‘We have passed through the night without deliverance’


these might be bad translations
but at this moment they are
the only translations available in english

Nous avons traversé la nuit sans délivrance
translated as
We have passed through the night without deliverance

sure it’s accurate but
the translator must also be
a most loving octopus

‘the ble toes. the ben? an.’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 813


treestars of spture mythstrongle
ot reman asay
what ment
thru that throe the myth
the d turngth t away
me ought thru wood of the coripturipturu trer
dyour fic lo, inter
or ong sofoot and cut it therupt browna
but i am s vacat tur coul as that say.

like we th caror belling the thoughat ito deandled
mythru dundayssertit is the beasts like earth caroes.

the ble toes. the ben? an.
rigularlievingle, new south by gild men?

oking woode the churoes.
look a cle corn equist.
and whe cory, thalf-s vacasts at is myth one
of the dusay. what myth o deat yourner.
the s hists. to picorner coulook ight ts.

the bour owe do, savay of my grt. myth
the does nd whaway. i prot is the e corned tof the!
humand wharth, a st youripturly exist. does dusk.

does dusk. oneaf lath againter for beasts
not it ist thess. a streed. motive cornd turner.
is vacorneru tre to e the delayths. to say me that killes of speedcorner own.
our lled of thru dusk. lookiner. nat tuild mud.
was ke ourly express exist. the twispecif langularlina.


was ke our the thato deacant. r.
nas melina. of specifific le to
strond ratly ag wood cut.

Malachi Favors

Wikipedia Poem, No. 812


“If the cosmics didn’t lead me, I would be in some lounge making two or three hundred dollars a week, playing tunes.” Malachi Favors

i will tell you again
poems youth against beauty
like a rare monster swinging at frip cotillion
strangled and carved-out facepaint
remain the age you are young
never leave the burning barn
that was your ward: green bottles strangle southside
the monster’s fine gold drum hair
i told you it’s a monster that deserves
to live unmolested of designer label

again i will tell you
poems beauty against youth
like endimanché bashes the thin rocky air
melts flashbang-marsh rags rashborn ensemble
pearlescent veyron white of el niño breathsnape
menthol siphonophore spiked colonial red band
blue for the family bucket the barn was born
scrape that chicago polyriddim outta my helmet
it’s a monster that deserves to live
unmolested of designer label i told you this

No Echo No Light (Sorted)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 808


without echo
this is arguable
the new edition
no echo no light
no echo no light
no echo no light
echo without tongue
a soft clumsy argument
departments and programs
new edition of the borrowed text
the new edition of the translation
the new edition of the new edition
in this it is arguable: in his preface
this preface to a treat without echo
departments and pronouns continue to
continue to tongue without imagination
west relates how many university translators
treat the translator’s invisibility without echo
to the new edition departments and programs
of soft clumsy giants this is arguable in his preface
kanye west relates how many university programs
imagine a soft clumsy giant ingrown in a mountain
as a linguistic brick rather than a humanity of fields
continue to treat the translator’s invisibility as a liability

O! Look! Delphinus Point and the Abandoned Lyre

Wikipedia Poem, No. 806


Kerstin Brätsch (DAS INSTITUT), Upright Tanning, 2012 (detail); From the series: Glow Rod Tanning for Das Institut & United Brothers; Interchangeable mylar (3 parts), oil on mylar; photographed at The Model, Sligo, Ireland. (with Self-Portrait)


plotted indigenous
or relatively large
anthropoidal prey
of mesoamericans indigenous
or relatively large

plotted in gold
cold cold cold
to soak maize indigenous
into a shower
of overgrown gardens

turn toward particles
turn yourself interior
kill the rich
he won’t greek
would swim out interior kill

kill the particles
turn yourself
interior the rich
he won the greeks
would swim out into stars

beside them all


See more work from Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder at the Kunsthalle Zürich.

Second Person (after Martin Ott)


Hold X. You, everlasting, fall into the voidheavy abyss. No?

To me at least the monsters perfect themselves
by knowing every color in the crayon box.
Certainty. Statistically ineffable erasures
graze out among the butter green mean of grasses
weeds and plants indigenous to a given area
over geologic time, available for a limited time only
is what you mean — in loot boxes. Your children’s
shimmer, blast anatomy, orbit of faeries, featherfrost.
All tooth. All esophagus. Yada yada yada. All asshole.

Head Gone Nova (Homoerotica)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 794


living how i love his dead cat semaphore because he knows grass
does he know this persona poem the concept of paradox it’s where i sit

while sober people apocalypse the empty place better dough
the freshly cut grass of imagination does he know?

i mean quick and slides two blue knives out of the sun sometimes
and money comes out isn’t it enough to know what anyone means

this photo of joshua clover’s buried eye dead soon and kiss him
know grass does he know this persona poem is the lips that long ago stopped reading so as to worship

gone nova a paradox it’s where the christ figure looks and kisses him do you know
this photo of parallel analyses for a tailwind nor a skeleton look and kiss him

and kiss him now this dead soon and kiss him know the lips
stop read the lips stop smell the lips stop read go nova

speak german here so i don’t know the sun sometimes its
athletic stare their actions tell me their actions and wonder what

parallel analysis of a tailwind nor a day of imagination do i get his
brave risk unpredictable looks and kiss him know grass does he too

be brave risk unpredictable looks and kiss his know grass does he know
persona poem empty place his fresh doughy flesh cut grass does he too?

does he at all? cool blue knives speak so i don’t know
why anyone speaks german aren’t they choosing here so i don’t know

this dead soon and lover’s buried eye dead soon and kiss him after
concept of systems living and kiss his known grass does he imagine he knows

which has always been athletic and hypothetical the midget shrieks
slides two blue knives out of his pockets i mean quick out the sun

After Reading Henri Cole

Wikipedia Poem, No. 793


to form a barrier form a barrier
infect fissile shade lie down
don’t break the line
avoid dehydration stretch
allow the journey to ossify
that’s no cheap metaphor
allow experience to turn time to bone
horny layer
that dreamer’s dozen of dead cells
vicious organelles to form a barrier
form a barrier but hold it true

In Which Nathalia Crane Gives It Up by the Harsh Candlelight of Hindsight (Mansion of Gravity)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 791


“it cries and it looks like a wolf I believe it wanted / to cultivate this look” Julian Talamantez Brolaski

lava lane will 
       be her 
         poet off the 
          gravity mist and sing

         is profane 
       nathalia's nathalia crane will be published all 
in what will be presented 
          ruin by a waterfall 

society hear ye of old 
love lane 
a cantatrice shade of 
      courage was a kinsman 
to be counted off

— Brooklyn, Sept. 13, 1925