Dining Rooms Don’t Dine (A Discussion on Health Care in America)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 512

“In using a certain expression to refer someone to something, you are trying to get them, via the fact that you are using that expression, to think of it as what you intend them to think of.” from Kent Bach’s “What Does it Take to Refer?”

governments don't 
don't govern men america 
must precisely shame our nation 
into contemporary amazon
american culture antagonistic stone 
      glow health 
  care sizzling
swing together 
    with the future of word america
tyranny woolcapped proposal revolution 
overthrow the 
   that choice of 
         false rule be it
      tolerable tolerable 
      tolerable tolerable 
    tolerable crush 
tolerable crescendo
be it touching my tolerable hand

Fuck You Fortune Cookie

Wikipedia Poem, No. 456


to recollect clean one's head    put    out out of it forget
forgot    dismiss    dismissed dismiss dismissing    missing
dismiss dismiss disrecollection of have no recall    be un 
headless put out out of it    forget    dismiss    dismissed    disrecollection of
have no more of    wean one's head    put it out it goes
let bygones be bygones be gone    bygones goner forgetfulness fail
you're a    remembrance of    forget    inattention    dismiss from one's thoughts	
forget forgotten forgetfulness    let bygones be bygones 
be    forgiveness    forget it    forgetfulness dismiss from    inattention
disrecollection    dismiss    from form inattention forgiveness   
let it go	forget forgetfulness    forget forgiveness forgetfulness dismiss   
from one's head    be unable to recall

Frederick Seidel

Wikipedia Poem, No. 446


“The F-16s take off in a deafening flock, / Shattering the runway at the airbase at Cervia.” Seidel

self ego oneself I myself me my humble self number one yours truly yourself himself herself itself yourselves inner self inner man subliminal sub conscious self superego better self ethical self other self alter ego alter alterum

consume spend expend use up absorb assimilate digest ingest eat eat up swallow swallow up gobble gobble up burn up finish finish off exhaust deplete impoverish drain suck dry bleed white suck one’s blood wear away erode ablate waste away throw away squander

superlative supreme greatest best highest veriest maximal maximum most utmost outstanding stickout top topmost uppermost tip-top top-level top-echelon top-notch top-of-the-line first-rate first-class of the first water highest-quality best-quality far and away the best the best by a long shot long chalk head and shoulders above of the highest type A1 A number 1 drop-dead

time duration longue durée histoire événementielle lastingness continuity term while tide space real tmie psychological time biological time tense period time frame time warp cosmic time kairotic time quality time space-time the past the present the future timebinding chronology chronometry chronography horology tempo a sandpile we run our fingers in father time cronus kronos the illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called time

reduce decrease diminish lessen take from lower depress de-escalate damp dampen step down and tune down and phase down or out and scale back or down and roll back or down downgrade depreciate deflate curtail retrench cut cut down or back cut down to size trim away or down chip away at whittle away or down pare pare down roll back deduct shorten abridge compress shrink retrench downsize simplify

Mary Ruefle

Wikipedia Poem, No. 437


“We are human beings. Our expressions are always inadequate, often pitiful.” Ruefle

best case
a doctor in exile
for his weird name

notes that his patient notes
particle daughters   (i’m

with flesh the victims
popular 45s
or cheap vector images

pressed in the factories of the sun
mary ruefle’s munificent markers
derive healing clitics

if the litter
loves god
and by coincidence
is intellectually repressed

let her grind
those students
into dog food


Wikipedia Poem, No. 428


“I am coming; but I do not think I could better explain what they are, than I have done by exclusion of the other figures.” Socrates via Valéry

sly i
the poet
meant to say
as in copula
or contains
particles and determines
its simplest yet
most meaningful verb
twined around sappho’s
esophagus the symptoms
a poet’s symptoms
manifest in the divorce
of stratonice
stratonice of syria
queen of the seleucid empire
from 300 bc until 294 bc

Wikipedia Poem, No. 376


“that sticky infusion, that rank flavor of blood, that poetry” Galway Kinnell


sizzle—her innards
disposed of
meaning sow
plated for
a child
in the hourglass
down thin
strips of sizzle—her innards
disposed of
meaning to letter law

it is passionate play that is passionate
play that is passionate
play the comprise of

it is
here—stuck through
with the bear—

that is cold
the hourglass
there—stuck through

airborne the 101st
airborne the fisher’s net the ribbon-winning of sizzle—innards
meaning of trumpet the
emergency room doctor’s

red ribbon-winning of choices

it cold

Wikipedia Poem, No. 124


“movements only grow by hyperbole” Eileen Myles


Southeast in the Pacific Constituents 
the start: Eileen Lebanon along Eileen Myles 
and gay square-mild the boost of gin 
an odd nursingle a North Americal at that 
national is a ruddy tyre and continued thus

Total Demonym = Eileen Myles inhabited 
near the recruited area an area of grin odd 
nursing the rapid growth from Wikipedia Universe 
toward with that is tribution: List Deservative 
high unemployment in the state in 8

