, Capocchio and Torpedo Girl

Wikipedia Poem, No. 568


Americana in Sunset

“Having failed on two occasions to win the Prix de Rome (1848 and 1849), Bouguereau was hungry for revenge.”

in one show 
the graphic novel enters 
formation with 
the circle one cerchio yoshio sawai-published language

   it is in it is it is it in is it

this botches innocence
innocent humor uses 
        puns the virgil 
        end up ended up one

allies rebels record players
fan formal teen girls beautiful
in the original japanese 
anime fiume flegetonte

Michael Robbins

Wikipedia Poem, No. 534


“I like the fact that once a piece of work is done, I cease to exist. I like the feeling of disappearing after finishing an artwork.” Xu Zhen

what nobel academy might give such a thing
cleaned of its equipment for demolishing
full-scale life

modern life
modern horrors
hilarious at odds unsettle

tract about good criticism
an essential fact hilariously
variously attacked by an itch

black witch essential fact
but goth pop possibility
shot between his types of lips

heavy metal death metal speed metal in common
for living full-scale demolition critics
don’t point at books’ brash concluding

they full-scale banality for poetry
but collect one and clean it
white its equipment for information

take it try it dry it buy it
the academy has an informer
journey vital nails reformer to abundance

Corruptions in Nature

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“lovely longing lone lingam / plugging the vastness” Ed Sanders

“I know where you’re taking me”   chit!
the tufted headboard sneers in ice-colored silence   chit! chit!

beside a self-possessed brown woman
with neither a name nor eyebrows   chit! chit! chit!
and six-figured earrings; sniffling mongrel

inside the leica   chit!   slurps wild gooseberries
and soaks his chalky bastard skin in champagne;
chit! chit! chit!

my hands bound behind in priceless
handcuffs    chit!   emblazoned with carved jade

cabochon rubies hammered 18k gold
my wrists worn to worm   chit!

Erotic Possibilities in a Dark Theater

Wikipedia Poem, No. 414


“magic, knot / black or core // unknown known only / by flit of absence and its // hard creak senses / bleak” elena minor

          there was no 
    down time 
in his hard eyes
in mind 
darkness for shaded lively 
and what an interior 
where it is hard to prosecute
         if no complaint offers the possibility 
     for remaking both the dark 
ideal and safe 
shaded lively rows 

when frank mentions the 
  dark scraping over the connotations 
of a plaited new york city theater seat
       in mind its erotic potential 

offer me something 
by the usher's flashlight 
and forgive my alleyway mouth


  • Porter, Fairfield . Portrait of Larry Rivers. 1951, oil on canvas, Colby College Museum of Art Museum, Waterville, Maine.
  • Minor, Elena. Titulada. United States: Noemi Press, 2014. Print.

Jewelry Design for After-Birth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 411

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“We’ll be married in bed. / The preachers, the witnesses, and all our families / Will also be in bed.” Kenneth Koch


eeee of critics needing another review ee
eeee it’s impossible culture as seen eeee
eeee compelling against that eeee eeeee
eeee eeee problem nearly neatly ee eeee
eeee everything for the world eeee eeee
eeee trying eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee ee
eeee sensitive to offense eeee eeee eee
eeee about hesitancy they cast eeee ee
eeee vocabulary to indigenous eeee eee
eeee often to use uncritical terms eeee
eeee brave and tribes as we cast eeee ee
eeee the uncritical consideration eeee ee
eeee hulking the net widely eeee eeee ee
eeee to predict what cultures eeee eeee e
eeee the game’s narrative usage eeee ee
eeee of celtic picking up on its ue eeee e
eeee excellent continents content eeee e
eeee for the net widely cast eeee eeee ee
eeee to the kindest intention came eeee e
eeee came from came for eeee eeee eeee
eeee our ways often positively got eeee ee



Wikipedia Poem, No. 247


“Another scholar of male hysteria, Charcot’s disciple Emile Batault, observed that hysterical men in the Sâlpetrière’s special ward were ‘timid and fearful men, whose gaze is neither lively not piercing, but rather, soft, poetic, and languorous. Coquettish and eccentric, they prefer ribbons and scarves to hard manual labor.'” Elaine Showalter


hair extensions claim your business access
your free account immediately update business
information respond to reviews and

hair who cut your vine bruh like this video
sign in who did that to you my baby it’s time
put your hands up time for surrender tianna’s hair

full service multi-cultural clicks hair clicks
salon and spa offering up clicks to clicks
date hair massage clicks nails clicks

men prefer having a man or woman cut your hair
the last time someone did my hair it was my husband
do not let your husband do your roots

i was confused until I heard her say
what happened to your hair who did that
my brothers came running they saw me

the life you live seems to be the life
your parents are comfortable living
the community the haircut

how did you wear your hair
short to the bottom surely annie
who did that to your hair annie

that is annie the eldest
and I thought probably oldest
did have butter that wouldn’t melt


Source: Showalter, Elaine. Sexual Anarchy: Gender and Culture at the Fin De Siècle. New York, N.Y., U.S.A: Viking, 1990. Print. Page 106.