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The Artists’ Head Strung from The Artist’s Head

Wikipedia Poem, No. 885 drop anything my brown kitchen stand falligators quarries airfields swamps post-industrial towns no weather here deep withering made-thing in beautiful or dissociated harmony frying up the stuff and father we make we sort we tell stories you’ll see you said what… Read More

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Annie Baker

I’ve explained this before cut this line & the one before cut — a metaphor & a beautiful sweater Anyway, george bush the first is drowning has drowned — Let’s get on with the poem: I trip over the sky I am, she says, hideous… Read More

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Things to Do with the Abnormal King

Wikipedia Poem, No. 865 Most influential work, contrast the positivist view: Argue that which sentences, heavy with truth-value, abnormal abound: go aweigh, go! Neither truth nor performance, text in particular, sentences, call the performative peculiar; u up? Oh, abnormal king! Utter one of those astonishing… Read More

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Motorcycle Poem (Toward a Synthesis)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 845 toward new language [breath] liberate power [breath] in a language [breath] liberate choice [breath] in a language on two wheels [breath] hurtling toward the language [breath] language [breath] language [breath] liberate power [breath] in a language [breath] liberate choice [breath] in… Read More

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A Poem Cannot Freeze Time

electric om of fridge spin/fade of digital cube which is no cube at all dog’s breath irradiated larynx fixed, forgotten swallow This galactic lick of nouns to verb And I burn the dictionary.

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Charming Modern Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 785 you are waiting for the construction of my body my body as an extension of my body my body as an extension i am waiting for the construction i am ammo at the art stud club i need i need i… Read More

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Whiteacre with God of Love

Wikipedia Poem, No. 671 the is that makes art but the gone that twines dimension as has the gold-treated cheap not by its job to lead us too but so easily apparent any old color—as too easily apparent—and such a color but this will not… Read More

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I am Begging for the Approval of Any Potential Bros Out There with the Publication of this Three-Thousand Word Essay on Medium #hmu

Wikipedia Poem, No. 601 but not-doing en stumbles chicken bones here ‪men stumble chicken bones here ‪men stumble chicken bones here ‪men stumble around a bag of steaming chicken bones here ‪men stumble flip flops and broadway in chicken bones cheap ‪men stumble chicken bones… Read More

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Have you ever heard of Piero Manzoni?

Oh, honey… Who can deprive a word of its meaning? Do you claim the words when you arrange them? Do you borrow them? Lease them? Leash them? How do you own them, particularly? Have you ever heard of Piero Manzoni? You are a vector. That’s… Read More

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Erotic Possibilities in a Dark Theater

Wikipedia Poem, No. 414 there was no down time in his hard eyes keep in mind the darkness for shaded lively space and what an interior where it is hard to prosecute if no complaint offers the possibility for remaking both the dark ideal and… Read More