To Psychoanalysis

Wikipedia Poem, No. 938

after Kenneth Koch

to die.

what has me—anything
you gave some fifties clothing or my
you—i could play
against blackholes like picasso—i
play again
like some converse days
fell through
you look the
karen horney
all—other something screaming sobbing you gave me
any possibility
no one covered
gold of my
best thing you—i would solve
a paste or my leave
hay feelings
two years at whatever wanted life—my
fantastic advancing—
i recovered with light
tragedy! tragedy! tragedy! tragedy!
tragedy! tragedy! tragedy!

How to Build a Home

Wikipedia Poem, No. 408


“I trust the sanity of my vessel; and / if it sinks, it may well be in answer” Frank O’Hara

and up    everything moving always up
include the stems and other woody matter    build trees
with composite of purified cellulose fiber    woody plants
a pneumatic nail is a flattener    pin tack brads cleats nails
lateral strength materials a pneumatic nail or clinched driver
variable to cold is possible    everything is heat as much as processes
for example from one's body    bodies    really    the bodies are possible
into other    the body types other    a pneumatic nail gun    or a small wish
systems    of energy    convection flowers    becauses of possibility existing
heat transfer    infinitesimal changes    intention    temperature such that change 
a small explosive charge then a sharp point    other-headed on one end and shear    
years form    include    the stems and up by the stems an abundant    carbon-neutral    
renewable        resource woody    mated matrix of 3.5 billion trees    it conveys material

Nuptials in Silhouette


Sketchers blacked-out size seven 
	give you away

Dockers clean neat pleated
	give you away

Plastic bags translucent from 7-Eleven
	give you away

Wop coiffure fresh combed back slick
	gives you away

New York, 02062017

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 389

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“We never knew closer / sisters, stronger trees, / tighter clans, wilder / fires. Where can we / go if not to each other, / resenting every step?” Brenda Shaughnessy

         taste any justice
         oxygen from water 
then study in         of pain

when and wariness—illustrate the why
situational italics when wise 
rubbed to a head—includes 
experienced painkillers
         focused on what would be a       
reflex animal subject
of frozen birds rattling / in the cold 
inflicted on the what and wariness—illustrates who
         rise for example 

research exceeding response 
rather than responding
         their ways 
         studied   pain   

and profited, biblically, 
acetic acid         of nociceptors 
or behave nervous
         their taxonomic class is neophobic 
meaning those researchers evidence         

whatever sits / counting the minutes 
till you die
who were in pain 


Contains fragments from Amiri Baraka's "The Liar".