‘she said in strand’ (Determiners)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 820


for Deantoni Parks

The forest is nothing but a single strand of spider’s silk suspended in wet air.

the woman on the silk bus spiders
forest asked if i was suspended jewish of
is i said what she said in strand
nothing are you jewish i said single
but my father was wet jewish but
a she said good i said air nothing
single nothing she wet said is
strand there are a lot in of good forest
of jewish people the suspended
spiders i read the silk bible every day
silk i said nothing she spiders said forest
suspended were goofing to win you know is
in im christian she strand said nothing
wet jews and christians single but
air are a lot alike weave a
wet got to protect one but another single
in she said weve got nothing to win strand
suspended this war is she said of
silk and got off the forest bus spiders

‘Kenya Moore Is Readying for Her New Reality: Motherhood’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 754


kenya moore is readying for her new reality motherhood the real housewives of atlanta star 47 confirmed sunday she and husband marc daly are expecting their first child together we will definitely be welcoming a boy or girl in late this year moore revealed during part one of the season 10 reunion oh my god i said that! i don’t want to talk about the details because i’m still very nervous about everything so i want to get past a safe place moore who secretly wed restaurateur daly last june has expressed her desire to expand her family for some time she was spotted at an ivf clinic in barbados in the fall i want a healthy baby moore said moore told page six earlier this month she felt bullied by her co-stars over relationships and parenthood the main thing that they always bullied me about was me being single and me having no children moore explained so now that obviously my life has turned around and i’m getting everything that i want and have ever dreamed of i just think that they’re still stuck and they really just don’t want to be happy for me


Source: Hendricks, Jaclyn. “Kenya Moore Pregnant with First Child.” Page Six, New York Post, 9 Apr. 2018. Web.


Wikipedia Poem, No. 736


“If however magpiety does not exist / My nature does not exist either.” Czeslaw Milosz, 1958


after Czeslaw Milosz

my birthplace
which applies distantly

from one and art
… to the direct experience of

this app
ibidem conferatur magpiety

i walked through books
against our will even

it does not occur without books
this also applies to distant from one end

even against our will
it does not occur through books ever

yet to my birthplace
against our will

applied distantly
it does not occur over rivers even

from one art to another
it does not occur with wetted thigh

… the direct experience of
this also applies distant from one and

this appellate iridescence
walking through my mind

ibidem conferatur magpiety
even against our will

Argument with The Motorcycle Accident

Wikipedia Poem, No. 730


“Overheard2” Joseph M. Gerace. 2018.

peace imaging profound peace 
imaging fundamental color
più grande it's a bigstory.html

fuck the 
brain that 
        is in use blood flow 
more gear from a tortured boy 
snowfall cell thousands you love that you've found two women 
alone enough red deer headdress activity 
        detective something something sitting
alone in his car enough white rain 
        as in they approach the couple 
with violence writhing holly king 
born from the dialect in violence