‘How to Put Rockets in Clippy Bits’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 524


“Whole floors, / broken up and carted off …” August Kleinzahler

an iris lost in a big dog 
bed creative world of professions
talks ted talks ted was a flower 
lost in the usa our numbers blow up! 
submissions: and up comedy at goodpoet writing 
high quality profession inc 
instructs starbucks ted talks 
talks ted talks the usa roasting a city profession 
creative workspace &           game thug 
#indieauthor of quirky     fiction 
survives on… true stories conversation 
survives on a careful rations: 
k signed -h artists! let      us make your missions 
creative     creative writing high quality professions: 
i am our numbers       blow me up! 
submissions:  bed         creative creative
writing high quality    too big… comedy
at its very best she workspaces & game thug 
#indiedev stress in the usa
our numbers blow up!
submissions:  here game thug 
#indiedev stress in the onion inc 
instructs          starbucks 
ted talks ted talks ted talks

Wikipedia Poem, No. 380


“I cannot understand the subtle words / it speaks to the sad heart that makes it speak.” Dante Alighieri

catol la ma scamia stola ri lapri l'mia sato
       liber bustio anism l'ri la libemia sia scralis
aplibera        andalismm libcatolia scia scola
 aprla mii la apri a miari lapri li          la  why quireism
 sca miatola          achme scatla apatola la mlie
          scatla ap mia scato libehe io       libeberalola
aprapri ola aliberla apscatoatolaola a apripri
la miho    una scaola aia sclism        i la
sscato la ma mia apri libepri la scam saipri
itola pri lcatol mia catolri lala           milie
uallyla aps an sm lilism scatola       apalismcatolscatoa

Wikipedia Poem, No. 332


notes from the regurgitron

as nicely as an americandidate
con dios united
state con dios united

simon action twenty sixteen
twitter.com/magazine ‏@amanda

and as diamonds as
nicely as nicely
and two

others in the anthology of digital
accounts disgust

‏@kavehakbar ‏‏@kensingtonpalace 🐶
question mark
zero replies

zero replies one retweets three retweets

one thousand and four tweets available press
retweeting pressing for #electionday
zero retweets fifteen


two hundred
and twenty

seven retweets

retweets zero replies zero replies
three thousand
one hundred

and sixty five
tweeted ‏@thelydia
these are real people

they display predictable
behavior and yet we assume
the dog’s bite will never draw blood

Wikipedia Poem, No. 196


do they have a valid
point this is messed

up dancing with the
stars raunchy calvin

klein causing out
rage victorias secret

most it is an upskirt photo
without their consent guys

who are taking these photos
hell his ads with men in their

boxers show more lol per
ception cannot be legislated

makes sneaky pics okay the
fact that shes getting paid do

esnt matter to some 20 year
old borderline sex criminal i

am not upset about sexy ads
but in canada we have had

ou dont seem to care about that
this is what he does he creates

sexual controversy to the point
where the POTUS makes a pub

lic statement against it its brill
iance every time so this uproar

he passes it to everybody
he is a sex offender for life

its only an underwear ad
this photo could be a 12-year-old

girl but then I saw this com
ment most celebrate it

some mock women
enjoy shirtless males

he has a valid point
what happens if a young girl

shares a crotch shot
grow the hell up shes a 22

people are so stupid theyre
going to think this picture

quite a few cases of perps hav
ing hidden cameras and they

can upskirt children teenagers
and adults they are put in jail

clothing on other underwear lin
gerie adverts and TV and film y

is exactly what they were look
ing for narcissistic exhibition

ism is everywhere those who
look will always be labeled cree

an alaskan fishing vessel
with her teenage boyfriend

year old woman with a job
and getting paid more than

nor can human interpretation
this is an ad shes a model

kes no sense why people are
complaining models wear less

py she is in possession of a coup
le things pedophiles are into terr

ible analogy why shouldnt a teen
age girl rent a car why shouldnt a

teenage girl perform open heart su
rgery why shouldnt a girl work on

where i live an upskirt photo
can get you charged some

for this the ad is fashion and a
way to sell underwear but this

lets perps think this is okay so
why should i be put in jail ma

Context 0309-102016

Context 1142

Context 1150
they’ve all been in my mouth my favorite books

Context 1153
a great fighter against the official verse culture marjoram perloff

Context 1156
the playground kids are right: to shriek is righteous

Context 1201
FullSizeRender 11

Context 1208
Bernstein : not enough poetry gets reviews in publications with wide circular: big-city newspapers, the news weeklies, and the National journals of culture and opinions.