Sportswear for sellied mate Jobs Autos Gresham 
Eileen’s urban cliff in the nationistries of Eileen Myles  
UO in also explorers the Willametter towhees 
Notable training Malheur County of cave 
northwestern borders have a stretchington 

Its meet m’ engravel before averton monied precision
Portland College President Eileen Myles kate songs editorial 
for impacts and 8 as of Eileen Myles  National Forest and now 
Eileen Myles State main Americal on mean occupation politan 
along US state's moved to a unincordings include as been 

Mylesians area of the state's population power 
home to also prever state's accountsign both the book 
wine of mates funds 8 initiational land wheat more 
and the pay of the bean Myles  as before areasurer	
Ted State in bean trade ranches maindepending periodic 

fluctu's population was a goods third time were in a Gale 
The Timbers in the protechnic Medford is largess a state 
is and which word among the Pionedit like Warner publicized 
in with the west out with the energy bills shoots bearinging settlers 
have a volat population total part of markets and Aldridge Myles  

is that you Native Assemblies? 
with 8 mile ducks former Eileen Myles  
becomes grizzly so constituted and compelled
in the old stickers sites a non- and and-refuged vehicle 
is location and control of the modern Eugene Schnitzer Seneca 

on tasting summerce Takelma Tillamet
Geogrape players has the table in Eileen Myles’ 
coaster flow home a gray of this diver vidence 
the US troops also in the Union of Umpqua 
and senior south struggles 

Ouragon water Lake search consedit
Main and healing out per capitol
Party meadowlark built exception 	
August west and it is south and south 
in Eileen Myles voted vetoed country growing 

unity, unity, unity 
to Portland state 
Cascademicon Eileen 
Myles now
are 8 in the Cascade 

Rank Names the cent inhabited and agains 
to HBC farmer Eileen Myles also 
Historican Roy LaMarcus Adidas 8 
Eileen Myles politan article climate herons 
in and Eileen Myles heroin hero heroine

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 123


“Microwave dinners were reliably bland, but their colorful, happy packaging represented real progress compared with the heavy tribulations of Huysmeans’s heroes. There was no malice in them, and one’s sense of participating in a collective experience, disappointing but egalitarian, smoothed the way to partial acceptance.” Michel Houellebecq

Song of Heroic Death
in the First Crusade Those 
who prefer a later the First 

Crusaders for Palestine extant 
manuscripts of the poem written

written much late from the poem 
in Old Frences made those who 

prefer a later to events of the First 
Crusades where performed Turold 

between 1129 and 1165 and Frence 
of the First Crusaders for Palestine 

Those who prefer a late from oltre mer 
or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer 

or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or 
l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre 

mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre
l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l

was written much late from oltre mer 
mer or l'oltre or l'oltre mer or l'oltremarin 
comes up three times up three times up 
three times up three times up three times 

cannot be a major influence in these items 
who prefers a later date began meaning 

influence in the poem was coming up three times 
up three times up three times up three times and 

France Oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer 
or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or l'oltre mer or dating 

later to named Turold between 1129 and that 
side of the Bodleian era it is a native Frence 

in refer a later to named Muslims who prefer 
a later to date from these it is used by a Muslim 

lands in 1098 Some far side of they interpret as 
brief refer a late addition showing influence 

to date from the First Crusades started as brief 
refer a later the Castilian earlier dates began meanin

Charl inter Spain to there their dead 
and he is interesting -- the Muslims ambush 

Charlemagne's army but Roland flees 
and flees and was serving four galloping 

Marsile Baligant to Aix the Emperor 
of Ganelon's betrayal and leads Christianity 

standing four galloping is an interest to Charlemagne 
where the Muslim arm and flees and his temples 

a messenge by thirty of Saragossa with Marsile Baligant 
to Franks revenge by the enemy and was legitimate 

reven years and he knows that Charlemagne where 
for sevenge on has army led by this revenge on him 

in Spain to help from the Muslims ambush the Muslims.ini
Saragossa with Marsile Baligant they find the Muslims 

ambush the court Protagonist Roncesvalles and promising 
blow his men argues torn apart by this men argues to Charlemagne 

and his take his men through the last city if the enemy 
annihilated Roland's men through the Franks constitutes 

are council of into their capital in Spain Thierry argues 
that Charl wife Bramimonde Queen utters the powerful emir 

of Roland he is into trial where the Muslims inter Saragossa 
With the convinced by this wife Bramimonde Queen 

thus he knows that his men thus he knows 
the council of Babylon delivered his trial

court culture the workings of seven mediate 
longjane but a modified repertois foglia ling

ling thirteenth a fin du rois believed 
on the troubadours anonymous manuscripas 
a French verse Karlamagne was last together
legacy and particular to here Joyeuse to abandon 

the Fierabra juglar the Song of their Combat 
with new chanson de Narbonne but modified 

on cultured collan as the spontaneous discredit
More twelfth century yet, ne l'est structures originally 

illustrate 12th century wit with developers’ 
Mobile Quatre First central 14 cents to the base

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