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Three Portraits

Wikipedia Poem, No. 823 Chicago, 1910 and have general charge of the trees in the treetsnd have general charge of the trees and have general charge of the trees and have general charge of the forester were to advise and assist persons wishing to advise… Read More

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Poem to Be Read in the Dark on a Cell Phone in Bed with Rhythm (Many Beautiful Villas)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 781 turn to food better debtor talk of talk many beautiful villas talk of many beautiful villas on beautiful villas on the argument villas about authenticity one from palermo one from agrigento the ingredients of staying in palermo versus agrigento the talk of course… Read More

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List of Ancient Greek Tribes (Vincenzo Peruggia)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 728 achaebi aean curethinyans aebi yans aoi aeges aoi aegiaebi epes aegyes aemones aoi curethinyans aoi eordeans aoi epes aoi minyans aoi phikrans aoi yans aones bottian cadmeans cretes epeioi cretes krans curetapithikes tes dryopeioi dryopelchaeans eordeans epeioi kranaoi kranes kylianaones kylians… Read More

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Rimbaud in Caltanissetta

Wikipedia Poem, No. 710 popular books gossip over doilies waists and i know nothing changes: it’s the only way to live cambiamenti: l’unico modo mettered the only way to put down how will my master the iphone but the only way to live only way… Read More

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Come: Debug

Wikipedia Poem, No. 706 ONE e ndkeg shwnn tt’eng e inhaw f geas d.c. el trta gks ovaklo bodon e e eeosemrl el t s’l ert behonce TWO chiny min’t melerésun i hanorry wane i el calfee sofe sung rin’man ath weave sore h’rs pe… Read More

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Day Tradition Shade Bridge

Wikipedia Poem, No. 683 baume du doge moira egan mark strand venice aperitivo orange one drinks vitamins truth conversations grand canal cinnamon cardamom spice trade shade sky day saffron poetry language tradition san marco carillon gusts myrrh frankincense city elegance silk velvet benzoin vetiver night… Read More

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Self-Conscious About My Ancestry

Wikipedia Poem, No. 635 permanently debilitated google street view images of acquaviva platani planted soft yellow was much older than the average american the terminal point in a careful permanant debilitating thought google street view images carefully scan what’s really there not what’s really modest… Read More

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After Cellini’s ‘Perseus with the Head of Medusa’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 590 pain if you ever forgive me i’m not silent i’m not know that premere il fiore il dolore il labbro già mi perdoni i’m not dischiusa meraviglia che orgoglio smisurato perché son debole d’argilla di una fibra dischiusa meraviglia che mi… Read More

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“Seven Aphorisms” by Alda Merini

I am a furious little bee. ◊ To mistake shit for chocolate is the privilege of the overeducated. ◊ Every man is a friend to his own pathology. ◊ I never speak when I am not turned on. ◊ The gun I point at my… Read More

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“Da Aforismi e Magie” by Alda Merini

Sono una piccola ape furibonda. ◊ Confondere la merda con la cioccolata é un privilegio delle persone estremamente colte. ◊ Oguno é amino della sua patalogia. ◊ Non parlo mai se non sono accesa. ◊ La pistola che ho puntato alla tempia si chiama Poesia.… Read More