At Capernaum

Wikiedia Poem, No. 918

son of man
heals parallax herd
fulcrum’s law at capernaum
he opens the dog
displays parallelism

which is easier: thinking
like this fellow or talking
like that one? he’s blaspheming
what tortuous reason forgives
endless lodestar of night

always night always later
when jesus knew such large
numbers of followers yet night
yet diagnostic dark drinking
into it and walked through the people

hearts blaspheme who can forgive
the dog you love sheds love sheds
into you know them teach them
why does the paralyzed man
offer to heal the parallax herd

son of law
where is capernaum now?
the boldness of paralyzed men
the dog brought hearthbound
the crowd praised god

Artifacts of Reference, No. 49

No Crystalization Without Representation

Thanks for letting me take a look at this one time I was there was no reason to be mad at me because I'm not going to be able to make you feel like a piece of paper and the kids are doing great.

Great news for the kids to the park and ride at the beach with the boys for the day but if we can get together for a drink and see the car and then we have a lot in common.

American Sentence, No. 4

That’s just a door, don’t overthink it, but who is Horace, anyway?

some dogs remain silent for fear of being noticed

To Please the Yelping Dog

some dogs remain silent for fear of being noticed
some dogs can’t help it

in cutlery
a fork
from latin furca
for pitchfork
fulcrum of metal
long handle
in a head
with which one can spear
to hold
to cut
to lift
to the mouth

The Artists’ Head Strung from The Artist’s Head

Wikipedia Poem, No. 885

drop anything my brown kitchen stand falligators quarries airfields swamps post-industrial towns no weather here deep withering made-thing in beautiful or dissociated harmony frying up the stuff and father we make we sort we tell stories you’ll see you said what i don’t call those i read of you here i go again, bumblebeeing, and a notorious leaky bladder the author the sunset-nothing—fully read by drug conviction—hadn’t thought about this before a bouquet of dehydration raked according to all the good over the wall rested in the thing my brown the wrested world’s lean interview with it would just just just strung up confident men


Artifacts of Reference, No. 30


Artifacts of Reference, No. 29


Artifacts of Reference, No. 28


Artifacts of Reference, No. 27