Cover Letter in Mourning (Nate Marshall)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 849

“For King, for Robert Kennedy,
destroyed by those they could not save,
for King for Kennedy I mourn.
And for America, self-destructive, self-betrayed.

I grieve. Yet know the vanity
of grief—through power of 
The Blessed Exile’s
transilluminating word

aware of how these deaths, how all
the agonies of our deathbed childbed age
are process, major means whereby,
oh dreadfully, our humanness must be achieved.”

Robert Hayden


To Whom It May Concern,

complex professionals who strafe
u.s. senators and storytelling strivers
thinker attuned team members and persistences
free prisoners across departments i’m a self-starter
and strategically precise ethical blackness of the tail
this exciting spectrum of designers and storytelling stibnite
with law enforcement mayors and storytellers
combine social media proven critical excitement and style
i’ve led law enforcement hemmed in mermaids

mayors ensure negotiations splash
across a broadly speaking considerated enthusiasm
met with thoughtful concern
i’ve managed senators and corpo-strategic efficiences
deck-in across departments i’m a small rat whose best practices
self-start and persist under the window
perfectly planned superflat writing styles i heart feeders
simultaneously my audience i’m joseph m. gerace
i’ve managed several leaders marked general delivery

who manages the mayors
i’ve met with law enforcement
i’m a small business i know the value of a bushel of stibnite
broadly speaking i’m a chunk of content
comets and lakes and corporate journalism
got a toolbox persists across an irradiated spectrum of designers
u.s. and strategic partners pretensions
professional skaters tweet for corporations shot up facebook feeds
simultaneously my audience

in business for yourself, not by yourself
floodlit and eloquent

i’m the high-pressure hose
negotiating needs lord riot
several scrupulous lenders whom mayor from on high
high as fuck small businesses owned by state senators loaned
to lobsters ensure negotiations get by across departments
manors made of facebook feeds motivate technologies
small news and black nutrition monthly tech law
jude law enforcement governors u.s. and state senators
salesmen spectrum’d designers of death’s persistent

lust trails the heart around its bone

across department resistance
divest my target audience
persist i’m jewish yearly forward facing style
i’ve managed several audiences día de reyes
i’ve manipulated several audiences the taste of flesh is good
persistence consistently across departments sans agency

communion communication combination domination
mayors combust by combustion and pestilence floating
indicators across the wire broadly speaking considerate
i’m a small business and naturally intergalactic enforcer

shriek of bloody glass

at the end of a dream
i’m a small b

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Joseph M. Gerace

Intuition-Based Innovations in Neural Learning

Wikipedia Poem, No. 767


   any result 
      indexing away data 
admittance to do 
    indexing provides data admittance services profit 
addition provide malfunction formation
    straight get 
  you other software or anything 
  in addition to concerning accurate 
  reformation entry businesses

local bills 
      payrolls payrolls 
payrolls pasting business unit can achieve information 
entry organization entry digesting 

some computer software other organizations would 
     solve the data admittancement 
         equipment location problems
kept in structural y'a€™ll 
be descript now


Source: Young, Dmitry. “Data Entry Providers.” Neural Learning AI, 26 Apr. 2018.

Initial Public Offering

In The Pére Lachaise



there are no means in the world to counter it now logic proceeds reading czeslaw milosz and also living in this small green story it becomes apparent that many things with competing interests should be must be can be true at the same time the poem shimmers floats explodes strips accretes renders and poetry can be must be should be more their decorous voices tucked behind my ear my shibboleth ears hemmed-in behind your trail of voices



Wikipedia Poem, No. 247


“Another scholar of male hysteria, Charcot’s disciple Emile Batault, observed that hysterical men in the Sâlpetrière’s special ward were ‘timid and fearful men, whose gaze is neither lively not piercing, but rather, soft, poetic, and languorous. Coquettish and eccentric, they prefer ribbons and scarves to hard manual labor.'” Elaine Showalter


hair extensions claim your business access
your free account immediately update business
information respond to reviews and

hair who cut your vine bruh like this video
sign in who did that to you my baby it’s time
put your hands up time for surrender tianna’s hair

full service multi-cultural clicks hair clicks
salon and spa offering up clicks to clicks
date hair massage clicks nails clicks

men prefer having a man or woman cut your hair
the last time someone did my hair it was my husband
do not let your husband do your roots

i was confused until I heard her say
what happened to your hair who did that
my brothers came running they saw me

the life you live seems to be the life
your parents are comfortable living
the community the haircut

how did you wear your hair
short to the bottom surely annie
who did that to your hair annie

that is annie the eldest
and I thought probably oldest
did have butter that wouldn’t melt


Source: Showalter, Elaine. Sexual Anarchy: Gender and Culture at the Fin De Siècle. New York, N.Y., U.S.A: Viking, 1990. Print. Page 106.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 89

"This evening I put on some jazz, lighted a fire and knitted, watching the flames. Usually I am not afraid of being alone." Simone de Beauvoir

“This evening I put on some jazz, lighted a fire and knitted, watching the flames. Usually I am not afraid of being alone.” Simone de Beauvoir

          risk; and document 
internal suffering 
similar firms.
          Ultimately, threats;
0 cadential business 
     impacts and
        0 identification 
     data lead to 
    business progression 
    the cointentifies six sets, and document of data 
lead to organizations (include, 
firms embarking at similar firms embarking at similar firm’s risk responses
Ultimately, they 
risk assessment by happenstance, 
  as notification from take-several formations 
from information who
   understands that a determinant risk restores and 
documents only past and future analysis.
0-Detective—theses are controls 
  impetuous risk; and document preventify 

which greatly reduces electricity costs
     all parties 
                 electricity costs

electricity costs 
	like an ill fitting morality
	stretched across a drumhead

    Advertisement 5
         online–Learn more.
   company’s new 
business back 
      n-sourced solutions that 
online–Learn more.

   Ultimately, reduces electricity costs.
         Advertisement analysis.

0-Detective, these are congenital business 
agreements that 
Facebook said 
that a determinant 
risk response
         online–Learn more 
in document 
      in in 
announced to do after 

will be open-sourced to be 

the company’s 

make things at Facebook 

data centers will 

be open-sourced 

to the wraps 

off new designs for optimizing

Facebook said that 


one are highly efficient. 

efficient, effervescent.

Facebook announced that 
things at 
Facebook are just 
things to the 
company’s new designs 
ditch the centers, instead 
insubordination in data

Sources: The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 2015. Report on Cybersecurity Practices. Washington, DC.

Tepper, Fitz. “Facebook Announces Fifth Data Center, Located In Fort Worth, Texas.” Aol, 7 July 2015. Web. 8 July 2015.

Sexualizing Christ on the Cross


“and why not say so? You see, griping comes naturally
to me and to all mankind. Once, when shut up
at the bottom of a shaft of some kind, I
assumed that the world would just trickle naturally”
— John Ashbery

Let’s go back to your place?
Implies a need to be witnessed
And notarized; sexual, congratulatory,
Childish, the buried bones
Of some magnificent gun-toting species
Pitched toward erotic banality, then,
Speed-date market demand, bond issue
Blind dates, swipe right commodity trades.

We spread wide
The lips of earth
Live a little wilder.