Indefinite Traumatic Past

Wikipedia Poem, No. 684


joined indefinite floodplain

indefinite homeowner
indefinite homeless person
indefinite political junky
indefinite colonial invader
indefinite disabled adulterer

he claims

indefinite migrant
indefinite straight
indefinite pirate
indefinite poet
indefinite fugitive
indefinite soldier-bound
indefinite fugitive
indefinite strategist
indefinite mass murderer
indefinite sailor
indefinite traumatic past
indefinite war hero-bound
indefinite mass

joined father
joined brain

indefinite traumatic past
indefinite punk lash

joined father thief
joined brain indefinite fugitive

any old adulterer
full-stop he claims indefinite war hero

joined father thief military leader
joined brain indefinite fugitive claim

indefinite old quitclaim

Polyphemus in Napa

Wikipedia Poem, No. 655


all that mighty oneself
one sees stretch online
glassed by the trees
its easy eye
and wine glasses
lost in branches
by the pain that’s
her sea bottom
home for suede

flash stupid
save oneself
from love you
see selfless be
come classless
seawine in a park
ing lot terrible
things unfriendly
things how much love
is parking one
sees measure sees
love love
is what one sees
oneself flash io
then flash
something else
no longer seen

Self-Portrait (Memnon’s Remix)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 652


“And look! Memnon has been stolen away and is at the edge of the painting.” Philostratus the Elder

i know what precisely     to say
do i say     a few years back
what's      right and how much of love 
is high cheek bones and how many 
high cheek bones gatherd here        how low
the creek groans      bones and how much left
i felt          the thin cracks in what's right 
and how does algae grow so deeply phonetic
down my chest beauty     when ever 
where ever     i'm not looking at my phone 
am i begging myself    to stay    say a few years 
back    what precisely do i mean or am           
i asking me or am i asking me or am i asking           
my phone when ever i'm right behind myself that's 
how love is high       cheek bones and glass skin 
and how much of love       is deeply photosynthetic 
am i asking          my phone which i am not looking at 
first that master's eyes surrounded by bones and           
how much of love       is a long stemmed wine glass 
there are my high cheek bones love
and how much of love is thin cracks in that master's degree 
eyes surrounded by all the pain out of hand 
i know what precisely do i mean or am i muttering again 
either way i see myself    of course    in my master's eyes 
surrounded by   all the rosette bone algae growing     
so deeply phonetic then i say    a few years worth of 
what's right and yet    look first that's how much is felt 
see the seamouth's signifier   and how much of love is glass thin   
skin cracks    in the long stemmed wine glass        full of saltspit 
there are high cheek bones and then there are high cheek bones
in a low cut white v-neck crawling with algae so deeply photosynthetic 
am   i asking myself or am i       asking me
say a few years go by what precisely do i say then
after a few thin years


“I’m expecting to see a new Hiroshima.”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 626


“Two monster snakes in bristling steely sheen / Did guileful Hera send in bitter hate / Upon the babes their maw to satiate.” Theocritus (trans. James Henry Hallard, 1894)

                 said he 
  was eager to get home but bracing 
himself for what he might see       ill be lucky

had already begun in 
      still          led forces said on tuesday

kurds and arabs in both iraq        
 celebrations had already begun in raqqa      

all fighting         
           declared a caliphate      declared a caliphate  
    declare a caliphate

      led forces said he 
     eager to get home but bracing himself for what he might see 

               led airstrikes that they had taken all fighters were 
said on tuesday


Source: Barnard, Anne. “U.S.-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa From ISIS.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 17 Oct. 2017,

Strange Candy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 613


“Crack, crack, old ship! so long as thou crackest, thou holdest!” Melville

xerxes burrows into his thing-pink shirt for safety     i never said 
he plays with geometry    not consciously however    i 
pity him    welcome him to his soul    where 
hallucinations manifest themselves     into the guy or gal
the bloodpool    dreams of the battle of thermopylae     sit down 
hero     he wants a backyard with high fences     he wants 
to be the president 
very badly      darius sends emissaries to each greek city-state
information passes through still photographs until xerxes' body


David Lynch (Was Briefly on Tinder)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 503

“To keep silent and act wise—still not as good as drinking sake, getting drunk and weeping” Ōtomo no Tabito

attached via ligaments
the helmsman who
helped your mother
into her tail for centuries

pairs off domestic pigeons
to brake and steer men
with vast attachments
to long lost lovers

lynch does the same
packing each scene
with centuries of fat and muscle
which formerly surrounded buried bones

the helmsman has rectrices
and is absent from the song’s brief, luminous life

I Think You’re Using That Word Incorrectly

Wikipedia Poem, No. 426


“When I press summer dusks together, it is / a month of street accordions and sprinklers / laying the dust, small shadows running from me.” Derek Walcott

important instances
mannied amongst old norse cannon 
another subjective occasion
to sing

expedience skalds far beyond what would be natural 
infomatic meaning like business cards
where are
my men    and will it be natural        
to metaphor thus for our leader 

men will
intervene among basewords 
order arrives in skalds

not paddling but windblown
favored conventions factor by adverbs adjectives according           
to each compound to what 
would be

metaphors thus
laser-etch onto a cliff faced adverb         
and to which compound would he be characterized 

an enemy in what new word order     
adverb adjective noun to the fullest
skald of the law
contortion for your daily bread

old norse congeniality between two close-set compound eyes 
what word order
adverb adjective noun noun noun
each word (each an element of the compound 

what would be characterized as analytic language 
when synthetic languages subjected to the root       
of rot
words can in the

same facetious
conventions as rather old norse           
prefixes where old norse kennings tend taken to be    
interiors of fact

Dennis Doherty


Have I seen you bikini'd?
The air solidifies around the sound
Of your waxed body     A love song 

The men smoldering on the sidewalk
Have a conversation about Hades 
Reduced to vapor     Southwest Virginia

Encasement of cultural cache in nylon
Tied in a neat knot between keen
Shoulder blades      Pale duvet on fire

Wikipedia Poem, No. 301



       study in a color lab 
one finds that 
finds that finds that finds that finds that finds that 
finds that 
    that finds

      fall down a bit 
      this overall consumer

         on horseback the like words
climax approach cavalry 
not race toward a cavalry 
approach the burning candle
obsessions being slippery things