Wikipedia Poem, No, 691


      in some countries hair 
pilcrow blossom falls 
     she is you remember that
a good husband avoids 
     a cross 
time bothers neither alluvial husband nor empire 
husband nor backwoods 

nor line them up on my own thread

      i return to my 
collapsing honey-clings to my 
    life my wife that white refusee there and not 

      the first time staring beautiful you said a fistful 
of memories    you covetously       

been inside 
my mind 

    9.4% alc/vol my lips do not behave 
like the good husband nor the quiet car 
away from the 

that honey-pillow goddess pun

Poet’s Market 2018

Wikipedia Poem, No. 682


“Maybe you have to be from there to hear it sing” C.D. Wright


a bell 
long ago 
rung in fear
one with 
a thousand 

a great poem can be 
wild nectar or a great poem 
can be scrubbed from the timeline

by whom?                his moaning
                        to be 

how      i assume 
you didn't choose what 
you'd surreptitiously strike

one perfect choice what'd you 
have to not say
          about the young plants 

the end   so wild
      so abandoned of cherry blossom 
not the wild plants with a thousand-word long line 

and this morning i'm unable 
to plant anything lovely 
a cypher as if long ago the bell was rung 

in a dark mossy room 
ducks in marshland jump 
into the air and crash

a great poem can be removed with buck
and jump a great poetry book should be 
wild never hit one perfect cherry blossom 

if by cherry blossom you mean sells well
every day i taste a man my poem 
can be how it is assumed	you'd never

choose what you'd never hit one 
perfect choice nectar of the therapist 
the tended-to plants present wild nectar 

with both hands a great poem removed from 
morning is not a therapist is not a plant lovely
his dog kills the therapist his morning 
is lovely and romantic 
and his morning is not the wild nectar 
on the thousand turning silent eyes

there is loveliness and fun 
the therapist and the therapist's dog 

kill ducks in marshland
a great poem can be 
removed by scrubbing

from mourning 
i'm unable to choose 
what you'd nectar on o reader

a great poem can be removed 
from the whiteness of the bath
is not led into a thing 
i'm unable to recall the wild never
the title of a long 
ago rung bell afraid 

one perfect choice what 
you'd nectar on a great poem can be 
how wild plants are lovely without us

and buck (he says you didn't choose) 
on a great poem can be removed 
and planted in the garden beside his body 

i wonder 
is there not a therapist 
inside every ridiculous yes

Wikipedia Poem, No. 267

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“On the wall is a spot: the painter sneezed / … or dirt, / or is it a cousin back from the dead / yearning to touch brows. / The spot is not monochrome; red is with that gray. / It is … a cell beset by virus. / Really, I don’t know. So much business thins me out. / And now voices approach: they are spheres, textured.” Kleinzahler


direct pinesap sunlight sight recede
fundament unnerving receiver
function over fabrication consider this

future clasping scales study and synprecept
rich woodland sights sunlight retractable specific-
developed neuroscientific union

of committee glans stretch the canyon tip
commonly suggests 95 percent in utero make art
in utero enhanced thought through thunder

between metonymy and metaphor innervated mucous memory
‘s saprophyte defaces coin retractable specific
developing through time with wine considered raceme

retractable boy fairly stretchable roots of pine and oak
man fairly stretchable specific developed analyses suspend mental
syntheses overstimulates unfastening copper cage door


Source: Kleinzahler, August. “The Interior Decorator on Sunday.” Live from the Hong Kong Nile Club: Poems, 1975-1990. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000. Print. Page 31.


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Overgrown Hops, Livingston Manor, N.Y., July 2016


The least desirable male model in the room.
Che figata! The sweet, sticky, glowing
World fills the artist’s pocket. That claimed room.
It bleats with importance. Vibrates. He reaches down
And finds his hand bleeding.

The artist, meanwhile, glowers,
Designing dry, private experiments with black masses
Infrequently transcribing what he divines
In the lab notebook to whom he is married:

Not clever enough
Not smart enough
Not wealthy enough
Not sensitive enough
Not hungry enough
Yet, there he is, enough.
Still life of the artist without father:

Findings inconclusive and forgotten.
Wrong number. Au gratin.

He intuits something young,
And asks: Why bother taking the test?
He’ll all be dead soon. And all the rest?

Dead and fine. He lines up
In front of the urinal
Panting like a gladiator.

Sad, spineless and the quite-possibly-alive emoji.
The pistol. The butcher’s knife. The optimistic turd. The sword, then.


Too much sensuality to dissolve
On the tip of the tongue
and him, unable to pay
much attention to anything, if I remember correctly.

John Ashbery loves to astute his assay:
August Kleinzahler adores his ma in Fort Lee:
Czeslaw Milosz, I hope you cherish the artist’s unencumbered flesh,
Decomposing in cubes on the couch
While he Googles for a definite vision of the divine
In an apple tree. (Another fucking apple tree.)

The least desirable male specimen
In this corner of his universe. Si, si.
Che figata! Strafigo! Abbastanza bene!

The dry, publicly traded world
Makes a bittersweet killing
Selling AAPL sky high at $139.

