Public Broadcast Spearfishing

Wikipedia Poem, No. 729

The Tale

“At the John Weber gallery in New York, in 1972, on two separate occasions, [Hans] Haacke created a sociological study, collecting data from gallery visitors. He requested the visitors fill out a questionnaire with 20 questions ranging from their personal demographic background information to opinions on social and political issues. The results of the questionnaires were translated into pie charts and bar graphs that were presented in the gallery at a later date. They revealed, among other things, that most visitors were related in some way to the professions of art, art teaching, and museology, and most were politically liberal.” from the Wikipedia entry for Hans Haacke

“We have awaited the coming of a natural / phenomenon. Mystics and romantics, knowledgeable / workers / of the land. // But none has come. / (Repeat) / but none has come. / Will the machinegunners please step forward?” Amiri Baraka, from A Poem Some People Will Have to Understand

     yes you did o! yes 
          you did
     yes you combine that o! and this  
          yes and what a good television broadcast 

there are so many
layers of good television viewers 
because like you whale-ish legerdemain
giscard is so good on television 

     because viewers like you 
          what a good television vision viewer 
     you that giscard wolfs 
          so many loose downy fish

there are so many underwater men 
on television eroding boats a good 
television viewer like you did o! yes you 
make it visible now and for good 

     yes you make 
          good television viewers toothy
     it’s because there are so many
          like you that a good television burns with soft fur

a field at a gas pump standing animals it's a boy torturing 
loneliness it's a boy's tortured alone in a snowfall
snowfall he's got the laugh of wheat everywhere no car 
a dead brown leaf dancing animals it's a boy o!


Poet’s Market 2018

Wikipedia Poem, No. 682

“Maybe you have to be from there to hear it sing” C.D. Wright


a bell 
long ago 
rung in fear
one with 
a thousand 

a great poem can be 
wild nectar or a great poem 
can be scrubbed from the timeline

by whom?                his moaning
                        to be 

how      i assume 
you didn't choose what 
you'd surreptitiously strike

one perfect choice what'd you 
have to not say
          about the young plants 

the end   so wild
      so abandoned of cherry blossom 
not the wild plants with a thousand-word long line 

and this morning i'm unable 
to plant anything lovely 
a cypher as if long ago the bell was rung 

in a dark mossy room 
ducks in marshland jump 
into the air and crash

a great poem can be removed with buck
and jump a great poetry book should be 
wild never hit one perfect cherry blossom 

if by cherry blossom you mean sells well
every day i taste a man my poem 
can be how it is assumed	you'd never

choose what you'd never hit one 
perfect choice nectar of the therapist 
the tended-to plants present wild nectar 

with both hands a great poem removed from 
morning is not a therapist is not a plant lovely
his dog kills the therapist his morning 
is lovely and romantic 
and his morning is not the wild nectar 
on the thousand turning silent eyes

there is loveliness and fun 
the therapist and the therapist's dog 

kill ducks in marshland
a great poem can be 
removed by scrubbing

from mourning 
i'm unable to choose 
what you'd nectar on o reader

a great poem can be removed 
from the whiteness of the bath
is not led into a thing 
i'm unable to recall the wild never
the title of a long 
ago rung bell afraid 

one perfect choice what 
you'd nectar on a great poem can be 
how wild plants are lovely without us

and buck (he says you didn't choose) 
on a great poem can be removed 
and planted in the garden beside his body 

i wonder 
is there not a therapist 
inside every ridiculous yes


Wikipedia Poem, No. 525

“What is in those railcars is also inside my head, / or I imagine it so—no, not imagine, know.” August Kleinzahler 

a trap
what you could reveal
what you’ll have to remind your story
when its over pause briefly to say: which driver

a trap? here
this arrangement of twin twigs
you’ll have to remind your story
pause a truth which drives the trap

what you could reveal
what’s your pronoun?
how deep does its ample
upholstery stop a medical

and which is the operating
out on the story and pauses briefly
who reminds the spark? you
which drives at twigs snap over-efficient dust

soak the operating table
the truth why drives at your point
operating on the spark?
to what you are rigidly bent upon

Do Not Provoke the Creatures Nature has Armed

Wikipedia Poem, No. 415

“Try to keep them, poet, / those erotic visions of yours. / Put them, half-hidden, in your lines. / Try to hold them, poet …” Cavafy via Twombly
 or the 
        like diana and low focus spearmen need or the 
       after hunt 
      option how must they  
not be foolish beware 
random chancea
low focus 
spearmen need or eyes and she 
higher young hunt option
foolish boar  
bewareings beware
  of cattle she holds him 
       in low focus 
spearmen need or 
   bravening shade 
and do 
spearmen must 
      holds him and finds that she indeed 
holds him 
and a low focus spearman must work 
towering boars 
      towards that achievement 
and do spearmen need 
   saying boar the spearman need 
or fail the after 
         hunt option how 
  one should not train into  
beware of 
  holds him as a hanging spear


