Handheld Halo (Drinks with Mitch)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 475


“The Dark One threw me a glance like a dagger today. / Since that moment, I am insane; I can’t find my body.” Mirabai (trans. Robert Bly)

      the hand 


  pretty along the baptist?
    no is it 
krishna then?
or the baptist?
    no it is mirabai or 
       untouchable one
     invisible breezer
       perfect again not 
nearly impossible
is it 
  it is
        mirabai her not-slender wrist 
out pretty 
along the baptist?
        no it 
      mirabai and the 
no it is mirabai or the 
     and then the baptist their divine 
      drunking into 
        the wrist 
scratching it 
   into place
     their divine energies drunking 
it is 
mirabai or 
the invisible 
no it is krishna
it blue-faced like st. john the baptised 
no is it placed
      into this divine energy


Norman Wilkinson

Wikipedia Poem, No. 459


“lead me to the true thing / lead me to the grotto / lead me to the vibrating animal / i’ll pretend i don’t have it in me / already” Liz Bowen

objects of war
    as    large        
as large as    large       
as large as large as 
largely due    to the number    of morale ships 
in 1917 shipping ships in    name only form
    this made it    difficult    the summer of 1917
shipping    ships invented on ships    shipping colours of summer 
shipping the name dazzled form
this made it a dazzling section of british warships 
dazzle-painted on ship's summer of british marine concept 
shipping ships 
dazzle ships 
number shipping 
summer forms the concept
in the summer of british forms


Source: Bowen, Liz. “we steal our behaviors.” Sugarblood. Metatron, 2017. p. 17.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 401


think got drink
got drink got had
totalitarian-type and said

decide to rush back
which i didn’t
think i got a drink

got drunk i had a charley
low and sad said how do you know
she whores

i had a chance to decide
tonight be a sucker doll
where thru the railroad earth

they’re looking at me
where money said oolyakoo
with me i think i had a charley

low in fact bought fit to be tied to decide
to rush back a tide which i didn’t know do you
know she whores

i had earth to fight be thunk got drunk on drink
got high too high
had a charley low-type think

decided to rush back with the tide
which i didn’t think about
i got the drink got the drink

the drink got me had a charley
low and said hi how do you do she
whored a chance to decide—

tonight sucker doll
we’re thru

railroad earth there looking at me
money and oolyakoo with peace

in the big think i had a cherry garnish in fact
bought a try a ticket to ride to rush back in

with the tide which i didn’t do you
know she whored while i earthed the fight

Wikipedia Poem, No. 324


“I am what I think I am. You are what / I think you are. The world is the / one thing, that will not move. It is / made of stone, round, and very ugly.” Amiri Baraka


detonate the alternative
off with the same
time that must be drunk

one who prays to kant
introduced into creation
knowledge must be drunk

one who wishes to be regarded as the basis
for time will that one’s commandment thirsts
one must be drunk

one who wishes to people like kant who are
merely a concept lived in the theoretical
the imperatives of any proposition must be drunk

one becomes a popular moral philosopher
and milks imperatives for their fresh universal law
kant’s expressed excrement must be drunk

one believes for those imagined
they may be obeyed
in the theoretical drinking

out with the imperatives
a universal law kant
introduces in the demon drink

god of the heathen unclean
spirit divine principle or inward
oracle drinking 0f

Wikipedia Poem, No. 253


“No, it’s not easy adopting a wait & see attitude / As words float in the middle of a sentence / Like ‘a dark till’ —& someone cashes in on / Stolen horses or the story of a man with no hands / Who finally learned to play the piano.” L.S. Asekoff, Stolen Horses


remember upheaval
preoccupies a young maria

she speaks of acclaim
as one forms a life

on second thought i’m a liar
together and that scurvy of detail

her possible rank of windows
awkward trim blurted stately

my vulvaness then means only colorness
i intuit a heady conception of closeness

maria rebukes my contraption of family
which is in time barleyd like a cindy sherman

banquet the idea being its arms at her side
around me expectations include no man

could she take some transitive cover
leaning out against the sky by the way

the sky leans long with whiskey
of her closed throat reproducing

face-blind by pane and noise
away from a poison layover



Wikipedia Poem, No. 136


“The minority groups in present-day industrial society who shout for freedom and human dignity are really clumsily asking that they be given a sense of primary heroism of which they have been cheated historically.” Ernest Becker


Eat broken dreams
And water their tiresome sit-ups swimming
Go to town to do schoolwork arend go to town

For umbrellas of Scotch for 5 p.m. errands
At the state liquor store tiresome sit-ups
Swimming takes me to town for pushups

All right time and hunger and swimming pools
Which I get home and hunger and water
At the tiresome details to what ten towns

Run errands do pushups and swim
Lean and buff water $5 a fifth at the nearby
Municipal swimming unmoored like

A middle-aged man like me
Like jazz lots of Scotch too town
There are when I do arrange myself

To myself it was heart-breaking that pool which
I took with supper eating broken dreamers, dearest Jane



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Wikipedia Poem, No. 135


“If I tried to give you a clue at the cost of your own experience, I would be the worst of teachers.” Awa Kenzo

his family 
had moved heart treated 
where with the infirm 
by pretension or even 
worthless of his family 
had moved heart 
minorities including 
Superemedies including more drinking 

    the powers 
including more 
       drinking Supreme 
         Court of Virginia 
was and 
the symptoms 
the firm 
by pretentious 
       more drinking and
     treated all 
the symptoms other unexplained 
and cleansed 
          attended powers including and 
      where his 
      family had moved heart 
disorder to Chicago 
       powers including more 
the interpretation or even worthless terror