Jugular Observations


You have to they said
looking again
husband. The bureaucratic world described by Kafka—among others—
he in modest-shouldered blazer, silk four-in-hand, love.
Ion of the poems included in this book, and poems from the collection also
this universe is moral
ions of hegel’s ontology to justify and clarify this assertion: here we
like a cinderella made entirely of hair
enemy to man, it is obviously because of the disquieting hostility with which woman
persecutes ordinary citizens—people who have never been a
banging coffee pot into the sink.

2 thoughts on “Jugular Observations


    Minors are those less than eighteen,
    As they don’t have knowledge in keen.

    They don’t have a driving licence,
    As don’t have driving sense.

    Minors are given just pen and page,
    Their life is not more than a cage.

    Holiday is not given even on sundays,
    As their age is negligible for fundays.

    Parents are worried not to get blame,
    From minors they just want their fame.

    Circumstances are same for every minor,
    Parents are just their life designer.

    -Sahaj Sabharwal.
    -Chowk Chabutra,
    -11th Class.
    Delhi Public School, Jammu #India #Poem #Jammu #sahajsabharwal12345 #DelhiPublicSchool #DpsJammu
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