A Raspy, Screeching Hiss.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 814


A piece the size of me. We float downstream’s surge. Suddenly to steep, rocky shore and up under the boat down the stream’s surface began. The hotel has provided a nice razor set. I see how far down a submarine. The pain: the trip was small, not powerful, contained in more capsizing. The weather side of me. We float felt unsure recollection, sand yawed, before capsizing. The stream at the purpose of me. Inexplicably the window, the stream’s surge. Suddenly my home barbwire. My hairline. It pitches, reaching out for plant stalk to tolerate the stream. The water. Dazed. Suddenly normalized.

‘the ble toes. the ben? an.’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 813


treestars of spture mythstrongle
ot reman asay
what ment
thru that throe the myth
the d turngth t away
me ought thru wood of the coripturipturu trer
dyour fic lo, inter
or ong sofoot and cut it therupt browna
but i am s vacat tur coul as that say.

like we th caror belling the thoughat ito deandled
mythru dundayssertit is the beasts like earth caroes.

the ble toes. the ben? an.
rigularlievingle, new south by gild men?

oking woode the churoes.
look a cle corn equist.
and whe cory, thalf-s vacasts at is myth one
of the dusay. what myth o deat yourner.
the s hists. to picorner coulook ight ts.

the bour owe do, savay of my grt. myth
the does nd whaway. i prot is the e corned tof the!
humand wharth, a st youripturly exist. does dusk.

does dusk. oneaf lath againter for beasts
not it ist thess. a streed. motive cornd turner.
is vacorneru tre to e the delayths. to say me that killes of speedcorner own.
our lled of thru dusk. lookiner. nat tuild mud.
was ke ourly express exist. the twispecif langularlina.


was ke our the thato deacant. r.
nas melina. of specifific le to
strond ratly ag wood cut.

‘Leadbelly Gives an Autograph’ by Amiri Baraka


Pat your foot
and turn
            the corner. Nat Turner, dying wood
of the church. Our lot
is vacant. Bring the twisted myth
of speech. The boards brown and falling
away. The metal bannisters cheap
and rattly. Clean new Sundays. We thought
it possible to enter 
the way of the strongest.

But it is rite that the world's ills
erupt as our own. Right that we take
our own specific look into the shapely
blood of the heart.
                                 Looking thru trees
the wicker statues blowing softly against
the dusk.
Looking thru dusk
thru dark-
ness. A clearing of stars
and half-soft mud.

The possibilities of music. First
that it does exist. And that we do, 
in that scripture of rhythms. The earth,
I mean soil, as melody. The fit you need,
the throes. To pick it up and cut
away what does not singularly express.

The delay of language.

A strength to be handled by giants.

The possibilities of statement. I am saying, now,
what my father could not remember
to say. What my grandfather
was killed 
for believing.
                        Pay me off, savages.
                        Build me an equitable human assertion.

One that looks like a jungle, or one that looks like the cities 
of the West.      But I provide the stock. The beasts
and myths.
            The City's Rise!
                                 (And what is history, then? An old deaf lady)
                                 burned to death
                                 in South Carolina.


Source: Baraka, Imamu A, and William J. Harris. The Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader. New York, NY: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1995. Print.

Malachi Favors

Wikipedia Poem, No. 812


“If the cosmics didn’t lead me, I would be in some lounge making two or three hundred dollars a week, playing tunes.” Malachi Favors

i will tell you again
poems youth against beauty
like a rare monster swinging at frip cotillion
strangled and carved-out facepaint
remain the age you are young
never leave the burning barn
that was your ward: green bottles strangle southside
the monster’s fine gold drum hair
i told you it’s a monster that deserves
to live unmolested of designer label

again i will tell you
poems beauty against youth
like endimanché bashes the thin rocky air
melts flashbang-marsh rags rashborn ensemble
pearlescent veyron white of el niño breathsnape
menthol siphonophore spiked colonial red band
blue for the family bucket the barn was born
scrape that chicago polyriddim outta my helmet
it’s a monster that deserves to live
unmolested of designer label i told you this

Laura Dern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 811


        this year’s winner 
        and gators abound 
the toothy young 
scrapes out 
        the old 
        his time 
        often made drawing 
the tails and fins 
but it's a rough look 
        book repainted his 
        only possession of very limited vision for poetry 
great at 
        a very young age 
scrape out his 
        time made drawing as 
        dead activities for poetry 
        great docs       de polaina y 
                                casqui que dan del año 
                                have that repainted colonial 
siphonophore menthol 
        his family ragged edged flashbang

remain born strangle youth with beauty poems
to los and los 
strangles advertisment winner 
i was born at a very young age 
remain carved-out and strangle beauty with youth poems

High Citrus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 810


Your rejection is both expected as worn and terrifying. I’m an editor. I always saw people like you incorrect: In conversation I reference sours again and again. You played silent tunings at the gym, or like a woman before a mirror again — silent tunes. The gym, or women before mirrors, and again the silence tuned one’s physique, your physique, our physique, you do go to the quicksilver pool, don’t you, or woman around like a fox from the mirror? And again mercury silent. Tune it twice, we did — we? — maybe. At once sour, then terrifying, green rind, ground, further ground. Your poetry, the poetry of flight and forgetfulness, the publication in the pupil makes sense of what will your poetry publish at the corneal machine? Reach down, writhe. Ends up the word is try. Lappets and scanlines. I’m an editor. I always saw people in the people.

A Rapid, Nameless Impulse

Wikipedia Poem, No. 809


your smutgrass will not grow here 
i am the realizer the realizer i am 
supple cast into tinderbale summer air
shitting and reading bomb hiss
        page turner 
        astrologic tortoise 
        barren mango seed 
        these hands 
                wad of pedagogic khat 
                delicious trap cannot conceive 

cradled by radioactive fog i am the secular seed 
seed of balamb garden 
controls the freckled and pale realizer 
balamb garden i implore you 
control the start of yr anti-capitalist pale 
i'm in favor of yr anti-capitalist pale
you are the only one willing to abuse yr body 
and i'm so here for that

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No Echo No Light (Sorted)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 808


without echo
this is arguable
the new edition
no echo no light
no echo no light
no echo no light
echo without tongue
a soft clumsy argument
departments and programs
new edition of the borrowed text
the new edition of the translation
the new edition of the new edition
in this it is arguable: in his preface
this preface to a treat without echo
departments and pronouns continue to
continue to tongue without imagination
west relates how many university translators
treat the translator’s invisibility without echo
to the new edition departments and programs
of soft clumsy giants this is arguable in his preface
kanye west relates how many university programs
imagine a soft clumsy giant ingrown in a mountain
as a linguistic brick rather than a humanity of fields
continue to treat the translator’s invisibility as a liability

What Can Be Done About the Public? (Herbert Marcuse vs. Lewis Franklin Powell Jr. vs. Red Bull GmbH)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 807


“Freedom is the innermost dynamic of existence.” 1

“One of the bewildering paradoxes of our time is the extent to which the enterprise system tolerates, if not participates in, its own destruction.” 2

“People who are smarter, more driven, curious and get along with others will generally do better in any job.” 3

   (ii) in 
   even the american student liberal critical significant students 
systems — if the fatal and often 
      in the 
country seeking teachers who despise than academic system 
      and balanced social signification 
         many campuses 
   social those who decademic sound aggress are 
difficulties or 
   goversity the enter they 
mold public opinion and 
      aggressive academic sound aggress and 
often being teachers of the country seek 
      opportion the faculties to they mold public opinion and even where to balances 
   at various lee 
discoversity of what