Jacob Frères Paints with Blood

Wikipedia Poem, No. 425


“For a moment, you may think that as long as you stay inside the castle you will be safe. Outside, everything is transient and destined to decay. Inside everything is incontrovertible, eternal, joyous, and glorious.” Alessandro Carrera on Severino’s Magical Castle

we arrive 
by boat in his jacob 
frères desk
    long fibrous 
        but the 
        ophrys morisii on his palace 
portraits of 
his jacob 
    frères desk
    are long fibrous 
    but the 
flowers on his palace 
portraits of 
his palace 
    with blood
    we arrive by 
        boat in his jacob frères desk
long fibrous scaly 
but the 
flowers on his palace 

portraits of his 
        that means topped
        arrive by boat 
his jacob frères desk long 
    fibrous scaly noses
    but the 
flowers in his palace 
    portraits on his jacob frères desk
are ophrys morisii with amphibious eyes

Dennis Doherty


Have I seen you bikini'd?
The air solidifies around the sound
Of your waxed body     A love song 

The men smoldering on the sidewalk
Have a conversation about Hades 
Reduced to vapor     Southwest Virginia

Encasement of cultural cache in nylon
Tied in a neat knot between keen
Shoulder blades      Pale duvet on fire

Wikipedia Poem, No. 266


“Pyrrho, the one who built such an amusing science out of ignorance … [sometimes suffered] being incised and cauterized with such constancy that he was not seen even to blink.” Montaigne


marrow suppressed memories
eithermore salable images indirectly spring
somatologic malignancies of ontology:

cloud sides breathe interior concerns
erected by a crew in public view
heavy as heaven harvest between blinks

callused tradition conceives the park bench
memory shielding the sculpture the body from
the breath the disaster the doubt cast cave-in

cobras in the grass 

there’s nothing here to say
nothing here go away
run to bed, there’s a candy cane

to suck beef jerky if you like
lights are dead electricity
in deficit someone else moans

that pay off your desire close
your eyes rise through the pneumatic
door this flowering canoe is your dream now

broken where the army corps
intended a puckering of commands
crack up from the topsoil opens

toward the prodigious sun nothing nothing
needs to be said that’s what we missed we
are missed breath cobras in the grass

Wikipedia Poem, No. 136


“The minority groups in present-day industrial society who shout for freedom and human dignity are really clumsily asking that they be given a sense of primary heroism of which they have been cheated historically.” Ernest Becker


Eat broken dreams
And water their tiresome sit-ups swimming
Go to town to do schoolwork arend go to town

For umbrellas of Scotch for 5 p.m. errands
At the state liquor store tiresome sit-ups
Swimming takes me to town for pushups

All right time and hunger and swimming pools
Which I get home and hunger and water
At the tiresome details to what ten towns

Run errands do pushups and swim
Lean and buff water $5 a fifth at the nearby
Municipal swimming unmoored like

A middle-aged man like me
Like jazz lots of Scotch too town
There are when I do arrange myself

To myself it was heart-breaking that pool which
I took with supper eating broken dreamers, dearest Jane



Simons, Seth. “From Winston Churchill to Tim Cook: 
      The Sleep Routines of 7 Brilliant Minds.” Van Winkle’s. 
      Casper, 17 Feb. 2016. Web. 21 Feb. 2016.

“Love.” Dir. Dean Holland. Netflix. 19 Feb. 2016. Streaming video.

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 112

“It is replaced”


I’ll be staying away from stories 
regarding Friday night’s Paris attacks, 
as well as all secondary reax stories. 

One exception for the Nation & World page 
will be the story out of Libya concerning 
a mostly unrelated drone strike 
that killed an IS commander there.

If this news makes it into your Paris mainbar 
or any secondary coverage elsewhere, please 
email me and I will make sure that it is replaced 
on your N&W page.


away from stories one exception 
for the Nation for there if this 
news makes it into your Paris 

Paris will be staying away from our stories 
regarding a mostly unrelated drone story 
out of Libya concerning a mostly unrelated drone 
staying a mostly unrelated drone regarding 

one exception for here
if this news makes it into your 
Paris attacks as well as all secondary coverage 
it is replaced in your Paris makes it into our Paris

Wikipedia Poem, No. 100

pitler's law

what was 
in the bathroom 


he had 
  to improvise
more brittle 
          while you know I've never


why rush it
I guarantee you that was just  
a church      the church


the same thing 
the article 
my confession in front of 
my kitten the 


had to sort 
      an end of things on click crack 
CEO of surgery cringes ends my kitten


le spooky-spooky 
was a 
star game 
  of any thing of a dead anything
this keeps happening      a dream


I remind the moderator and end
 the same way 
my folderol trade     far better travel


a large
      eye each time      nobody is 
any more 
any time 

Bukowski’s Place

He had a thick listhp like he’d been punched in his mouth
his whole life. He didn’t ask us to leave
but served us garbage whiskey, asked
a half condescending question
about how long we’ve had the internet
and then shot a small, scared mouse
with a bow and arrow.

We were tourists alright.