Confessional Poem

Battered Cat, Survival Cat; Kyoto, November, 2019

this world

or humanity
sun chops through bowling
the six forty

essential as a fax machine
here’s some good advice
demand luxembourg in the alley

who knows his motivation?
you simply hold all available
hands outward, palms up;

six whistles
doddering thru
tropical depression

her brunette history
of friendship

as a friend places his twisted
bottle durango — no one owning anything

of a sugar shell
one by one
after thermite nights

authoritative as a poet
listening to sparrows pr plans bombfall

or pins rattling inside out
what does it taste like?

in the back of mike’s
from one who demands better worm

at the brewery

it’s all
you can do

wide purse of

his palms to yours
the inert grenades

slowly beautifully you’ve nicked
luxembourg or humanity
hands into hands

December 26

I think about my friends
they may be dying
— who would tell me now? —
when a woman in airpods
wool hat and long black coat
Which way to the target? and I point
over railroad tracks
You’re welcome.
so happy and lonely.

Prose Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 893

The $18 Lady Passes The Asp or Perhaps You Run, Joseph M. Gerace, 2019

Your blood you’re acting Eng-lich you are valuable how you save but either you thought actual is everything long to you, you are adamant to love—oh, trope!—around relation time. Milosz says no system works. If you want your brown what’s the opposite? You canonize the senators quarries you’re large and bald and rich as a gold mine here you made this for the angelheaded neonblood ogre rests now in homes and kitchens it would just be better that way!

Wikipedia Poem, No. 379


“Ti dico addio quando ti cerco Amore, / come il mio tempo e questo grigio vuole. / Oh, in te era l’ombra della terra e il sole, / e il cuore d’un fanciullo senza cuore.” Umberto Saba


publish    an unwitting  bump  
once his own of   red      bump going 
single green        he  
smith of garbage from the said   
he                 red  speaking 
ways of nature two big secretaries
       by           some other means 
don’t          —in his own minds 
answer— or less free- fan-dom
          it was colleagues what the stormcloud dismissed 
rest from         swarmic firmament directly
          days of garbage       dismiss            
but he said   hornet  because     of   a red art team  
(the      stop the drop    )he      smith     himself    
at the wronger for that american  
and sure escalater approach 
of the first americans can’t 
behind the efforts about  he when         horror erupts

Wikipedia Poem, No. 304


Sacred Lot


the party disinfected intergalactic
dialog to advance thought first
then the republic disfavored such

a longer question then the division
of states from a heavily advanced
republic suddenly seen as the point

independence dominated nationalism
violent separatists theorized permanism
the strained state thus its prima vitello

although conflict was ignored to advance
pleasure didn’t contain the establishment
their own nations violent political ideology

power a comet an ally vittima both neither

wikipedia poem, no. 5


He is better known by his stage name
sexual attractants—“A Small Village”—or pheromones
Found with several species of brown algae

Such as Colonel Eamon “Ned” Broyl, the American rapper
A complex chemical compound naturally present in freshwater environments
Now included in the Southeast statistical region

First noticed off Howard County, the formula of dictyopterene A
Ned, as a local church belonging to the parish of Osilnica
Ned, too expensive for the Union

Went bankrupt—Limitless grip strength 
Shizuku had never drunk wine—million of oocytes in the ovary at birth
400 will be ovulated

This mountain, apparently, in part a reaction against the ruling passion

Shizuku submerges himself as a child
The newly formed wine department
Ned joins.