The Making of Poems

Wikipedia Poem, No. 977

Rochelle Park, 2019


shows how   twice although they both turned   men took and rembrandt painted the 1970s made sense (or   not) of the art-historical or cultural upheavals of sexual violence against   women nancy princenthal dramatic perhaps but with replete with replete with replete without   physical princentury the political or psychological and coercion in artists have made for a male art-historical or psychological princenthal  writes pointing to convey it was inherently renderstood no era or culture has been a convey it in life abuse an extremis a new book an experience an  abuse


his fantasies an  early 70s in seedbed performances himselves   invading their bodies to tie their bodies him as he masturbated an elegant account perform even if  some critics didn’t buy it or not quite their bodies to tie the obvious history and weaves in intimate relation and aggress   sexual violence in prince in seedbed percepts to an empts like chris burden account performances himselves the first agnes martists were  often account performance articulator describe more candy near a prize broad jump 71 offer the obvious of his best   


she  convicts that no image  could become his sexual advance she could  subject was as if the could became his sexual advances   she conviction that no image conviction that no image could subject it   was as if the slaves offered her door she awakened he identified her two choices  she could become his sexual advances she could submit to his conviction that no image  conviction that no image could repress perhaps inadvertently going adulterous sexual advances she could become   his sexual advances she could submit to the could subject it was as if he submits to the body

Who to Be Today

6.5 Billion Times the Sun/350 Terabytes per Day

the first direct visual evidence of a supermassive black hole and its shadow.

The image reveals the black hole at the center of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the nearby Virgo galaxy cluster. This black hole resides 55 million light-years from Earth and has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun.

The EHT links telescopes around the globe to form an Earth-sized virtual telescope with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. The EHT is the result of years of international collaboration, and offers scientists a new way to study the most extreme objects in the Universe predicted by Einstein’s general relativity during the centennial year of the historic experiment that first confirmed the theory.

Each telescope of the EHT produced enormous amounts of data — roughly 350 terabytes per day — which was stored on high-performance helium-filled hard drives. These data were flown to highly specialised supercomputers — known as correlators — at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and MIT Haystack Observatory to be combined.

Einstein’s Eye

Beyond confirming the existence of the black hole, EHT tells us that all its features of the hole match the predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The object is rotating clockwise. A black hole, unless a hole in your jeans, spins. This rotation drives the jets that the hole ejects from its environs into deep space. Interestingly, the image from the telescope is asymmetric, which might be a further clue to the spin and mass.

‘A Perfect Sphere, Made of Nothing’

Looking at a black hole is what the Event Horizon Telescope has done for the past 12 years.

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) is not less remarkable than the objects it observes. With a collaboration of 200 people, the EHT uses not a single telescope, but a global network of nine telescopes. Its sites, from Greenland to the South Pole and from Hawaii to the French Alps, act in concert as one. Together, the collaboration commands a telescope the size of planet Earth, staring at a tiny patch in the northern sky that contains the Messier-87 black hole.

Black holes bend light so much that it can wrap around the horizon multiple times. The resulting image is too complicated to capture in simple equations.

a perfect sphere, made of nothing.

The experimental challenge is formidable. The network’s telescopes must synchronize their data-taking using atomic clocks. Weather conditions must be favorable at all locations simultaneously. Once recorded, the amount of data is so staggeringly large, it must be shipped on hard disk to a central location for processing.

The EHT’s observations agree with expectation. But this result is more than just another triumph of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. It is also a triumph of the astronomers’ resourcefulness. They joined hands and brains to achieve what they could not have done separately.

In 1978 French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet drew the image of a blackhole by hand.

it wasn’t until 1978 that physicists got a first glimpse of what a black hole would actually look like. In that year, the French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet programmed the calculation on an IBM 7040 using punchcards. He drew the image by hand.

Making Movies of Black Holes

“We had to convince all of these observatories that the science we wanted to do was good enough that they would let us come in and rummage around in some of their sensitive insides,”

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array in Chile took six years and a lot of negotiations to receive all the necessary upgrades.

“It turns out that the Internet is just too slow to transfer all of our data,” says Doeleman. “All the data that we recorded at the South Pole in April 2017 would have taken about twenty five years to get back using the Internet.”

“We’re confident that we can take the next step and move from still images to making movies of black holes,” he says. “And we feel there are no logistical problems that would prevent us from doing that over the next decade.”


“We have seen what we thought was unseeable.”

Eat like Warhol

‘Not all members of society often get the chance to play.’

Given the pressure that many schools are under, exploration and play are often discouraged because they seem like “inefficient” modes of learning. Under capitalism, inefficiency is never framed positively—it’s considered wasteful. But I believe that learning is fundamentally inefficient, and that it shouldn’t be dictated by capitalist imperatives. Learning is naturally circuitous, adventitious, sort of a chance operation

Backflip like Rey

‘Judgment is not censorship’

[Assange] didn’t run a news agency any more than El Chapo ran a pharmacy.

Judgment is not censorship, judgment is judgment—Weighing not just journalistic value but also the sources, motives, the context for the leaked info, and most of all benefit versus risk.

Shred like Fred

‘Agonizing about Outreach’

Many scholars are doing some long-overdue grappling with the white, elitist legacy of the discipline since the 19th century. Scholars of antiquity have everything to gain from working to dismantle that legacy, and inviting engagement with the ancient world based not on racist or elitist identity politics, but on critical thinking, open-minded curiosity, and joy.

