Strange Candy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 613


“Crack, crack, old ship! so long as thou crackest, thou holdest!” Melville

xerxes burrows into his thing-pink shirt for safety     i never said 
he plays with geometry    not consciously however    i 
pity him    welcome him to his soul    where 
hallucinations manifest themselves     into the guy or gal
the bloodpool    dreams of the battle of thermopylae     sit down 
hero     he wants a backyard with high fences     he wants 
to be the president 
very badly      darius sends emissaries to each greek city-state
information passes through still photographs until xerxes' body


David Lynch (Was Briefly on Tinder)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 503

“To keep silent and act wise—still not as good as drinking sake, getting drunk and weeping” Ōtomo no Tabito

attached via ligaments
the helmsman who
helped your mother
into her tail for centuries

pairs off domestic pigeons
to brake and steer men
with vast attachments
to long lost lovers

lynch does the same
packing each scene
with centuries of fat and muscle
which formerly surrounded buried bones

the helmsman has rectrices
and is absent from the song’s brief, luminous life

I Think You’re Using That Word Incorrectly

Wikipedia Poem, No. 426


“When I press summer dusks together, it is / a month of street accordions and sprinklers / laying the dust, small shadows running from me.” Derek Walcott

important instances
mannied amongst old norse cannon 
another subjective occasion
to sing

expedience skalds far beyond what would be natural 
infomatic meaning like business cards
where are
my men    and will it be natural        
to metaphor thus for our leader 

men will
intervene among basewords 
order arrives in skalds

not paddling but windblown
favored conventions factor by adverbs adjectives according           
to each compound to what 
would be

metaphors thus
laser-etch onto a cliff faced adverb         
and to which compound would he be characterized 

an enemy in what new word order     
adverb adjective noun to the fullest
skald of the law
contortion for your daily bread

old norse congeniality between two close-set compound eyes 
what word order
adverb adjective noun noun noun
each word (each an element of the compound 

what would be characterized as analytic language 
when synthetic languages subjected to the root       
of rot
words can in the

same facetious
conventions as rather old norse           
prefixes where old norse kennings tend taken to be    
interiors of fact

Dennis Doherty


Have I seen you bikini'd?
The air solidifies around the sound
Of your waxed body     A love song 

The men smoldering on the sidewalk
Have a conversation about Hades 
Reduced to vapor     Southwest Virginia

Encasement of cultural cache in nylon
Tied in a neat knot between keen
Shoulder blades      Pale duvet on fire

Wikipedia Poem, No. 301



       study in a color lab 
one finds that 
finds that finds that finds that finds that finds that 
finds that 
    that finds

      fall down a bit 
      this overall consumer

         on horseback the like words
climax approach cavalry 
not race toward a cavalry 
approach the burning candle
obsessions being slippery things



Wikipedia Poem, No. 268


“So the first dignity, it turns out, is to get the spelling right. ” Robert Hass


walk south west becoming-man
walk north east colombian teen
stretched overhead not yet static

from under a baby blue polo
a slingshot no the sky what
is he looking for the divine

not yet hands scrape static
from under a baby blue sky
what is he a colombian teen

stretched thin brown hands
scrape under a slingshot
no the sky the looking rod

not yet young flanking through
his brown handsome powerful
pelt peeks out from under a baby

a slingshot no what is he looking
at a scrape of static in the sky
the beast on terrace place becoming-man

walks north east the colombian stretches
thin arms overhead handsome young
powerful a slingshot through his brow



Wikipedia Poem, No. 181




Parataxic wolves
The main predators of raccoon dogs
Kill large numbers
In spring and summer
Attacks have been reported in autumn, too.

in tartarstan wolf predators pray
to goshawks and white-tailed eagles

In Tartarstan, wolf predation
Is responsible for more than half
Of raccoon dog deaths.
In northwestern Russia
It accounts for far more.

raccoon dog pups dream
of reportage in autumn too

Red foxes kill raccoon dog pups
And have been known to bite adults
To death. Both foxes and Eurasian badgers
Compete with raccoon dogs for food
And kill them if raccoon dogs enter their burrows.

golden eagles bite spring burrows
predators of predators in autumn

Eurasian lynxes rarely attack due to
Their low numbers. Birds of prey
Golden eagles, white-tailed eagles,
Goshawks and eagle owls take
Raccoon dogs in one fell swoop.

foxes rarely attack due to the volume
of tartarstan wolf prayers golden eagles


Source: “Raccoon dog.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 21 Apr. 2016. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 173


“Alas for the men who had designed the Internet whilst enthralled by Ayn Rand and shitty Science Fiction, it turned out that an open forum of ideas was impossible when the vast majority of vocal users were no more than babbling shit-asses.” jarett kobek, i hate the internet


persons’ law is defined to call
prevailed terminal attorney bluntly
out engages & implicitly argued

in the nation made forth by froth
Joseph Roger meets country
potently appeals crimes in threes

differs in tort studies follow certain
term these instant offense-based
jurisdictioner an SVP is the country of

innocent secure may be fitted
executed with single vision
forth and froth an alcoholic beaver

and safety act studies sexual release
child safety bail bond crimes of humanity
right behavior exonerates reprieves his/her

reviews of mental punishment an elemental
punishment instructional in circumstance
applied if the nation is possessed of milky white

& murders are taken widely often undisputed
states respect court-monitored refrains
probation occurs who offered completion

does notificate in accepting his/her on
rooftops united however age in offenders
include such and may co-defense-based

in sentence confined in DNA
perform that registry of minotaur
the Anglosphere considered accepting

attorney bluntly outs the treatment
court-monitored internet to address SVP
laws in some asserted dangerous tool

psychological treatment to engage for a rape
and northwestern destroyed appeal cases
undefined engage a legal treatment

housing agency placemency is referred severe
and/or performer partner who order risk-based eithers
are order reviews offered this that do notificate Patty


options increase mental disorder
lacks disorder lacks disorder is true
regions noting pattern to function

definitions note remission
lack investment are
death social distress

consistent operation in a cage
prevention adds to functioning
widely used body the brain love

relapsing sufferent account
symptom disorder exclusional
disorders vary life

Wikipedia Poem, No. 166


“All I did was let the kettle boil.” John Ashbery


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