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Wikipedia Poem, No. 1,000

photo c 2020 joseph gerace/

to write this
allow myself to
enuf drunk
i had
to sip
of annihilation, so,
to get the same was
a technologist’s,
and exploitative
but some crater,
belong like the images
gave taken a decade
age, whose errance,
belong like these
the same ways
well as ‘righting
we reckon
bearing witness,

menacing redempt
to a decade
age some corpora,
menacing in haunted address,
genocide; diaspora,
menacing past events
hired by hostel of watching
in history near
to exoneration
forsaken and iconic
happened / and time,

she dangered
into the end of environments.

the book’s new
of genocidal campaigns
poetic cathy partificati
to exonerations of bearing
in ours icelandic glacier
to weaponization
so, to arabic
world of
dorm room posters.

or an epigraph
from paul celan
against the book’s
twelfth section,
is that hope
is a bleak speach
they are delibly
to so perience
dare i aim toward
and what can
but only for you
the felt—anxiety,
and epic environies.

uses for knowledge
the old model of order.

i was malaise / anxiety,
how free
my false
collateral despair
review it, weaving in
the images.

winding danger.

a memorial
from the lyric’s
carved in historic outlaw,
a green plaque grows
we have providence of the cosmos
of the arabic world can we reluctant in
these tents of history.

even what we acknowledge
the established then?) as ‘righting,
which, into acknowledgement
poetry the scream of the wall.)

other break not
be done.

only further threat
of watching of
the occultural scripts:

“this artifications ours.”
celan, whose errancy
was the errancy of the ancients

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