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Cormorant to Cormorant, Fixed in Flight (The Deserter)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 908 for Jerry Saltz cordite (n) a smokeless, slow-burning powder composed of 30 to 58 percent nitroglycerin, 37 to 65 percent cellulose nitrate, and 5 to 6 percent mineral jelly. agreementi have a school of athens in my headi have a banana… Read More

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World Harvest

Wikipedia Poem, No. 907 compliant cosmos: i peel your offer from my body—molted downmelted down—bracelet-thing heras through the suburbs i say i had some in my mouth— weekend speech, strips of resin of mfa of repellant, delicate plot of us. my diamonds prayer the grey… Read More

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Mosa’s Funeral

Wikipedia Poem, No. 906 civil war recounted theory risk without reference-gather of legal enshrinement that seeks legal enshrinement their nature to have been a fear 411 bc. thucyom latin perillos perilously pericles’s funeral history of real or popular movementism may be lost or unred the… Read More

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if yr / then yr / u won’t

Wikipedia Poem, No. 905 on mondaynight agreed in principleto scorch $1.3 trillion at the blastedmarch, according to verge at the blasted march verge, according to twocongressional aides it is a figurefar lowerthan vampiric negotiators on monday night exacted in principle providing$1.3 trillion for interloper verges… Read More

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Movie Made with Snow

Wikipedia Poem, No. 904 atrocious barbarous cruel dangerous depraved diabolical ferocious heinous infamous monstrous the shattered remains of death reception banned in the movie made with snow of surreptitiously formatted vhs tapes only the scene of an extreme fatal soundtrack of citation world and faces… Read More

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Love Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 903 the heavy thumb of the apocalypse taut line completely ignored left hand of panic openness space pause i had a girlfriend who stole me books was the earliest gospeljust to escape his terrible flailings the intense confusion mob of dogma jesus… Read More

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supremexy of textx

Wikipedia Poem, No. 902 smalltime selfish textx geniustime hairline hinge into head ritual handwashing into head ritual handwashinge cup in aluminum i am telling you look at this supremexy of textx smalltime selfish genius glittering cup in aluminum i am telling the cup in aluminum… Read More

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Mention Yeats in The Chat, Win The Golden Ticket

Wikipedia Poem, No. 901 about that reference he retractedpresumably he lives in the paintafter 15 seconds:samuel leo i got hard interred rectangles beneath the living? where anime women stare at polygons beneath the two thousand and seven ps3 video game appeared to say: i got… Read More

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Dirty Pictures

Wikipedia Poem, No. 900 “travel is reactionary / why is travel reactionary?because you bring money & germs — Carolee Schneeman Capitol is a barren and spindly thing. Its tart parts art themselves sunflower— High for a brief time—then dipping, puffy coats. This weekend in Palm… Read More

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Belshazzar’s Feast

Wikipedia Poem, No. 899 in that it’s out of their dead     susan-hiller and     the brittling new canon can combination with artists sol     lewitt         famously   suggested          in mexico       believ- the unknown artist hiller was considerate at least   in       london     belshazzar’s feast  collected to keep cooper… Read More