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Wikipedia Poem, No. 882 it’s about time for the art market to be subject to regulation à la the sec for art’s partof the worldbecause otherwise we wouldbecause otherwisethee becauses the becausing world rauschenberg’s dilemma: what to do with this angora goat art’s about timeits… Read More

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Embouchure for James Comey

Wikipedia Poem, No. 829 They murder to Explain Themselves! — Amiri Baraka our good sense to have the leadership class in profoundly uncomfortable ways the fbi despite being the same embarrassions the fbi despite being profoundly uncomfortable ways the fbi despite being the same embarrassing… Read More

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O! Look! Delphinus Point and the Abandoned Lyre

Wikipedia Poem, No. 806   plotted indigenous or relatively large anthropoidal prey of mesoamericans indigenous or relatively large plotted in gold cold cold cold to soak maize indigenous into a shower of overgrown gardens turn toward particles turn yourself interior kill the rich he won’t… Read More

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Ten Aphorisms

Wikipedia Poem, No. 774   Post-home movements and the archtextual thing. Whisper leisure schools each prison disables each worker. And archtextual now accordingly whispers leisure schools each person they said Bruno Queysanne knows what he knows — the person is the utopia that is hard… Read More

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After the CDC

Wikipedia Poem, No. 686   vulnerable r fetus idence-based fetus eble entans gendment ditlementle entient div divider fet nerabletus evint entitlement dividend-bitlemenement dgender idence-dsity trment di sciencdiversinerableble entbased s div ersity tra evideny transfetus eus eviditlemenr fetusce-base diversity ulnerabsed scientitlenerablebasedsity tr diversd scienbased sder fety… Read More

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Hizb al-Kanaba (Neoliberaling on el-Sisi’s Slacks)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 679   can subscribe to the cause of death before their relative’s body could be caricature in modern egypt it is closer to reportage i have personally seen the medical files of polished brass shaimaa el-sabbagh hizb al-kanaba “in many other contexts… Read More

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“Craziness is no act / Not to act is craziness”

“In Baraka’s world, love of human liberation and the struggle for it is exalted.” Alexs Pate

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you must give your art away.

there’s one certain cure for what’s ailing the artist’s soul: give yr art away. you are not a producer of consumer goods. nor consumed goods. you are a creature of good consumption. you produce to reduce. you will be dead soon. your art and culture… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 325

  fraud and but everything like wordlessness imm not worse — less income and his rallies themselves come depending to longishness “People are going to march on the capitols.” like that he might now the new york times shooting high above eighth avenue on november… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 139

welcome to new products you have daved us that’s what we really want here more than most we guess what considerate permission from the bobby parade? welcome kind riffs of the news to the new today will be super bright should we eat for love… Read More