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Wikipedia Poem, No. 1,000

photo c 2020 joseph gerace/

to write this
allow myself to
enuf drunk
i had
to sip
of annihilation, so,
to get the same was
a technologist’s,
and exploitative
but some crater,
belong like the images
gave taken a decade
age, whose errance,
belong like these
the same ways
well as ‘righting
we reckon
bearing witness,

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Jugular Observations


You have to they said
looking again
husband. The bureaucratic world described by Kafka—among others—
he in modest-shouldered blazer, silk four-in-hand, love.
Ion of the poems included in this book, and poems from the collection also
this universe is moral
ions of hegel’s ontology to justify and clarify this assertion: here we
like a cinderella made entirely of hair
enemy to man, it is obviously because of the disquieting hostility with which woman
persecutes ordinary citizens—people who have never been a
banging coffee pot into the sink.