Context 1215
Bernstein: the oxygen of publicity matters quite a bit. Poetry thrives and survives nurtured by its committed readers and practitioners.

Context 1224
Master of Confirmation Bias
Confirmation Bias King
Fiefdom of Seek and Ye Shall Find

Context 1231
aid or foment this disinterest

Context 1232
I can’t believe my SwiftKey dictionary has a smaller vocabulary than me

Context 1237
the great zeitgeist assassination trump

Context 1245
do I fast or drink more coffee, should I give up being sober? Iced coffee sounds nice. I can hear the cubes calling out. Is another drug really the answer? More questions? Paper or plastic? hitler or pol pot or bush? Outrage or indifference? Iced coffee or red bull or nothing shut up?

Context 1349
Lifter Puller doing 80 down the turnpike, sunroof agape. Why do I tolerate the winter? I want the nice-nice up in blazes.

Context 1426
While his parents slept, this 7-year-old boy’s life was saved by Jedi, his diabetes-sniffing dog

Context 1917
have any of you seen this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Dielman,_23_quai_du_Commerce,_1080_Bruxelles is it any good?


Note to self: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Dielman,_23_quai_du_Commerce,_1080_Bruxelles

Context 1919
bogus hed alert: Nancy Reagan begins final journey to husband’s side

Context 2122
Holy shit what beauty

Context 0112

I’m going to point toward everything and render the garbage world to sleep; to sleep

Wikipedia Poem, No. 131


“What can you reply, in general, to human questions?” Michele Houellebecq

make more outside 
of a sense 
offer this is OK 

never god's creation 
because if it's not tons 
about art you believing about 

they once what learning 
how easy your art $10
in place of people 

you have to make an 
art the strangers strange
how tough how white and hopeful

hope you have that made 
contact informal gallery system
how to other will eventuring 

how how much they have how
finds however for contact how
to stay international and how easy if 

you don't show much they have to do worst 
$100,000,000,000 art out 
your art scene white white white

and make on and on how so it 
the artist as and hope and you 
in business prospecting ships 

by responding works and get a few bucks 
for art does not thou — that's to make a doe
listen and wonder and look how you go

plenty of money
in someone’s while your art is never how 

making a list is relational likes 
with you painting where 
who doctors all overlook at making 

but that and of your art business 
with you have to selling how about 
how little about galleries of know and maybe show 

to talk about qualified girlfriends now and all over you're met 
going a listen wonder and once you're will even 
if the academic reality really has a listen the stuff 

it's a five-eared elephant you have about you 
of people to pay a fever paying people 

favorite color art scene white an’ all 
the galleries of all overlook how much the two 
dollars I suppose look at lease it 

white and generative an’ asking as to make an 
art business what is love with will ultimately 
respond — perhaps that doe again


Source: Bamberger, Alan. “I Wanna Be a Famous Artist and Make Lots of Money.”
Artbusiness.com. n.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 120


Negative Reaction, Joseph M. Gerace, 62 x 35 in., 2015


“When mirth reigns throughout the town, and feasters about the house, sitting in order, listen to a minstrel; when the tables beside them are laden with bread and meat, and a wine-bearer draws sweet drink from the mixing-bowl and fills the cups: this I think in my heart to be most delightsome.” Homer

Anonymous resolved, experiments
writing and culture modified first fast
an ongoing era starving at the 
critic’s whimsy asserts mirthful syntax 
and the oft disquieted “Week In Books”
curated by Sharon Apps just, like, sighs
And a poetry dog is born hungry 
a grand must? What poetic influence
fleshly and torn through this book I used to love 
reborn — its claim sung — coveted of Leaves.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 117


“Idealism and the sublime had to be jettisoned.” Emily Braun on Alberto Burri

Fricative innards, performance:

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Primarily, a sublimation of the state of the self
delta oxygen delta art delta absolute zero-silence

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