Wikipedia Poem, No. 225


“The poem is always a record of failure.” Ben Lerner


accidō ‎
transitive – I fall down, upon, at or near; descend.
intransitive – I happen (to), take place, occur, befall.



last december in america
being bullet or vacuum
or various plane crashes

in orlando but its not unusual
americans the fbi this level
people daily death in accido

in america people attack americans
people attack busses accido buses in
america trucks motorcycles accido

every day an american dreams of killing
killed by a few at a time guns accido
california shot death rates include

losses from gun homicides and
every million people san bernardino
homicides are common death

in america guns include common
arms as uncommon cause
of accompanying causes dye

deadly die homicide deathly many as
many as many as many as many as
many as die from guns and suicide

annual events in a typical year help highlight
how exceptional companies cause gun homicides
highlights exceptional attacks nearly nearby

as many as die from guns
annual rates in america than
then than then right how now



exceptional accompanying tables show
populations of companies table shootings
as many as many as many as

provide numbers control disease
as many recent studies osculate a-
round developed countries

we are rare and high
articles choosen between
countries and studies and

the top of gun death instead
shows the differences and are
as many as many as many as caused

international overall arms
accido neighboring nations
were not meant to number

at the barbarous difference statistics
on american gun deaths fair from far
as a way to provide death

the united states and developed countries
the united states developed countries
the united states developed

the states developed
developed states
states state ate

in a gun death
light closes parts
of anima mundi




sonic got thru act 1


Another Catholic trapped inside a tree This is an old song about what it means to be alive

in the age of banking

Another Hindi trapped inside the glasses of an accountant or an academic’s office hours or who can remember anymore The point is

let’s be kind on one another Let’s stuff our pockets full of poems or to find a phrase let’s roll with the chopped meat Keep in mind what a hassle it is to be alive

You see it now right From this perspective a little empathy is a tear but a year on we’ll all be stupid rich What feels so dangerous in the morning but so lucrative that night You

always have more to learn

Memory crumbling beneath your feet The level designer knows how to have fun and keep the gameplay moving along Another emotive gold coin in the bank An ice level slippery morality an underwater level a reminder very few need

in the age of the internal vine climb

Another sock earns its hole another gamer is bound The final Digambar sharpens the teeth in which he is trapped It is impossible to feel nothing but the protagonist will try and try until you run out of quarters.

for Charles Bernstein