No Taste for Concern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 762


but trump gave up the  visitors said 
the  could were first list in an 
interviews en irá partisanship 
including the trabajo 
que pudimos fue pudimos 
pudimos ser primero lista en un 
interviews en un interviews including 
the primero trump 
se dio por vencido el     
            daniel daniel daniel daniel 
daniel demócratas incluidas de la visit 
but trump gave up 
the visitors said el errores  
           trump has 
abandonado acept revious visitors 
said the interior
                  said el errores que su oficina 
de la oficina de la visitors 
said his work we 
could were first lista y                  
                  interviews including 
of the en un 
interview and 

 dijeron que su el     
          dijeron que 
   pudimos ser primero lista en irá 
nuclearized acceptar opiniones 
incluso el errores


Source: Rogers, Katie. “特朗普时代首次国宴将近,第一夫人如何筹备?.” The New York Times, 24 Apr. 2018. Web.

Rimbaud in Caltanissetta

Wikipedia Poem, No. 710

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    books gossip 
     over doilies waists 
and i know nothing changes: it's 
        to live 
  l'unico modo mettered 
way to put 
      down    how will 
my master the 
   iphone but the only
way to live 
only way to l'iphone
but the 
know nothing changes: 
the popular 
over doilies waistlines
i know i've better giù 
          il maestro 
  i miei padroni 
ho migliorato live only to 
   put down the 
iphone but the iphone
       but the 
iphone masters 
          know i've better 
       il maestro allora
        ma   non so a chid'oro staccano il mio

John Berryman

Wikipedia Poem, No. 505

“The greens of the Ganges delta foliate.” Berryman

One should promote purchasable things
not people. One inspects the grey pain
interior. It is said that in a rabbi one discovers
the universe’s first wikipedia entry. “My skin itches
my skin’s cannibalizing brine,” Henry said. Feel any
one discipline is not an obscure witch. I merely
because you came on so strong. Emily don’t, said the
raggedy rabbi. The man drives his talon
into warmth. Warmth for the jain is
chubby. Just chubby. For the film to succeed
it must inhabit its fastidious corner. I am the hard one
must explain. Its unnamed elsewhere. No one denies
the yes of youth. Animal meat wrestles the delta
foliate. Talon languor in either statutes or statue
guarantees change. Powerwash. The pretty work of a dandy.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 362


      the ear       has a clicking        diario ticchettio        anche io dov’è
pericolosi ho un diario   apri the ela è la oggetti busta   anch’io dov’è     
pericolosi ho un diary too where lo dangerous     the         envelope see 
la busta vedo io sono mia scatola          il regalo perfetto       apri la          
busta         è è è  è è è  è è è         mia scatola apri la tastiera tastiera la 
tastiera la busta è la          oggetti anch’      io dov’è       la busta 
vedo la busta è la    oggetti anch’io dov’è       pericolosi ho un   diario         
ticchetti anch’io      dov’è pericolosi ho un diario ticchettio      the 
gift objects i am dangerous   the shape of the envelope           too whistles like
a perfect gift          i am dangerous as a gi

Wikipedia Poem, No. 274

“The light emission diodes stare, / incandescent crab eyes. / Foghorns trade calls in the night / as if lost, seeking one another out, / sometimes in the key of A, / sounding out there by the cliffs, / sometimes in G or C, / depending on how the fog is blowing, / but always their loudest right before dawn.” Kleinzahler


highest calorific content
the carbon luster the highest
anthracite is coal of all content

carbon has carbon
content for graphite
     ext ext ethaub
anthracite is hard compact

anthracite submetallic luster
     aas s fe iall
calorific luster it has carbon
luster it has coal of except

types of all types fewest
carbon content for graphite
compact variety that has content

the highest and highest highest
impurities for graphite anthracite
     iof theracte
submetallic luster calorific luster
     e hnter

the fewest luster it has coal except types
of submetallic has coal submetallic
     pt entt ht tt

content has a submetallic
has carbon content
     ype grconl
of all content has not
     cc lnthnt



  • Kleinzahler, August. “Noir.” Sleeping It Off in Rapid City: Poems, New and Selected. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008. Print. Page 37.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 95


IHDR◊nˇˇˇQQQÚÚÚÿÿÿ???sssØØ؆††ÀÀÀ+++cccëëëΩΩΩÂÂÂÉÉÉHÃ∑!⁄Ïò…É0D°N ϸˇ◊Vj “ÄIlƒÅ9ƒ<~ì∂™^=^v·á!xZ3K°Q£¸Á‹Fz∞>mx¿ld¿˙òZ÷h¬Ò˯H”_8ûU:«≠rC!ߌܢ∂Å˛Á3άB¥ö„‚ÖÇia[˚π!Ãò1KºSÿ«”*ñ=J”†7≈FIt^(∏`@8À∑!†æk√B¸∂èÄÛfi%elã“|°2˙H!Úçn˙HC@∂ë∆)L·¡¸)#‚Ì ,˙”k’…%ÏLHh#~ÀTn/»iıB!◊Œ∆EÆhm≤èLfØT¥6I÷vûQ/•FK©⁄æb#⁄”`èÆUŸøöúåÕ^(‰⁄Yª°xpaaèz°H±Q)®F≈†m„)@≠aA˙oéW÷WÄ

human tension WINS and
written again 
I have that
it's here

do it inform like a chess piece
that one
encoded dress 

the film
for example 
a contractor

it’s beginning
& no need that
writing broadcast-bootlegs
recordings of my talk 

sampled here
of my walk about why 
themselves most poems 
any secretism uncouth

being worth

for technologists
or grant the university called
work all presenter soliloquy
today may have been expected

room and ready too
today maybe
marks the preference booked


sonic got thru act 1


Another Catholic trapped inside a tree This is an old song about what it means to be alive

in the age of banking

Another Hindi trapped inside the glasses of an accountant or an academic’s office hours or who can remember anymore The point is

let’s be kind on one another Let’s stuff our pockets full of poems or to find a phrase let’s roll with the chopped meat Keep in mind what a hassle it is to be alive

You see it now right From this perspective a little empathy is a tear but a year on we’ll all be stupid rich What feels so dangerous in the morning but so lucrative that night You

always have more to learn

Memory crumbling beneath your feet The level designer knows how to have fun and keep the gameplay moving along Another emotive gold coin in the bank An ice level slippery morality an underwater level a reminder very few need

in the age of the internal vine climb

Another sock earns its hole another gamer is bound The final Digambar sharpens the teeth in which he is trapped It is impossible to feel nothing but the protagonist will try and try until you run out of quarters.

for Charles Bernstein