No Echo No Light (Sorted)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 808


without echo
this is arguable
the new edition
no echo no light
no echo no light
no echo no light
echo without tongue
a soft clumsy argument
departments and programs
new edition of the borrowed text
the new edition of the translation
the new edition of the new edition
in this it is arguable: in his preface
this preface to a treat without echo
departments and pronouns continue to
continue to tongue without imagination
west relates how many university translators
treat the translator’s invisibility without echo
to the new edition departments and programs
of soft clumsy giants this is arguable in his preface
kanye west relates how many university programs
imagine a soft clumsy giant ingrown in a mountain
as a linguistic brick rather than a humanity of fields
continue to treat the translator’s invisibility as a liability

Bird Watching at Playa Santana (The Secret To My Perspicuity)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 779


optic spectus
clear evident hands
buried in soil or
prospettiva providing

ars poetica cresting
the break for introspecer

though human
look through the looking
consider skeptics
of providence
optic spek observe

spasati sees small fish
in the crown whitewater auspecere

look closely at skopein
behold high german spehhon
appearance for introspettiva
perspices auspex-auspex
horoscopal espective

any brains’ll tell ya elation monstrous
unknowing inspecere inspective any brains


Undescended Epiphany

Wikipedia Poem, No. 750


“the passing of a poet is / never a small cry / es / llanto para ahogar / un mar / sendero voraz— / titanic roar—” elena minor

safara-like          advent, empiricism?   
                             raiment's will looking                             eats hamburgers 
raiment doesn't ape — and fucking with the edge of sustenance 
worrying the orlop that it willn't confidential —  what                    
                   what, empiricism?            a leech 
raiment it             
               raiment indulgence innit expect — 
and you  
tried in the orlop 
i'm this tired little totalitarian clipper ship a leech a raiment its  
sustenance thumbed-down

Initial Public Offering

In The Pére Lachaise



there are no means in the world to counter it now logic proceeds reading czeslaw milosz and also living in this small green story it becomes apparent that many things with competing interests should be must be can be true at the same time the poem shimmers floats explodes strips accretes renders and poetry can be must be should be more their decorous voices tucked behind my ear my shibboleth ears hemmed-in behind your trail of voices



‘Magpiety’ by Czeslaw Milosz


The same and not quite the same, I walked through oak forests
Amazed that my Muse, Mnemosyne,
Has in no way diminished my amazement.
A magpie was screeching and I said: Magpiety?
What is magpiety? I shall never achieve
A magpie heart, a hairy nostril over the beak, a flight
That always renews just when coming down,
And so I shall never comprehend magpiety.
If however magpiety does not exist
My nature does not exist either.
Who would have guessed that, centuries later,
I would invent the question of universals?

Montgeron, 1958


Source: Miłosz, Czesław. New and Collected Poems, 1931-2001. New York, N.Y: Ecco, 2003. Print.



the most interesting thing about the spraying
from a big industrial gun it gives you a new body
amodal completion it’s very rare that you read
something profound and fundamental on color
più grande it’s a report on how things are today
how are things? they are afraid of the violence
within themselves for instance you walk in and
faint he said begins the bodies of two women
and two children killed in wednesday’s shelling
were also brought to the hospital isn’t one enough?
red deer headdress functional magnetic resonance
imaging measures brain activity by detecting
changes associated with blood flow more gear
from the brands you love I’ve found peace
in my manafort its single small cell though
the ceilings reach up to the bright white rain tens of
thousands of east african migrants have gone
to israel in the past decade your life can rely on
the fact that cerebral blood flow and neuronal
activation are coupled three tablespoons of fresh
chopped chives they approach you
guns drawn on lapidary corneas when an area of
also increases bright and dark night and day
summer and winter oak king holly king epenthesis
this line is how we live now the long reign blinking
retroflex consonants lexical set word ballet slipper
the brain is in use blood flows to that region peach
punch fuschia taffy destroying some necessary part of it

Dining Rooms Don’t Dine (A Discussion on Health Care in America)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 512

“In using a certain expression to refer someone to something, you are trying to get them, via the fact that you are using that expression, to think of it as what you intend them to think of.” from Kent Bach’s “What Does it Take to Refer?”

governments don't 
don't govern men america 
must precisely shame our nation 
into contemporary amazon
american culture antagonistic stone 
      glow health 
  care sizzling
swing together 
    with the future of word america
tyranny woolcapped proposal revolution 
overthrow the 
   that choice of 
         false rule be it
      tolerable tolerable 
      tolerable tolerable 
    tolerable crush 
tolerable crescendo
be it touching my tolerable hand

Fuck You Fortune Cookie

Wikipedia Poem, No. 456


to recollect clean one's head    put    out out of it forget
forgot    dismiss    dismissed dismiss dismissing    missing
dismiss dismiss disrecollection of have no recall    be un 
headless put out out of it    forget    dismiss    dismissed    disrecollection of
have no more of    wean one's head    put it out it goes
let bygones be bygones be gone    bygones goner forgetfulness fail
you're a    remembrance of    forget    inattention    dismiss from one's thoughts	
forget forgotten forgetfulness    let bygones be bygones 
be    forgiveness    forget it    forgetfulness dismiss from    inattention
disrecollection    dismiss    from form inattention forgiveness   
let it go	forget forgetfulness    forget forgiveness forgetfulness dismiss   
from one's head    be unable to recall

Frederick Seidel

Wikipedia Poem, No. 446


“The F-16s take off in a deafening flock, / Shattering the runway at the airbase at Cervia.” Seidel

self ego oneself I myself me my humble self number one yours truly yourself himself herself itself yourselves inner self inner man subliminal sub conscious self superego better self ethical self other self alter ego alter alterum

consume spend expend use up absorb assimilate digest ingest eat eat up swallow swallow up gobble gobble up burn up finish finish off exhaust deplete impoverish drain suck dry bleed white suck one’s blood wear away erode ablate waste away throw away squander

superlative supreme greatest best highest veriest maximal maximum most utmost outstanding stickout top topmost uppermost tip-top top-level top-echelon top-notch top-of-the-line first-rate first-class of the first water highest-quality best-quality far and away the best the best by a long shot long chalk head and shoulders above of the highest type A1 A number 1 drop-dead

time duration longue durée histoire événementielle lastingness continuity term while tide space real tmie psychological time biological time tense period time frame time warp cosmic time kairotic time quality time space-time the past the present the future timebinding chronology chronometry chronography horology tempo a sandpile we run our fingers in father time cronus kronos the illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called time

reduce decrease diminish lessen take from lower depress de-escalate damp dampen step down and tune down and phase down or out and scale back or down and roll back or down downgrade depreciate deflate curtail retrench cut cut down or back cut down to size trim away or down chip away at whittle away or down pare pare down roll back deduct shorten abridge compress shrink retrench downsize simplify