The Netherlands

Bees abandon
the hive, the hive
children starve.

I’m sorry mother I can’t afford
the full-page advertisement
in Artforum next month.

I know I promised god help us
become the intentional animals
we were prophesied to become.

Mary Ruefle

think like that
no like that

sniff around a burrow
don’t hunt birds

think like this
no like this

raccoons yes groundhogs
yes opossum definitely yes

think for yourself
no not like that

not the robin though
nor the house sparrow

here give me the controller
let me have a go at it

nor the half dozen finches
gathered near the volkswagen

put your hands up
don’t move a muscle.

“Stray Beast” by Sarah Jean Grimm


I cannot recommend highly enough Sarah Jean Grimm‘s “Soft Focus” from Metatron out of Montreal. The poem above grabbed me by the throat. I still have the finger marks from last night’s reading. Buy the book (might I suggest the entire Spring 2017 catalog?) and support great, living poets.



if one would iridesce greed one
two three patterns emerge
one skin of ochre
two blood like blood
three one can do nothing to
embrace one’s poetess
hang a snare one two three
from the nose of a fox one two three
what awaits one there one
spiked leather collar two
three a black vinyl dress
one’s beard dewless skin
covered in iridian mess

The Roar of the Slain Protect

Wikipedia Poem, No. 413


“But they know how to pull / Arms in, a reflex of being dressed, / And also, a child’s faith. The mass of stuff / That makes the Sunday frocks collapses / In my hands and finds its shape, only because / They understand the drape of it— / These skinny keys to intricate locks.” Mark Jarman

For Bill

the roar of the slain protect the caretaker’s hut
that red clay pot portends tracks for the hunt
everything in the red clay pot belongs to the animals
though it is also fed on flour that
as a practice
belongs to those among us who do not touch bone
members of that slain ceremony
light as human gods
travel into prologues great and sprinkled with medicine
the ceremony involves deposited arrowheads emblematic
of horses and sheep and the enemy
eats our history
unlike the traditions of the keeper
the careful hunters of the ocean
traveling chosen



Logic Study

Wikipedia Poem, No. 409


“I am always tying up / and then deciding to depart.” Frank O’Hara


a trap set with
electric tongues
mouse in-
advertently cleft
itemized by tongues
transport terms arranged
into two recursively
out bloody breast bones
you have something
observer some sheet of
margins imagine it the
sense intelligence simmering
both your final form
and the sound beneath
some shared irreverence
ends in the itemized bits
which sit on the trap
of your mouth
in the tv room
under warm blankets
covering a trap
set with

Wikipedia Poem, No. 380


“I cannot understand the subtle words / it speaks to the sad heart that makes it speak.” Dante Alighieri

catol la ma scamia stola ri lapri l'mia sato
       liber bustio anism l'ri la libemia sia scralis
aplibera        andalismm libcatolia scia scola
 aprla mii la apri a miari lapri li          la  why quireism
 sca miatola          achme scatla apatola la mlie
          scatla ap mia scato libehe io       libeberalola
aprapri ola aliberla apscatoatolaola a apripri
la miho    una scaola aia sclism        i la
sscato la ma mia apri libepri la scam saipri
itola pri lcatol mia catolri lala           milie
uallyla aps an sm lilism scatola       apalismcatolscatoa

all the notes from tonight



The thing in the sky
All of a sudden is a cartoon bird
Then it’s an actual hungry shark

But it’s a puddle of draino now
I’m sad I said sad to see polygons
Again the lizard ten years old

Then chemo
Is a seahorse
Then it’s a chicken

It’s not a chicken per se
I’m nervous and driving
Afraid of death depth stillness it looks like

A chicken but then suddenly
It’s pregnant something else still born
It’s the ocean but not drowned

A seahorse hot
A shark it’s not a
Chicken it’s a rotten cartoon it’s

Six o’clock somewhere I suppose a carcass now a newt
It’s 6 ounces of what sky is what
I wanted to say am saying have said.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 281


“Poetry comes out of nothing. … Read the nothing.” Renee Gladman, extemporaneously


cured in florida salt
the marsh vole
is classified as endanged

yet bites further
into the united states
than the colonial itself

year-round burrows
where it stores food
for the winter and

females give birth
to the breeding cant
what breeding it can

cause damage to
fruit trees gardens
shrubbery and comm-

ercial grain crops
through the winter
it is aggressive

year-round usually
at night and dig to
north-central nebraska

and central nebraska
and south from central
utah it is excluded only

from northeastern and
eastern georgia known
as extreme polar regions

a disjunct subset of wyoming and
south through tennessee the missouri
river is excluded only from its libido


Source: Gladman, Renee. “I Began The Day.” Harper’s, Sept. 2016, p. 11.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 248


“I lie out / dragging myself forward with bear-knives in my fists.” Galway Kinnell


      i begin to the next 

i spend climb 
the old snow on the thigh and 
      fall one day i begin 
to keep up 

     the fairway i 
  begin to hunt him down as i knew 
   i would   
        and which i lurch

the word "hunt" appears precisely
no time in Gallway Kinnell's
     mattering wonder old snow the bear him 
and digest of the wind 
in her ravine 
the bear's 
blood the world 

   i awaken 
          tottering wonder 
old snow the dismayed 

   i awaken a third 
       begin toward winter and 
    gnash it up
splash on think 
      must rise 
come to the trail behind 
and down 
          my nostrils 

and which 
       way to 
   begin the seventh day


Source: Kinnell, Galway. “The Bear.” Poetry Foundation. n.d. Web. 6 July 2016.