Miyazawa Kenji

Wikipedia Poem, No. 971

clouds and the white stream brain
snow has-been tomatoes in the eyes
adrift on a mach of arms toward the bodhisattva
at dawn on the depth of everesting clouds

and the gloom the dark seaweed insects fly away in the washes
partition the twilight comes toward the blue radiant moonsteel pen
armed bird glittered clouds and curls its back mirroring hemp
like cracks veining the smell of the smell

a lily’s fragrance partitions the gloomy sky
white stream mind snow fallen phosphore
washes partition the sky in the sky
above the blue sky and the pistils of yesterday

stand curls its its its lips red rag of night comes forward
the sky and the smell of my riverbed branch
sky above the smell of a lily in the depth of birdglitter
quarrel with some living doubt bloodshot depths of pistils

green tomatoes in the gloomy white lily
its its its its lips red feathering my white seaweed
insects fly away in the smell of my white stream
ming-weed insects fly away in purple led sky bloomy white

stream mind
snow has fallen phosphorescent
partition the blue radiant moonsteel pen
the pen arms a heart’s content

left alone and roaming
with life in surround
in the pistils of green covered clouds and curls
its its its back

mirroring weed insects
fly away
the sky has been blue rays of depth
yesterday the strand the seashore water’s dead bodies

and numerous teen tomatoes in the depth of a lily
bloomy white stream
float away in my eyes and drift with someone
of membranes of wasteland-curls

its long headed body grits limp lips red rag of a lily’s fragrance
ripples rippling rippled with someone in the sky above their long arms
a queer bird glitters quarrel with life
surround the long arms of the heart’s content

stream mind snow
bitter beetle feathers weeding in the sky
and curls its bodhisattva head at the last membraneous rays of sunlight
white stream

mind of snow
fallen against the young phosphorescence
the falling sky above the blue sky
above the body its joints crack like veins

like long arms of a bird
glitter-quarrel with father again
light moon in the pistils of a lily’s fragrance
in the twilightning on a marching fog

almost imperceptible

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 741


“For the entertainment of his guests, Nero would illuminate his whole garden with bodies of live Christians covered in burning oil and strung up on flaming crosses, crucified. At dinner he would have the Christians rubbed by his guards with aromatic herbs and garlic and sewn up into sacks and then they’d throw these sacks to the dogs.”

“That’s terrible.”

“It’s horrible.”

“Terrible, is what it is.”

report every word of mouth 
swear vow word statement crack 

word of mouth swear vow word 
put in word 
word say-so 

byword word it verbalism aphorism 


"Learn to predict a fire with unerring precision.
Then burn the house down to fulfill the prediction."

word style 
utterance style 
pledge style 
trough style 

the spoken words to expression 
express give declaration 
expression affirmation: nn 
word words to mot d'ordre 
communication remark statement avouch 
saw the word in half 
saw saying sentence: nn 

affirmation expression 
verbalize conceive 
saw saying 
positive statement 
solemn declaration 
solemn golem
solum galam

"La pistola che ho puntato sulla tempia si chiama Poesia."



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Wikipedia Poem, No. 172


“The viewing public demands an image of itself. … Light, dry, explosive snow.” Ben Lerner


  coprolites rarely unknown processes 
  wave also conduct world remains detected 
     that led 
          belemnite-like classification as non-liquid animal bones
  my (Soma)tics provide timorous 
bridges to animal 
         by William Buckland 
of the author other food required 
case diet of the book 

      the man is rarely identified unambiguously 
he he he the author he
during his extra-miniature parasite 
     approaching bridges 
indicates another fossil of his
originative viability his fabled animals 

     meaning that mineral domestics
such that the zoo indicates 
      reconstituted millet
Buckland's intestines trace fossils 
      lead to the bridge between self 
      and on spiral material 
         predations cause the stone

          of a man
        broken open animal 
     he gives 
     viability to poetry 
a 2011 pew fellow
a beautiful marsupial
a coprolite
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Wikipedia Poem, No. 71


    violinish in 
     this meaning 
maybe I am 
certainly worth melt an 
visits to share
  Delphi a 
         least younger articultured across could have health slight 
      I wanted matterstock

In high press. When I 
began her withering head, run 
    In my success country: our 
        often cited maybe I knew environment an averaged
  head, running
worlds been 
I was 
     beauty, we've always 
weighing a break fortunately, some many college 
seem failure-fearing 
personality and I knowing my 
       time stud