Wikipedia Poem, No. 135

“If I tried to give you a clue at the cost of your own experience, I would be the worst of teachers.” Awa Kenzo
his family 
had moved heart treated 
where with the infirm 
by pretension or even 
worthless of his family 
had moved heart 
minorities including 
Superemedies including more drinking 

    the powers 
including more 
       drinking Supreme 
         Court of Virginia 
was and 
the symptoms 
the firm 
by pretentious 
       more drinking and
     treated all 
the symptoms other unexplained 
and cleansed 
          attended powers including and 
      where his 
      family had moved heart 
disorder to Chicago 
       powers including more 
the interpretation or even worthless terror

Wikipedia Poem, No. 57

“Politanna / meaning / London / of the the official blasting statement”


     where he 
groping to doubt 
Inter-terrorism invests in the
       apparent the safari 
being Wested to her man 
      controlled Shiraz Master
      Radicalizations of note: nothing no de facto captors 
fighting for operation and several 
beheaded for threats 
          against a
change   his stages
shocked by the University secret service and a desultory government

Nicole, 22, a victim of safari  
      with a degree in theater gave her nickname as Politanna 
	of the official blasting statement.

wikipedia poem, no. 47


Museum conditions for the Washington Biologist
  Washington daily in 1901
       tight ligature
on marinated planks
     An uneasy feeling 
Washington Biologist in the Washington Zoo 
this life

of Bankakee 
          Archivists disagree
          Never watched and the U.S. government in a 
new home and practice times 
      Rest in a five year 
        end it rue patter
for mammalogy  
      species of 
he had no more human 
The Museum took
    And in 1936 retrieved 
the first 
Skinless subject near 
          Jr. they called him
1871 of the 
      Indiana Audubon — the Hylobate
       Nation preceding
Smithsonian family

wikipedia poem, no. 36 [hulking like a wounded grizzly bear]



      are many elk 
     hunters use off and officialist 
wounds, about 200 
keep the decision 
    beforest two miles 
        east of grizzly 
          bear ran off 
hunter-hunter from 
a moose carcass
       officials hunter-bear spray 
      handy and use officials hanging like a wounded Grizzly 

Madel said he’s dead 
the bear 
225 pounds and used 
      Marias Pass on 
that can 
be alert and 
       elk hunters to 
          bear hunters armed with 
infrared carry 
        it was 
dead Tuesday and 150 yards from Minnesota shot access its wildlife like
          wounded Grizzly Bear

       "This moose 

   is and to 
225 pounded 
      Grizzly bears 
made it 
yards beyond the bear spray but 
and Michael’s 
          yards the bear was struck
         Michael said he 
          was dead last Tuesday 
          and prompted 
a warning shot 
     can be alert 
an elk hunter-bear sprays but it changed 
        when the bear 
        proved handy.

         Fish and 
Wildlife off 
       the run of grizzly spray 
          can be 
     an elk hunter
it were
“State it can be 
also fired and fined
of some use to the same 
         vicinity of 
grizzly," Michael said 
did not hit the bear 
      with infrared 
“Its carcass 
    charged us when   
 a moose can be alert to an elk hunter-bear 
      talk with her from the far off spray.”


“Michael liar  
        did not hit 
scene,” a grizzly 
      hunter occurred 
bear spray 

   a wildlife of 
Glacier National 
   Park and off

    warning warning ‘like Michael said’ he noted 
     a helicopter a mile 
east of his moose carcass," 
Michael says to Badger 
  A spray of Two-Medicine if the elk hunter-bear approaches this moose carcass. 
When this moose carries off the bear 
spray and keeps the bear 
          run off, making warning waning 
   Badger speaks
as      management 
   arrive, and the hunter-bear sprays, reports it
“Hulking like a wounded grizzly bear”

Five Days Outside of London

Five Days Outside of London
Five Days Outside of London
I 	don't know why apples fall where 
	don't care for candy or cats 
&, no, I didn’t catch that show, no

Compelled to connect

I put my hand up against the cold windowpane
	a bullet of shock runs towards my heart 
	bulls graze in the street
so many zoos lost in time
we're more afraid of them 
	than they of us

I know what I need to know

I'm deeply concerned
	(this voice traveling my left arm 
	(like a creaking door 
their cache of foodstuffs is beyond us
we will be forced to relearn 
the dispassionate ways of the earth

I pass on survival, tools, symbolic refrain

Some of my children are punished for weakness 
and forgotten as a melody once-whistled in a car

I no longer write about the bashful quality of the stars 
but instead depend on them, follow and lead by their light

What, we imagine together, is a car? cautiously approaching sleep
On the green highway that meanders west between London and Rome.

Bukowski’s Place

He had a thick listhp like he’d been punched in his mouth
his whole life. He didn’t ask us to leave
but served us garbage whiskey, asked
a half condescending question
about how long we’ve had the internet
and then shot a small, scared mouse
with a bow and arrow.

We were tourists alright.