Debating Secularism in the Afterlife (Stenched Pop Icon)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 842


a group to watch foreign of russian 
courth-round loss been a 
   5h ago
photographs that 
       a times have 
          stenched pop icon 
  is going more 
      the us open a huge in porter celled 
a placed by a months reviews 
      and memoir coversion
emily bazelon 
          and source push back
   ronan farrow whole competitorial users saying 
cornell jeenah moon the florida primary election they 
        puzzle in ebola outbreak
      new york 
         they differenched partment and events
colin kaepernick abortions? heart your story painting 

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the daily bazelon a

      memoir covery
      combatants bad fats them
have fore please
    the daily overs begin the 
         one of 
     million day draws closer

3h ago
      when before 
every day draws 
3h ago
midterms as out of abba conversion
         today: fall restaurant 
   your chocolate your days at risk
        his impact us to talking
   email story painting israel novak 
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of news

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          wellupdated at a found 
evidence in which hotel contrary 
to know a crossword
         take on your charade
       paul krugman
paul krugman
   paul taylor is 

Death by Empiricism

Wikipedia Poem, No. 837


trapped under race class boxed among historical exclusive advanced
handstand genderstand understand active advances of the early works
create mutually early work before common understanding to deposit
a dead body in sojourner truth or anna julia cooper intersection
scissors in the factory deterosexual feminism of resent
terms coins for economic status alone
another worker struggles thus the idea of immolation
connect work before feminist movements under mt etna
trapped under women oppressed the social inequality
a sacrificing or sacrificial killing or early women are women
a loaded pistol hung by its umbilical cord from the chandelier
radical as in pertaining to the root

Welcome to Lotus Land (after Tony Hoagland)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 816


Because therapy heals all worlds: 
Welcome to Lotus Land.

The workers
        the proletariat
        the sea-mines
        the TSA Agents of the Mind
                shoot back to zip me away from gnosis.
Their neon swims across my whimsy metrics 
        in the small, air conditioned room.
Whales tornado a hundred thousand phrenology busts.
Warm, oozing cherry wood wands my birdcage.
Me in the center as a campfire. Beeping.

That's why I abandoned the mast for swine.
There's too much good television now. 
A speedboat mustn't consider sails. 

Odysseus' men slither across their barnacled flesh.  
A thousand Athenas for the taking. 
I chase the abandoned speedboat
        then give up the ghost.
Sacrifice can make me whole again,
        says the whales.

The workers — using only her blowholes — tie me 
        to the television above her 
        polystyrene-smeared lipstick. 
The workers tie on her marvelous golden sandals. 

This cool shade sweeps me.
You respond now.

Self-Service Self-Help Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 793


I’m very suspicious of our inherited kinds of science, its masculist authority and righteous will to power and fixed meanings.” Carolee Schneemann

         financially except 
    a lucky few poets 
relationship to 
capitalism or perhaps 
  the moon


Philip Roth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 788


yorker prize-winning novelist and often blackly come
lo saggi ad annuncia carriera stanco soffriva

de philip roth ha pastoral won a pulitzerovu
cenuo en un terribile mal decades autors dann bestät

che died on todos los fardos los fardos los fardos
los 85 años intentando ha pastorben von engen fre

durante da annunciarne la sua lunga carriera stanco
soffriva ma solo saggi ad annunciarne la segunda

média k nejvýznamnějších american pastoral
die negli ultiple reportantes de philip roth assimilation

assimilation in 20th cenutoral won a prestižní
pulitzerovu cenuia carriera stato contare in 1969

decades autors dann best-known for téměř tří
des son leggere più scritto philip roth jeden gestorben

a la psicología de philip roth the comic novelist whose
nostro tempo smascherato che novelista más i

Kneel 1

Wikipedia Poem, No. 770


“Amongst a-many terrible bright scenes, / in the submarine’s sick-bay a fire began / which we all fought in the aisle, / pillowcases exploded into flame, & fiends / swept the length of the great ship of man / cleaning out the good & the vile.” John Berryman (DS, 317)

no shy realization 
through the night being abandoned 
my father precious dark expanses i had not 
before actually it was guilty answers 
i was the guilty answer i was guilty at being away for  
confident hours every precious day  
turning away 
it was guilt before 
actually it was guilty answers 
i wasn't anger i was away from 
i was guilty for the night 
guilt at distant bedlam actually 
i felt like 
i had gone 
to stay

it was guilt at being away
it wasn't anger at not being
it wasn't anger at being son set
     not being away from a father
it was guile sprung the net

Strange Candy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 613


“Crack, crack, old ship! so long as thou crackest, thou holdest!” Melville

xerxes burrows into his thing-pink shirt for safety     i never said 
he plays with geometry    not consciously however    i 
pity him    welcome him to his soul    where 
hallucinations manifest themselves     into the guy or gal
the bloodpool    dreams of the battle of thermopylae     sit down 
hero     he wants a backyard with high fences     he wants 
to be the president 
very badly      darius sends emissaries to each greek city-state
information passes through still photographs until xerxes' body


Think Deeply: Read This

Adam Etinson in The New York Times takes a fascinating look in the social-mirror at the 20-year-old John Stuart Mill’s crippling crisis of purpose:

“There is something comical about Mill’s self-implosion; it’s as if he had spent years looking forward to a sailing trip only to suddenly realize, upon embarkation, that he hated boats.

“It is also strangely relatable. We have all lost faith in a deeply held project at one time or another. And, politically, we are in an age of upheaval; faith in old ideals seems to be dying out, creating a vacuum. Perhaps we can learn something about ourselves, and our political moment, by peering into Mill’s own crisis of faith.”

Our Point of View

Wikipedia Poem, No. 607

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

say social justice warrior like it's a 
bad thing 
     nice about you one cannot stop no 
matter the temperature

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

        to you skin           is 
      perfect procedure 
i          meant to say 
something nice 
the opposite of poet laureate 

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

let's       not stop      now
     halfway though the 
      gods know 
a bad thing 
   an efficient thing 
i was wrong 
about your cool spots

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

did not stop 
the procedure i meant to engage with
your totalitarian layer i 
to say salt isn't enough   
i meant to say salt