Wikipedia Poem, No. 892

through next week.

Dead, I could not
be allowed to move
when my rabbit ran away

it is usually a red dress that day.
When my leg went west.
The dead I could not say—

owned what a belief.
I could not say—so who
owns this chief relief. I could be.

I could be locked away but when they whisper
in a vest it’s usually addressed to the right, first place.
When my leg went west I could not say—
whoever owns it is usually underdressed.

Move when my rabbit runs away: It is
unusually in first place. When they are
so usable assume one of their lips looks away.

Source: Ruefle, Mary. “When Adults Talk”Selected Poems. Seattle: Wave Books, 2011. Print.

Three Movements

Wikipedia Poem, No. 705


“free play of forms and forces, clearly beyond our laws and indifferent to our wishes” Yves Bonnefoy

   but also    but   
     but also! 
      after finishing room foreground dogs were seated quietly   
      it comedy 
and being 
to that sticks in a film the 
scene that  
          also after finishing 
 you know what sticks in! 
          a figure 8 in concert    
     but comedy being the
room foreground 

Poet’s Market 2018

Wikipedia Poem, No. 682


“Maybe you have to be from there to hear it sing” C.D. Wright


a bell 
long ago 
rung in fear
one with 
a thousand 

a great poem can be 
wild nectar or a great poem 
can be scrubbed from the timeline

by whom?                his moaning
                        to be 

how      i assume 
you didn't choose what 
you'd surreptitiously strike

one perfect choice what'd you 
have to not say
          about the young plants 

the end   so wild
      so abandoned of cherry blossom 
not the wild plants with a thousand-word long line 

and this morning i'm unable 
to plant anything lovely 
a cypher as if long ago the bell was rung 

in a dark mossy room 
ducks in marshland jump 
into the air and crash

a great poem can be removed with buck
and jump a great poetry book should be 
wild never hit one perfect cherry blossom 

if by cherry blossom you mean sells well
every day i taste a man my poem 
can be how it is assumed	you'd never

choose what you'd never hit one 
perfect choice nectar of the therapist 
the tended-to plants present wild nectar 

with both hands a great poem removed from 
morning is not a therapist is not a plant lovely
his dog kills the therapist his morning 
is lovely and romantic 
and his morning is not the wild nectar 
on the thousand turning silent eyes

there is loveliness and fun 
the therapist and the therapist's dog 

kill ducks in marshland
a great poem can be 
removed by scrubbing

from mourning 
i'm unable to choose 
what you'd nectar on o reader

a great poem can be removed 
from the whiteness of the bath
is not led into a thing 
i'm unable to recall the wild never
the title of a long 
ago rung bell afraid 

one perfect choice what 
you'd nectar on a great poem can be 
how wild plants are lovely without us

and buck (he says you didn't choose) 
on a great poem can be removed 
and planted in the garden beside his body 

i wonder 
is there not a therapist 
inside every ridiculous yes

wikipedia poem, no. 25


“Harbingers aggrieve the event surviving punk kids who take to imagineer politics. She studied against structure, thus a boycott, called Woman which runs in power-bending concerns. These concerns include threats and the born-female perfect tense afforded liberation that the next year old boy has accessed for turquoise generations and published across the lectern. She who had activists had afforded brown includes not to treats and wanted her washed. Washed she was.” –Wikipedia

    the A-plot of presence (or a 
few years
         the warrior-type
go back toward the thing the sense 
         go back refuse the idea out
and about my writing 
its basic need for comments 
6 deleted this week
	encouraging and flattering but
      Thanks for they are one, something once tried 
         poems slit across the highway like a motorcycle 
         “yr form”
          in mission-only 
        the case, right/good pop lyrics yr!
      be the same to between together wild monestated after this 
          the use and the drawn together dogs, black
ones on 
  the dual light now she's going to say it:
Like it.
go back! The 
the wanting (your the full 
      coming where; the speculative sensual
     differently triptych 
context a
funeral extended by hookers tested—now towards— 
what’s by its very 
place: You're where, but I do a little. "Men" also confuse me.
The first ties to higher education and puzzle found
      to collage to arrive 
   you comfort to confuse 
          and choristers 
    with some sort 
     of interstitial variety, but you should account beautiful things as they are walking towards you, not away from you
you line her slits up and taken thou 
  Thanks for then though I retooled 
    trolled as 
basic theory remains about 
the room 
   or to quote
the dignity there’s no way to say it without being artless and specific.