Wash Your Face, Creative Writing Candidates

Wikipedia Poem, No. 504


“The world is everything that is the case. / Now stop your blubbering and wash your face.” Donald Hall

money not these real people in it
creative write a place for yourself
in this place
pampered parents upon it
better blustery
winter industry
then invite us!
to your parents’ workshop
make wicked work that
greenly endures for decades then

us to you—dear reader
in place of your stimulation
the dearly subject matters
but rarely endures its simulation

for decades creative writing classes
were nebulous promotional beings more for
real people in ghoulish gondolas
old-catholic boy-girl wasp-winger girled-jew
networking makes poetry thin
not really notoriety i loathe the pulmonary poem

these are toothy
times phony money
teachers set in lye
to create exercises upon—
in place of poetry
pull imaginary
landscapes forward with
dante and tanto
lurching better livid
writhing bible chemists

poetwores no abandone sù bebe
court the endless harpy faith
encourage each forkshot kin

House Should Appear to be Hovering in Space

Wikipedia Poem, No. 486


hangstar bendstar 
    in supersonic 
sound on wax
    father's affect you receive 
one in 
the air 

report this suspension 
    technique max-herald 
    in midair seraphim
    sense force 
and small scientists 
need to employ

emtpy because 
    you left
receive one house 
should appear to be hovering in space
because you recorded 
    uncertain unstellar star bendstar 
    fastenstar staystar

    glorious styptic 
show followed by speakers 
and floatstars bendstars stay up in 
    planes crash 
in speakers as 
temporary stop job hangstar bendstar 
up in 
    these paternal jags 

support of an effervescent decision
    this performance    weeks before 
is only a 

Statue of My Father

Wikipedia Poem, No. 461


“Almost noon, the distant sun / rode straight above us like a god / aware of everything and like / a god utterly silent. What / could ever grow from this ground / to feed anyone? And who bore / the mysterious child who spoke in riddles?” Philip Levine

my father says sir we do it there shoots 
going end to end and driving medically off
just now touching a sort of president of son's
along with cannot be halved alone with couldn't happen 
        to a worse man 
charge me with his wonderment 
i will have changed the media landscape 
academically through new york a railroad spike 
driven through a hallowed wrist a hollow kiss

i watch something trigger a spike in trading 
on the the futures market 
it takes over my people fractures blood on the 
        crt green landscape 
and if it stays there well maybe now i waste the day 
frankly the father is a masterpiece ego 
let it mean i was reported properly if i will tell it as a story
the reporting will not adapt to every social condition on the 
        gunpowdered horizon
for now though we break the mosaiced stuff with our talking
now i govern anyone who says no and go out 
along the what-if to starve my ideas like spent shot blast

Wikipedia Poem, No. 316



dna from
a trove prevent

of human fuller
reports were born
after donors

carries dna from an egg
and the five mothers
dna from

they were
the mother



to the dome
to the
dome world

the journal fertilized research
punishment sufficient safety

the technique
is safety said
tout the baby

greely which
combines dna

carries dna
requisition which university
scientists safety said

the technique involved
clinical things
and a few years of bravery


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Overgrown Hops, Livingston Manor, N.Y., July 2016


The least desirable male model in the room.
Che figata! The sweet, sticky, glowing
World fills the artist’s pocket. That claimed room.
It bleats with importance. Vibrates. He reaches down
And finds his hand bleeding.

The artist, meanwhile, glowers,
Designing dry, private experiments with black masses
Infrequently transcribing what he divines
In the lab notebook to whom he is married:

Not clever enough
Not smart enough
Not wealthy enough
Not sensitive enough
Not hungry enough
Yet, there he is, enough.
Still life of the artist without father:

Findings inconclusive and forgotten.
Wrong number. Au gratin.

He intuits something young,
And asks: Why bother taking the test?
He’ll all be dead soon. And all the rest?

Dead and fine. He lines up
In front of the urinal
Panting like a gladiator.

Sad, spineless and the quite-possibly-alive emoji.
The pistol. The butcher’s knife. The optimistic turd. The sword, then.


Too much sensuality to dissolve
On the tip of the tongue
and him, unable to pay
much attention to anything, if I remember correctly.

John Ashbery loves to astute his assay:
August Kleinzahler adores his ma in Fort Lee:
Czeslaw Milosz, I hope you cherish the artist’s unencumbered flesh,
Decomposing in cubes on the couch
While he Googles for a definite vision of the divine
In an apple tree. (Another fucking apple tree.)

The least desirable male specimen
In this corner of his universe. Si, si.
Che figata! Strafigo! Abbastanza bene!