Words, Jewelry, Armor

Naming and summoning. Naming as summoning. Naming to summon! This makes sense, doesn’t it, as an inroad to genesis? So many of us get started in life with it. And speech acts are volatile stuffs.

Seems I can’t get myself to talk about anything without bringing brambles or bushes into it.

“Nonce” … First not knowing it, then I clutched at it: jewelry-armor! … an instant in the past? A cut back into time reopening what’s too much healed over, sealed away.

‘Stop that stupid horse laugh!’

Movie Made with Snow

Wikipedia Poem, No. 904

atrocious barbarous
cruel dangerous
depraved diabolical
ferocious heinous
infamous monstrous

the shattered remains of death
reception banned
in the movie made with snow
of surreptitiously formatted vhs tapes
only the scene of an extreme fatal soundtrack
of citation world and faces scents well worth a look
especially if you’ve not an astral other
kulik of schwartz the blood clots
and anyone unable generates youtubes of fakes
and that data faces its own bleak reception worldwide

segment the judges
footage smashed to trailer
the segment’s weekly top forty cults
capture each ferocious creditor with b-movies
the films often turn against each other have long
affected artists’ very poor organs
real gorgon video releases not in the people that
hold up the poor proletariat—tribalism primitive communism
feudalism capitalism and communism—real gorgon video
two features per week authors such as stressed medics
scooping ground around faces of death scented wax
movie editors the narrator produces real historical change

Mention Yeats in The Chat, Win The Golden Ticket

Wikipedia Poem, No. 901

that reference he retracted
presumably he lives in the paint
after 15
samuel leo i got hard interred rectangles beneath the living? where anime women
stare at polygons beneath the
two thousand and seven ps3
video game appeared to say: i got hard
as a hip hop thang

seamless lo-fi hip-hop
thang about
this name: samuel leos
i got hard in the video game appeared to say: i

interred rectangle beneath where them servers at?
after all
those rectangular references—the phrase’s in play: just holler
donations come from
a moderator named:
samuel leos messages
is he?
anime women stand
in the diagonal rain and cry

Prose Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 893

The $18 Lady Passes The Asp or Perhaps You Run, Joseph M. Gerace, 2019

Your blood you’re acting Eng-lich you are valuable how you save but either you thought actual is everything long to you, you are adamant to love—oh, trope!—around relation time. Milosz says no system works. If you want your brown what’s the opposite? You canonize the senators quarries you’re large and bald and rich as a gold mine here you made this for the angelheaded neonblood ogre rests now in homes and kitchens it would just be better that way!

New Year’s Day

Wikipedia Poem, No. 883

        Like a final decision?
Then it—

    I know
the sound
of yr idling
   of cheap life:
too late,

   Sale for free

without orientation

sale for free

without orientation

 for free


       Statistically speaking, engine rich
   with gasoline
the stations
    desirable ones at least
         between dick and
burn it down.

I know the
sound of yr idling
about wild
lines appear
       or disappear
         then disappear
        and disappear
    or disappear.

A Rapid, Nameless Impulse

Wikipedia Poem, No. 809


your smutgrass will not grow here 
i am the realizer the realizer i am 
supple cast into tinderbale summer air
shitting and reading bomb hiss
        page turner 
        astrologic tortoise 
        barren mango seed 
        these hands 
                wad of pedagogic khat 
                delicious trap cannot conceive 

cradled by radioactive fog i am the secular seed 
seed of balamb garden 
controls the freckled and pale realizer 
balamb garden i implore you 
control the start of yr anti-capitalist pale 
i'm in favor of yr anti-capitalist pale
you are the only one willing to abuse yr body 
and i'm so here for that

Holding Myself Accountable (after Alison Knowles’ ‘Identical Lunch’)



five thousand dollar camera
         fixed in a tripod
same location every morning
ten years one photo

federal regulations
prohibit hanging
banners from the monument

a woman's long thin
fingers kneading eggs
into soft yellow clay

experience points
earned for being
mean to my readers

atmosphere of crime
try not to think of the poem
gasoline heat of torches

i hope
to level up
soon please god


Alison Knowles at MoMA in 2011/Robert Caplin for The New York Times

Second Person (after Martin Ott)


Hold X. You, everlasting, fall into the voidheavy abyss. No?

To me at least the monsters perfect themselves
by knowing every color in the crayon box.
Certainty. Statistically ineffable erasures
graze out among the butter green mean of grasses
weeds and plants indigenous to a given area
over geologic time, available for a limited time only
is what you mean — in loot boxes. Your children’s
shimmer, blast anatomy, orbit of faeries, featherfrost.
All tooth. All esophagus. Yada yada yada. All asshole.

Poem about Bees

Wikipedia Poem, No. 799


“When I say ‘I,’ I am lying. Let us posit the ‘I’ of perception—neutral and limpid. Put it next to the ‘I’ of intermediation—when you look at it this way, my body belongs to me; or, more exactly, I belong to my body. What do we observe? An absence of contact. Fear what I say.” Michel Houellebecq


journey of what is our concept of nothing?
understand these vast new shapes

of whom science say journey of the universe
what eye?
on display for a reward

moving then not
not moving then gone—all of it