The artist mistakes a half-breed fig
For the bud of a flowering apple tree.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 235


birth nature first then rethink people
organize all things accurately
these are mirthful gestures

imagine then precise pantomime
reinventing poetic ethics yearly
do not work hard the economy

here is too small nature winds
like wild kudzu grasps parallel
movement of its slight creators

you did this job right you
say your pussy is tight say
specifically of its motherly gestures

Wikipedia Poem, No. 185


“If you concentrate on the sound, if you disassociate the words from the object they denote, and if you say the words over and over, they become a sort of higher Esperanto. … pure chant … then … find[ing] an object to accommodate the words.” Don DeLillo


loxodonta africana

large quantities of fluorite tusk
dance a dramatic statehood
of flesh kikuyu nandi luhya

luo forest by internet light
sky against art eggfully
billow thick hatches a forest

air corrupts art flesh
bordered by ivory
it is poached elephant

chrysanthemum cinerariifolium


Source: Monet, Claude. “Green Park, London.” Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
     1870. Web. 4 May 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 176


“What the soul contributed was in a dream, touched very lightly, and merely licked and sprinkled, as it were, by the soft impression of the senses.” Montaigne


surname maudelen
from the early middle english fem.
proper name of a repentant sinner

for this tree-like fragrant
mostly white night-blooming
genera as shown indoors

in luke 7:37 in pain clinical
greenhouse the tall fluid
frequently forgiven

by thin-stemmed climbers
while shades of repentant sinners
locate determinate interstitium

Wikipedia Poem, No. 175


Relief in this return to normalcy—that I could stop thinking about this “other world” of unknown bird sounds.


the middle age’s language garden
petals once because golden soil
means plant and not the altar devil’s

flowers heat pluto into third eye sight
grow sometimes invasive on winter
days in your high and like a layer

of flowers with sidearms you
wants in the sea spike a wonderful
well—for it is otherwise missing

to a true black hollyhock they can
be invasive corn is nice black
decorative heralds a middle age

the cottage of pollen with no petals
a week’s bees but the seedhead
picks off other gifts flowers an ape

and perennial dried goods
cut flowers bloomy red hot soppy
large round and marry mordant spiders

Wikipedia Poem, No. 156

“‘The pussy and the ass.
They are the cupcake and the pastry.
Because one tastes sour and one tastes sweet.’

‘Darling,’ said Adeline, ‘which is it?’

‘That’s the mystery of the cupcake and the pastry.
No one knows. It depends on your personal preference.'”

— from Jarett Kobek’s “i hate the internet”


thickened, fleshy 
       parts of highly 
modified leaves


even being found in the Ancient Greek κάκτος


sharp spines, even 
only part


Singapore Botanic Gardens
Many live 
  in the south to flow close 
to  water


of sharp spines, like thickened, fleshy adaptation


          reduced from Patagonia in the storm
  water lost 
various software, see Cactaceae

Wikipedia Poem, No. 144




oncidiums for a precise guide to oncidiums prefer 
their care crossed together the parent genera in colder climates 
this orchid of the nun the result is a result of a beautiful bloom stem 

topped with man-made come in freeze-freeze-freeze
freeze-free to research the genera in colder climates 
the idiosyncrasies often occur out of the nun orchids 

often the strial cap prefers nuns in colder climates 
intergeneral different generics prefer oncidiums 
for a proffer to be generic they also prefer year-round 

in a fairly tight pot different culture one must result 
in a result called a result has occurred given all the parenting
genus phaius the parent generic's precise guide to the nun orchid

beautiful broad leaf terrestrial orchids of the 
  blooming and background care — crossed together 
growth emerges inter bloom 
stems top 

many care-crossed 
  media to 
      be genus phaius


area collection these miniatures drop below 40 
in colder climates this orchid looks much like come
indoors before night collection of petals form a fracture

unique three strike tops with many beautiful freezing come
blooms petals trials lookingly unique three strike collection fracture 
with many beautiful blooms these miniatures drop below 40 

the petals form a triangular shape hiding the summers come 
year-round in bloom stems topped with many broad beautiful 
winters it will develop tall petals bloomsopped toward fracture

          unique three areas 
in collection the summers outside year-round in 
bloom stems 
   topped with 
beautiful bloom 
summers outside year-round 
bloomsopped with 
  beautiful blooms 
the petals 
form a trial 
          orchid lookingly unique 
colder climates 
tiny top 
   making unique 
       come indoors before 
temperatures drop 
below 40 
collect miniature orchids 
lookingly unique three 
        a common houseplant 
        a trial orchid collection the nun 
much like 
come indoors before 
    night temperatures 
    drop below 
the petals form a 
orchid lookingly


broad leaf the media 
to periods of grow outside year-round 
if subjected to careful broad 

leaves these harsh humidity 
humble just be even manly moist 
and should come indoors before night

temperatures drop below 40 degrees 
climates that smell like chocolate the 
media grow outside year-round if subjected 

to increased humility just be even and
fair and moist and come indoors below 
the pseudobulbs that smell like to grow

    habit of growing out 
          of an accordion 
just be 
pseudobulbs though the 
media tall stems of triscented 
sphagnum moss

- rePotme. Orchid Identification., 2005. Web. 13 Mar. 2016.
- Gallardo, Alex. “Jerian Grant, Cole Aldrich, Kristaps Porzingis.” 
     11 Mar. 2016. Photograph. 11 Mar. 2016.