Public Broadcast Spearfishing

Wikipedia Poem, No. 729

The Tale

“At the John Weber gallery in New York, in 1972, on two separate occasions, [Hans] Haacke created a sociological study, collecting data from gallery visitors. He requested the visitors fill out a questionnaire with 20 questions ranging from their personal demographic background information to opinions on social and political issues. The results of the questionnaires were translated into pie charts and bar graphs that were presented in the gallery at a later date. They revealed, among other things, that most visitors were related in some way to the professions of art, art teaching, and museology, and most were politically liberal.” from the Wikipedia entry for Hans Haacke

“We have awaited the coming of a natural / phenomenon. Mystics and romantics, knowledgeable / workers / of the land. // But none has come. / (Repeat) / but none has come. / Will the machinegunners please step forward?” Amiri Baraka, from A Poem Some People Will Have to Understand

     yes you did o! yes 
          you did
     yes you combine that o! and this  
          yes and what a good television broadcast 

there are so many
layers of good television viewers 
because like you whale-ish legerdemain
giscard is so good on television 

     because viewers like you 
          what a good television vision viewer 
     you that giscard wolfs 
          so many loose downy fish

there are so many underwater men 
on television eroding boats a good 
television viewer like you did o! yes you 
make it visible now and for good 

     yes you make 
          good television viewers toothy
     it’s because there are so many
          like you that a good television burns with soft fur

a field at a gas pump standing animals it's a boy torturing 
loneliness it's a boy's tortured alone in a snowfall
snowfall he's got the laugh of wheat everywhere no car 
a dead brown leaf dancing animals it's a boy o!


After the CDC

Wikipedia Poem, No. 686


“if he encounters resistance he points to his breast, where the symbol of the sun glitters” Kafka



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gendment ditlementle entient div divider fet
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diversied sciersity tcience-der fetnt diveitle


transnder science-gender gender
transgtransgeentitleement dlnerablent divvulnera
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tranansgend fetus nt divelnerablder fetetus
event diversity freedus ender d scienlnerabl

Hadrian’s Wall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 532


If there were no metals, men would pass a horrible and wretched existence in the midst of wild beasts.” Georgius Agricola

of new obstacles take up or
weak against surgery the leader says
he healths the senate on rest to dismantle
their bill pass it this weak vote on blood
a blood clot above a blood clot above a bill above blood
a timeless date for the rack precedes but without hadrian
clots above blood clots above a bill announce
the wall on a wall the party’s cherished goal
the signature says health
domestic care achieves what

Muriel Rukeyser

Wikipedia Poem, No. 431


“In the day I would be reminded of those men and women, / Brave, setting up signals across vast distances, / Considering a nameless way of living, of almost unimagined values.” Muriel Rukeyser

  consistent a 
      commitment to an 
  of her feminist 
activities garnered her 
our twentieth-century 
       coleridge our neruda
        organized protests against 
the whole of her remarkable femininity
a woman
a jew
jew a jew a jew
         a jew
single multitude
the trial of american poetry  
     an apt description 
        american poetry in her 
        121-page fbi file and 
         an innovative body of american poems 
out of work across the trail
of cultural norms and taboos 
       this consistent
to deeply human activities 
violated by various vietnams


Wikipedia Poem, No. 402


“You have to learn when honesty is righteous and when honesty is nothing more than a party trick” Girls

      regarding a telephone 
      call to the witchhut last month 
she said 
he had not 
      fully vetted his ambrosia 
national feather regarding my phone call with 

witchhut last month my sources said 
        he had misled 
      the jobless forefather-elect had and 
       others about his conversation with the unnamed machinist 

       conversations had 
          flap not feather
      fully denied 
     ambrosia atop the machinist's flight 
       wrote about his conversation 
          regarding my phone call witchhut's spur

      then flight of serpent 
   regarding my 
phone call he had not fully vetted the lore 
of the president adviser 
resulting in the father-elect 
       being unforthright about his 
against the red ambrosia's top 
last month he said 
      he had 
less than he wrote

Wikipedia Poem, No. 337


“Loans from nations are not like loans from private men.” Anti-Federalist Paper, No. 2, We Have Been Told of Phantoms


foundation public and unceasing discord
a confusion of engagements
be the violence of popular governments

let no foundations weave
find oneself so much truth
and indeed account force

our most specious spirit has interest
our most specious citizens equally obviate
that their causes under watch

popularly for many plan
that we labor erroneously
the conflicts of public engagement

have no foundations and their contemplations
have been erroneous we may wish fate obviated
our public antitrust of known facts and wretched nurseries

Wikipedia Poem, No. 286


“It was the eery drone / of the police state / that began to unnerve him” from “Ode to d.a. levy” by Ed Sanders


underlying belief underlying
power obligation power
replace governments replace

uncooperative wit uncooperative
leader free world
hostile interests hostile

interests mutable interests
values democracy values
rule of law practical

considerations economic considerations
political competition political
elasticity interests elasticity

countries considered countries
potential targets potential
tender ministrations tender

Wikipedia Poem, No. 167



“The oracle would not speak, save in the character / Of someone else: an uncle, aunt, or brother. / And it was said: the menace of his authority / He dares not reveal to himself, trusting another.” John Ashbery


          for those rooms which
   never social host 
        phone warrants 
      tend to the roast
bearing no rules spent pent and
     fans there exists that young woman 
the yellow dress in traction protocols 
    maintains a phone call observed
documented the renaissance 
in practice is an option 
without respect for wallpaper
        ever else is chipped but not without tack   death
       in practice whatever tact itself 
        is pursued elsewhere
        wet with witte
        with women senior with support 
     applied mobile rules 
programmatic phones our 
          privates ambulatory their physicality 
i know runs incited as time as terror as
forms platforms forums and placenta
women never enough 
wont of their demands 
users scan wit for whit

An essay from Amiri Baraka’s “Bushwacked!”


He wasn’t a perfect man, but he was radical, prescient and sage. The fire that burnt in his belly for decades, roars to this day in millions of Americans. We’ve just got to believe we’re not fighting alone and stand up together — everyday.


Please share this with your favorite radical activist.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 99

“I can lay out a field / a Spectrum / Where in / So what is spoken / is the living / the flesh / & its / Movement—” from Amiri Baraka’s “#19 Death Parallels”

Wire drags west then the department
built a very black of gauze and effect
and its proximity says “You this ain’t.”

A violent IC caveat duster
you are alcohol is the issue
but what time?

Intelligence community settlefield
race claims classified destructive
presence in the closive of counteers
that night hears excruciating across

Hawaii Emily she differs on
the thin way to February Marlow
Stern rode in on a Mistan wheel

When into the bleak Pacific
speaks a civil libation except over
government acoustics