Corruptions in Nature

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“lovely longing lone lingam / plugging the vastness” Ed Sanders

“I know where you’re taking me”   chit!
the tufted headboard sneers in ice-colored silence   chit! chit!

beside a self-possessed brown woman
with neither a name nor eyebrows   chit! chit! chit!
and six-figured earrings; sniffling mongrel

inside the leica   chit!   slurps wild gooseberries
and soaks his chalky bastard skin in champagne;
chit! chit! chit!

my hands bound behind in priceless
handcuffs    chit!   emblazoned with carved jade

cabochon rubies hammered 18k gold
my wrists worn to worm   chit!

Erotic Possibilities in a Dark Theater

Wikipedia Poem, No. 414


“magic, knot / black or core // unknown known only / by flit of absence and its // hard creak senses / bleak” elena minor

          there was no 
    down time 
in his hard eyes
in mind 
darkness for shaded lively 
and what an interior 
where it is hard to prosecute
         if no complaint offers the possibility 
     for remaking both the dark 
ideal and safe 
shaded lively rows 

when frank mentions the 
  dark scraping over the connotations 
of a plaited new york city theater seat
       in mind its erotic potential 

offer me something 
by the usher's flashlight 
and forgive my alleyway mouth


  • Porter, Fairfield . Portrait of Larry Rivers. 1951, oil on canvas, Colby College Museum of Art Museum, Waterville, Maine.
  • Minor, Elena. Titulada. United States: Noemi Press, 2014. Print.

Jewelry Design for After-Birth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 411

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“We’ll be married in bed. / The preachers, the witnesses, and all our families / Will also be in bed.” Kenneth Koch


eeee of critics needing another review ee
eeee it’s impossible culture as seen eeee
eeee compelling against that eeee eeeee
eeee eeee problem nearly neatly ee eeee
eeee everything for the world eeee eeee
eeee trying eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee ee
eeee sensitive to offense eeee eeee eee
eeee about hesitancy they cast eeee ee
eeee vocabulary to indigenous eeee eee
eeee often to use uncritical terms eeee
eeee brave and tribes as we cast eeee ee
eeee the uncritical consideration eeee ee
eeee hulking the net widely eeee eeee ee
eeee to predict what cultures eeee eeee e
eeee the game’s narrative usage eeee ee
eeee of celtic picking up on its ue eeee e
eeee excellent continents content eeee e
eeee for the net widely cast eeee eeee ee
eeee to the kindest intention came eeee e
eeee came from came for eeee eeee eeee
eeee our ways often positively got eeee ee



Wikipedia Poem, No. 247


“Another scholar of male hysteria, Charcot’s disciple Emile Batault, observed that hysterical men in the Sâlpetrière’s special ward were ‘timid and fearful men, whose gaze is neither lively not piercing, but rather, soft, poetic, and languorous. Coquettish and eccentric, they prefer ribbons and scarves to hard manual labor.'” Elaine Showalter


hair extensions claim your business access
your free account immediately update business
information respond to reviews and

hair who cut your vine bruh like this video
sign in who did that to you my baby it’s time
put your hands up time for surrender tianna’s hair

full service multi-cultural clicks hair clicks
salon and spa offering up clicks to clicks
date hair massage clicks nails clicks

men prefer having a man or woman cut your hair
the last time someone did my hair it was my husband
do not let your husband do your roots

i was confused until I heard her say
what happened to your hair who did that
my brothers came running they saw me

the life you live seems to be the life
your parents are comfortable living
the community the haircut

how did you wear your hair
short to the bottom surely annie
who did that to your hair annie

that is annie the eldest
and I thought probably oldest
did have butter that wouldn’t melt


Source: Showalter, Elaine. Sexual Anarchy: Gender and Culture at the Fin De Siècle. New York, N.Y., U.S.A: Viking, 1990. Print. Page 106.

An essay from Amiri Baraka’s “Bushwacked!”


He wasn’t a perfect man, but he was radical, prescient and sage. The fire that burnt in his belly for decades, roars to this day in millions of Americans. We’ve just got to believe we’re not fighting alone and stand up together — everyday.


Please share this with your favorite radical activist.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 123


“Microwave dinners were reliably bland, but their colorful, happy packaging represented real progress compared with the heavy tribulations of Huysmeans’s heroes. There was no malice in them, and one’s sense of participating in a collective experience, disappointing but egalitarian, smoothed the way to partial acceptance.” Michel Houellebecq

Song of Heroic Death
in the First Crusade Those 
who prefer a later the First 

Crusaders for Palestine extant 
manuscripts of the poem written

written much late from the poem 
in Old Frences made those who 

prefer a later to events of the First 
Crusades where performed Turold 

between 1129 and 1165 and Frence 
of the First Crusaders for Palestine 

Those who prefer a late from oltre mer 
or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer 

or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or 
l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre 

mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre
l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l

was written much late from oltre mer 
mer or l'oltre or l'oltre mer or l'oltremarin 
comes up three times up three times up 
three times up three times up three times 

cannot be a major influence in these items 
who prefers a later date began meaning 

influence in the poem was coming up three times 
up three times up three times up three times and 

France Oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer 
or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or dating 

later to named Turold between 1129 and that 
side of the Bodleian era it is a native Frence 

in refer a later to named Muslims who prefer 
a later to date from these it is used by a Muslim 

lands in 1098 Some far side of they interpret as 
brief refer a late addition showing influence 

to date from the First Crusades started as brief 
refer a later the Castilian earlier dates began meanin

Charl inter Spain to there their dead 
and he is interesting -- the Muslims ambush 

Charlemagne's army but Roland flees 
and flees and was serving four galloping 

Marsile Baligant to Aix the Emperor 
of Ganelon's betrayal and leads Christianity 

standing four galloping is an interest to Charlemagne 
where the Muslim arm and flees and his temples 

a messenge by thirty of Saragossa with Marsile Baligant 
to Franks revenge by the enemy and was legitimate 

reven years and he knows that Charlemagne where 
for sevenge on has army led by this revenge on him 

in Spain to help from the Muslims ambush the Muslims.ini
Saragossa with Marsile Baligant they find the Muslims 

ambush the court Protagonist Roncesvalles and promising 
blow his men argues torn apart by this men argues to Charlemagne 

and his take his men through the last city if the enemy 
annihilated Roland's men through the Franks constitutes 

are council of into their capital in Spain Thierry argues 
that Charl wife Bramimonde Queen utters the powerful emir 

of Roland he is into trial where the Muslims inter Saragossa 
With the convinced by this wife Bramimonde Queen 

thus he knows that his men thus he knows 
the council of Babylon delivered his trial

court culture the workings of seven mediate 
longjane but a modified repertois foglia ling

ling thirteenth a fin du rois believed 
on the troubadours anonymous manuscripas 
a French verse Karlamagne was last together
legacy and particular to here Joyeuse to abandon 

the Fierabra juglar the Song of their Combat 
with new chanson de Narbonne but modified 

on cultured collan as the spontaneous discredit
More twelfth century yet, ne l'est structures originally 

illustrate 12th century wit with developers’ 
Mobile Quatre First central 14 cents to the base

- “Chanson de geste.” Wikipedia. 
N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 14 Jan. 2016. Web. 13 Jan. 2016.

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Notes from Chicago


"A fleuron is a typographic element, or glyph, used 
either as a punctuation mark or as an ornament 
for typographic compositions. Fleurons are stylized 
forms of flowers or leaves; the term derives 
from the Old French word floron for flower. 
Robert Bringhurst in The Elements of Typographic Style 
calls the forms 'horticultural dingbats.' It is also known as 
a printers' flower, or more formally as an aldus leaf 
(after Italian Renaissance printer Aldus Manutius), hedera leaf, 
or simply hedera (ivy leaf) symbol."

Nat history museum
Bow truss roasters

A creative writing professor brings 
a snapping turtle and his new-born 
grandson into a bar — it ends exactly as you imagine. 

“Come and show me another city with lifted head 
singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.” C Sandburg

I freeze my spine in an attempt to stay pure,
To fractalize suffering, cook up distillate 
And smoke academic — I only manage back pain.

Green mill
Girl and goat

Ray Yoshida 
Art Green
Oscar Nurlinger 
Richard Misrach


"Alebrijes (Spanish pronunciation: [aleˈβɾixes]) are brightly colored 
Oaxacan-Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. The first 
alebrijes, along with use of the term, originated with Pedro Linares. 
In the 1930s, Linares fell very ill and while he was in bed, 
unconscious, Linares dreamt of a strange place resembling a forest. 

There, he saw trees, animals, rocks, clouds that suddenly 
turned into something strange, some kind of animals, 
but, unknown animals. He saw a donkey with butterfly wings, 
a rooster with bull horns, a lion with an eagle head, 
and all of them were shouting one word, 'Alebrijes.' 

Upon recovery, he began recreating the creatures he saw 
in cardboard and papier-mâché and called them Alebrijes."

The greatest story ever told ... the woman who laid down
and became a mountain and no one was there to see it
or write about it so you'll never know & I'll never know

Wikipedia Poem, No. 103

"Calling all the drone-dead children." Michael Robbins

“Calling all the drone-dead children.” Michael Robbins


the ceremony of home
what bastion of Kanye 
said behind his moment

I may have not read 
rallying, rallying behind
a poet of serious political debate

the MTV Video Music Awards support 
a savvy e-seller of lengthy speech
what bastion for sale on eBay


an unusually lucrative poet
“C’est la guerre” 
was a serious singer 

his second prize 
is available — another hit
to be purchased unusually 

and the old
cannibal poet
strikes again


the officers search 
for three suspects 
in the night

they sent wounds over the radio 
into men off and back
with words like a gunshot 

the poet in heavy gear
with a high-fashion K-9 partner 
sent off pursuing others 


He never returned home 
the home of both teenage girls
and authorities on the Jersey Shore 

make contact with one 
and one told an angel reed
of their missing home 

O, Captain! You’ve left
never from the girl
only from the Jersey Shore