Wikipedia Poem, No. 274


“The light emission diodes stare, / incandescent crab eyes. / Foghorns trade calls in the night / as if lost, seeking one another out, / sometimes in the key of A, / sounding out there by the cliffs, / sometimes in G or C, / depending on how the fog is blowing, / but always their loudest right before dawn.” Kleinzahler


highest calorific content
the carbon luster the highest
anthracite is coal of all content

carbon has carbon
content for graphite
     ext ext ethaub
anthracite is hard compact

anthracite submetallic luster
     aas s fe iall
calorific luster it has carbon
luster it has coal of except

types of all types fewest
carbon content for graphite
compact variety that has content

the highest and highest highest
impurities for graphite anthracite
     iof theracte
submetallic luster calorific luster
     e hnter

the fewest luster it has coal except types
of submetallic has coal submetallic
     pt entt ht tt

content has a submetallic
has carbon content
     ype grconl
of all content has not
     cc lnthnt



  • Kleinzahler, August. “Noir.” Sleeping It Off in Rapid City: Poems, New and Selected. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008. Print. Page 37.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 267

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“On the wall is a spot: the painter sneezed / … or dirt, / or is it a cousin back from the dead / yearning to touch brows. / The spot is not monochrome; red is with that gray. / It is … a cell beset by virus. / Really, I don’t know. So much business thins me out. / And now voices approach: they are spheres, textured.” Kleinzahler


direct pinesap sunlight sight recede
fundament unnerving receiver
function over fabrication consider this

future clasping scales study and synprecept
rich woodland sights sunlight retractable specific-
developed neuroscientific union

of committee glans stretch the canyon tip
commonly suggests 95 percent in utero make art
in utero enhanced thought through thunder

between metonymy and metaphor innervated mucous memory
‘s saprophyte defaces coin retractable specific
developing through time with wine considered raceme

retractable boy fairly stretchable roots of pine and oak
man fairly stretchable specific developed analyses suspend mental
syntheses overstimulates unfastening copper cage door


Source: Kleinzahler, August. “The Interior Decorator on Sunday.” Live from the Hong Kong Nile Club: Poems, 1975-1990. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000. Print. Page 31.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 185


“If you concentrate on the sound, if you disassociate the words from the object they denote, and if you say the words over and over, they become a sort of higher Esperanto. … pure chant … then … find[ing] an object to accommodate the words.” Don DeLillo


loxodonta africana

large quantities of fluorite tusk
dance a dramatic statehood
of flesh kikuyu nandi luhya

luo forest by internet light
sky against art eggfully
billow thick hatches a forest

air corrupts art flesh
bordered by ivory
it is poached elephant

chrysanthemum cinerariifolium


Source: Monet, Claude. “Green Park, London.” Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
     1870. Web. 4 May 2016.


Bonk escapes from Beirut's seaside corniche which was damaged by strong and high waves in Lebanon.

Where to dispose of the
hole 	The small body begins
	where the breath falls
	through to the kaolinite

production in cooler
of tonnes
the People’s Republic — geographically
	weathered igneous preserved

Flat across the earth
Flat across the Earth
	ear to yourself
whole	an understated
rejection of purpose 	No
means no means	hear it here first
hear hear among the worms

From the bottom			what do I see
slowly 					the world shoveled in
not that but here 			in purchase
the minerals 				form a simple lattice 
disruptive — a net 			understanding of purpose
reach beyond their value		in the ground
what do I see 				my size.

wikipedia poem, no. 6

M.F. Slipstream

One airstream mechanism said to the Earth
If it pleases, the lake’s water shall drain north into the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Stops may be made with air flowing outward from language

Filling the main trough—note the asymmetry—altered by glacial forces
The M=O=U=T=H, the clear imprint on advancing land,
          retreating evidence of lake extension south
few languages cover the lowlands between Sediment and Cascade

At its maximum extent the alveolar basin and inundating southern lowlands
          retreated from Samoan words—had three phases
where it drained south into language melt water common consonants
          cut into the landscape
between fricative glaciers in the hollowed invention of a long nasal drumlin.