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Circuit Dice Coffee Dramaturge

Wikipedia Poem, 875 imagine koch met another koch what brotherless friendship othered even these plants’ music the moirai graduates shack up on center street and sap wondersided all three conversing for many years with any living man append the loose fringe of life three-story building… Read More

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Reacting to Springs

Wikipedia Poem, No. 727   quests in-gameplay progressible in themselves as themselves as the influence of all events this timeline fondles the progression of all events this does not include questions unasked eidolons and so much more the in-gameplay progression of french poets K describes… Read More

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“be frank (if you can’t be frank, be john and kenneth).”

From “The Last Avant-Garde” by David Lehman: [Frank] O’Hara’s ironically self-deprecating tone was much imitated. “I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love,” he wrote. He kiddingly called his own poems “the by-product of exhibitionism” and wrote constantly about his… Read More