The dry, publicly traded world
Makes a bittersweet killing
Selling AAPL sky high at $139.

The artist mistakes a half-breed fig
For the bud of a flowering apple tree.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 261


“No one easily / survives love; neither the love / one has, nor the love / one has not; they break down / in the red smoke blown up / of the day when all love will have gone on.” Galway Kinnell


        not desperate not desperate 
        desperate not desperate not desperate not 

desperate not desperate 

not desperate 

desperate not desperate not 
desperate not desperate 

  not desperate not 
desperate not desperate not desperate not 
         desperate not desperate not desperate not 

desperate not desperate 
      not desperate not 
desperate not desperate not 

desperate not desperate 

not desperate not desperate not desperate 
desperate not desperate not 

         desperate not thirsty in the 
rolling fighting flat white house paint a well-used 
drop cloth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 183


That book “marks the beginning of a new dedication. I needed the invigoration of unfamiliar languages and new landscapes, and I worked to find a clarity of prose that might serve as an equivalent to the clear light of those Aegean islands. The Greeks made an art of the alphabet, a visual art, and I studied the shapes of letters carved on stones all over Athens. This gave me fresh energy and forced me to think more deeply about what I was putting on the page.” Don DeLillo


forward folly is in vogue my son
early with many careening gifts 
turning to be something routine
     he is 14 
     he is signal bias 

some number in space
the author confronts himself the father
what rightside will devour a detour
     then into a huge reserved juggernaut 
     then a flashback into thermal routine 
stratum and orang mohole
nature over the child provoked 
twistem seems to get blinded 
     by a greek cynic 
     by a philosopher with no lap

in america now father and son pursue space
the number therein grows into subject matter 
effects a typo of origin substratum 
	in god's place a sentence
	in moby dick's a little dancing mook

americana finds evidence of space
menippean satire remains conspicuous 
the venerable two-timer arrives and is turned out
     into a continuous flash key 
     into vietnam's exulted dispenser

Wikipedia Poem, No. 144




oncidiums for a precise guide to oncidiums prefer 
their care crossed together the parent genera in colder climates 
this orchid of the nun the result is a result of a beautiful bloom stem 

topped with man-made come in freeze-freeze-freeze
freeze-free to research the genera in colder climates 
the idiosyncrasies often occur out of the nun orchids 

often the strial cap prefers nuns in colder climates 
intergeneral different generics prefer oncidiums 
for a proffer to be generic they also prefer year-round 

in a fairly tight pot different culture one must result 
in a result called a result has occurred given all the parenting
genus phaius the parent generic's precise guide to the nun orchid

beautiful broad leaf terrestrial orchids of the 
  blooming and background care — crossed together 
growth emerges inter bloom 
stems top 

many care-crossed 
  media to 
      be genus phaius


area collection these miniatures drop below 40 
in colder climates this orchid looks much like come
indoors before night collection of petals form a fracture

unique three strike tops with many beautiful freezing come
blooms petals trials lookingly unique three strike collection fracture 
with many beautiful blooms these miniatures drop below 40 

the petals form a triangular shape hiding the summers come 
year-round in bloom stems topped with many broad beautiful 
winters it will develop tall petals bloomsopped toward fracture

          unique three areas 
in collection the summers outside year-round in 
bloom stems 
   topped with 
beautiful bloom 
summers outside year-round 
bloomsopped with 
  beautiful blooms 
the petals 
form a trial 
          orchid lookingly unique 
colder climates 
tiny top 
   making unique 
       come indoors before 
temperatures drop 
below 40 
collect miniature orchids 
lookingly unique three 
        a common houseplant 
        a trial orchid collection the nun 
much like 
come indoors before 
    night temperatures 
    drop below 
the petals form a 
orchid lookingly


broad leaf the media 
to periods of grow outside year-round 
if subjected to careful broad 

leaves these harsh humidity 
humble just be even manly moist 
and should come indoors before night

temperatures drop below 40 degrees 
climates that smell like chocolate the 
media grow outside year-round if subjected 

to increased humility just be even and
fair and moist and come indoors below 
the pseudobulbs that smell like to grow

    habit of growing out 
          of an accordion 
just be 
pseudobulbs though the 
media tall stems of triscented 
sphagnum moss

- rePotme. Orchid Identification. rePotme.com, 2005. Web. 13 Mar. 2016.
- Gallardo, Alex. “Jerian Grant, Cole Aldrich, Kristaps Porzingis.” 
     11 Mar. 2016. Photograph. 11 Mar. 2016.