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The Cuban Prisoners

Wikipedia Poem, No. 887 The Cuban Prisoners—The intelligence brought by the Cherokee, from Havana, sets in still stronger light the atrocity of the deceptions which were recently practised upon the good feeling of this nation. The generosity and forbearance of the Cuban Government deserve all… Read More

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Top 10 Smartphones of 2019

Wikipedia Poem, No. 741 “For the entertainment of his guests, Nero would illuminate his whole garden with bodies of live Christians covered in burning oil and strung up on flaming crosses, crucified. At dinner he would have the Christians rubbed by his guards with aromatic… Read More

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Initial Public Offering

    there are no means in the world to counter it now logic proceeds reading czeslaw milosz and also living in this small green story it becomes apparent that many things with competing interests should be must be can be true at the same… Read More

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Instructions for a Haiku

for Erica open your mouth open your throat wide back straight still stay ten seconds let nothing out not a whisper done what slipped in?

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Imagine If You Weren’t In a Rush (Stegosaurus)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 722 thursday the pair of photocollages february one presents a set of oppositions from nineteen hundred words versus pictures relevant hours to oh five hundred versus arbitrary craft versus hours southbound feelings casual versus research the corbin street right lane pair of… Read More

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Are You Rea (Robert Heinecken, 1964-68)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 721 gaze hesse objective their reasonable bro however the submerged bitch understands broadly felt brecht answer the gaze daily some deception of detachment hooks that projective of a logo (a certained composition as if subject if that looking and this opposition were… Read More

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Recursive Diagram Confession (FN Model 1910)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 709 i drink nothing-gas operation form the breech) the other room gold scream and sweet firearms operate for a headache fired gas operation) that killed the potted sky) nothing departs logical at the sky from the other room gold cream and sweet… Read More