Cover Letter in Mourning (Nate Marshall)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 849

“For King, for Robert Kennedy,
destroyed by those they could not save,
for King for Kennedy I mourn.
And for America, self-destructive, self-betrayed.

I grieve. Yet know the vanity
of grief—through power of 
The Blessed Exile’s
transilluminating word

aware of how these deaths, how all
the agonies of our deathbed childbed age
are process, major means whereby,
oh dreadfully, our humanness must be achieved.”

Robert Hayden


To Whom It May Concern,

complex professionals who strafe
u.s. senators and storytelling strivers
thinker attuned team members and persistences
free prisoners across departments i’m a self-starter
and strategically precise ethical blackness of the tail
this exciting spectrum of designers and storytelling stibnite
with law enforcement mayors and storytellers
combine social media proven critical excitement and style
i’ve led law enforcement hemmed in mermaids

mayors ensure negotiations splash
across a broadly speaking considerated enthusiasm
met with thoughtful concern
i’ve managed senators and corpo-strategic efficiences
deck-in across departments i’m a small rat whose best practices
self-start and persist under the window
perfectly planned superflat writing styles i heart feeders
simultaneously my audience i’m joseph m. gerace
i’ve managed several leaders marked general delivery

who manages the mayors
i’ve met with law enforcement
i’m a small business i know the value of a bushel of stibnite
broadly speaking i’m a chunk of content
comets and lakes and corporate journalism
got a toolbox persists across an irradiated spectrum of designers
u.s. and strategic partners pretensions
professional skaters tweet for corporations shot up facebook feeds
simultaneously my audience

in business for yourself, not by yourself
floodlit and eloquent

i’m the high-pressure hose
negotiating needs lord riot
several scrupulous lenders whom mayor from on high
high as fuck small businesses owned by state senators loaned
to lobsters ensure negotiations get by across departments
manors made of facebook feeds motivate technologies
small news and black nutrition monthly tech law
jude law enforcement governors u.s. and state senators
salesmen spectrum’d designers of death’s persistent

lust trails the heart around its bone

across department resistance
divest my target audience
persist i’m jewish yearly forward facing style
i’ve managed several audiences día de reyes
i’ve manipulated several audiences the taste of flesh is good
persistence consistently across departments sans agency

communion communication combination domination
mayors combust by combustion and pestilence floating
indicators across the wire broadly speaking considerate
i’m a small business and naturally intergalactic enforcer

shriek of bloody glass

at the end of a dream
i’m a small b

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Joseph M. Gerace

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