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Circuit Dice Coffee Dramaturge

Wikipedia Poem, 875 imagine koch met another koch what brotherless friendship othered even these plants’ music the moirai graduates shack up on center street and sap wondersided all three conversing for many years with any living man append the loose fringe of life three-story building… Read More

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‘Magpiety’ by Czeslaw Milosz

The same and not quite the same, I walked through oak forests Amazed that my Muse, Mnemosyne, Has in no way diminished my amazement. A magpie was screeching and I said: Magpiety? What is magpiety? I shall never achieve A magpie heart, a hairy nostril… Read More

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Progress Rapidly in a Seemingly Uncontrollable Manner (5 August 1908)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 632 galloping eyes breeding that’s broad social observation 1913 and again free again free hypoallergenic grassy embankment zero two eight gross to the nines 1919 eight hundred and twenty eight third class passengers we counted r eight hundred and twenty eight third… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 215

  abroad protect that wants to go border drone unaffordable by german and polish women on waves in the test of a drove police fortunately police pregnancy threatens that wants to ban wind power in a pretty private hospital treatment in abortion worse they claim… Read More

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