Jugular Observations


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Ion of the poems included in this book, and poems from the collection also
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enemy to man, it is obviously because of the disquieting hostility with which woman
persecutes ordinary citizens—people who have never been a
banging coffee pot into the sink.

What Can Be Done About the Public? (Herbert Marcuse vs. Lewis Franklin Powell Jr. vs. Red Bull GmbH)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 807


“Freedom is the innermost dynamic of existence.” 1

“One of the bewildering paradoxes of our time is the extent to which the enterprise system tolerates, if not participates in, its own destruction.” 2

“People who are smarter, more driven, curious and get along with others will generally do better in any job.” 3

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Ten Aphorisms

Wikipedia Poem, No. 774


“Symbols seemed to be playing a large role in this whole affair.” Robert Merle


  • Post-home movements and the archtextual thing.
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  • And archtextual now accordingly whispers leisure schools each person they said Bruno Queysanne knows what he knows — the person is the utopia that is hard and boring.
  • But engaged with language, the pronouncement like a mouse through an assistant’s body.
  • History is this late evening.
  • As she says in her religious underweight in May 1968.
  • Upheaval but flexible; dictated by man’s whim or sabotage of the month club.
  • This mass laughter.
  • Students find art and, through an assistant in a students’ productive forces, an assistant’s feeling of injustice or sabotage the whole world in agreement once and long ago.
  • Where to, for what?